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Custom Fence Gates

Katy TX Custom Fence Gate Designed and Installed 

Looking for a Quality Custom Gate? Let Emerson Home Enhancements design and build your fence or driveway gate for a competitive price!  

At Emerson Home Enhancements, we design and install gates that will provide security and beauty to any Katy home. We offer a variety of driveway and fence gates from cedar wood to wrought iron, vinyl, aluminum, or composite materials. While iron gates are the strongest, every fence we build provides robust security to keep children and pets on your property and intruders off your Fort Bend property. If you want to increase your privacy, enclose your little ones and pets, or delineate perimeters contact us today for upfront pricing at 281-545-7740.  

What is the Best Fence Gate for your Katy Property?

The best gate for your Fort Bend property is a gate that is built according to your property's unique layout and features. One of the top considerations, when we plan your gate, is your property constraints. We offer our Katy customers options instead of a one size fits all gate approach. We offer sliding, cantilever, telescopic, swing, and standard gates.


Our most popular gate in Katy is our standard gate that is either a single or double gate built the same height as your wooden fence. Double gates allow homeowners easy access to larger items, such as lawnmowers or trailers. We can design a double gate any width but the wider your gate is the heavier it will be which is why we build gates with a three-brace system for added durability.  Regardless of the style of gate or materials, you choose you can rest assured when you hire our seasoned gate contractors at Emerson Home Enhancements that your gate will be built right and designed to last. 












Wood Driveway & Fence Gate

Wooden fence gates offer endless creative customization and beautiful options ranging from rustic style gates to dark, elegant, and modern. Wooden gates are more affordable than other gate materials and can have entrances and exits designed based upon your need for usage. One of the biggest requests we receive in Katy for wood gates is due to the entrance not being wide enough to fit in lawnmowers, not a problem. Emerson Home Enhancements will provide you a wood fence gate that is not only functional but built to last for years even in Katy, TX  hot and humid temperatures. We recommend all wood gates and fences are properly sealed for extra durability and to match your fence and prevent graying.


Wood gates are not only great to walk in and out of, but many people consider adding a wood gate to their back fence, garden, or deck.  Our garden gates enhance the beauty of your flower as well as your property and allow garden visitors to feel they are stepping into another area of your backyard. Our gates will also keep out unwanted visitors such as rabbits and squirrels that you do not want to access your garden.      

Wrought Iron Gates

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New Wood Gate


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Wrought iron gates are a great option for Fort Bend homeowners who want an attractive gate without maintenance. Our fence gates have a powder-coated finish that makes your gate resistant to cracking, peeling, chipping, and rust. If you want to dress up your wooden fence then wrought iron is a great choice that comes with either a contemporary design or rectangular panel of iron rails, often these types of gates are used to secure perimeters such as inground swimming pool because these gates are difficult to climb.   

Aluminum  Gates

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Aluminum Gates come in various heights, styles, and heights. These gates are great for both fences and driveway because of their lightweight. Much like wrought iron gates, they will not chip, peel, or rust making these gates easy to upkeep and they continue to look great without needing to be repainted. We use quality alumni to build your gate that is also resistant to Katy weather conditions, chemicals, and corrosions making alumni a wonderful choice for homeowners and businesses.

PVC Vinyl Gates

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PVC Vinyl Gates is another great option for those looking for a gate that is easy to maintain. Homeowners love PVC gates because vinyl looks clean and fresh without having to paint or deep clean just grab a water hose, some soap and rinse off the dirt. PVC Vinyl gates do not rot or decompose the way a wood gate will and there just as strong in the wind and rain. In fact, vinyl gates are five times stronger and more flexible than wood gates. If you need help choosing a PVC Vinyl gate or fence for your home, we will help you select a style that suits your Katy house style best.   

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Composite Fence Gate

If you love the look of a wood gate but not the maintain a composite gate is the best of both worlds. Composite gates are made of wood grains and recycled plastic making them a great replacement for a wood gate without jeopardizing strength or durability. These gates are perfect for Katy residents and will not rot, warp, or splinter and do not fade or need painting. Composite gates last approximately 25 to 30 years and come with a 25-year guarantee to not stain or fade. We do recommend cleaning these gates twice a year to prevent mold and mildew that’s prone in Fort Bend County's subtropical climate.

Why Katy Homeowners Should Choose Our Residential Gate?


Emerson Home Enhancements is a residential fence company in Katy, TX that provides homeowners a variety of gates and fences to choose from to protect their Fort Bend Co. property. One of the most crucial choices you will make when planning a gate or fence project is the contractor you choose. At Emerson Home Enhancements we use only quality materials to design your gate and provide a one-year labor warranty in addition to the manufacture warranty of the gate material you choose. When we come out to your property to provide you a free consultation, we will help you select the right gate to fit your needs and identify your particular gate requirements you have before creating your estimate to design, build and install your gate. EHE Fence Company provides free consultations and free estimates. We are fully insured with a one-million-dollar policy for your safety and peace of mind. Our company is family-owned and we reside right here in Katy, TX.  Our family has a strong customer-oriented philosophy. We provide our customers the highest quality of gates and fences at the most competitive price and we start and complete your gate project on time. Contact us today for more information or to schedule your gate consultation so we can share the different options you have available and the pros and cons of the available gate materials.

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