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Wooden Fence Repairs  

Wooden Fence Repairs in Sugar Land TX

Damaged or worn-down fence? We offer complete fence repair services for fences that have been damaged by Fort Bend weather.Contact us at 281-545-7740

Sugar Land homeowners love their wooden fences but even the highest quality fence will need upkeep and maintenance. When you need your wooden fence repair in Sugar Land TX, contact our professional and friendly team at Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, were local and family-owned with over two decades of experience to handle small or large repairs from replacing a few wooden pickets to entire sections, we’re here to help!  ​

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Looking for the best fence repair company in Sugar Land, TX? Not only do we do wood repairs, but we also do iron, aluminum, chain link, and vinyl anywhere in Sugar Land and the surrounding areas. Our pricing is competitive and our quality is the best in Fort Bend. 

Read our raving reviews from across Fort Bend County to see why were the "go-to" choice for wood repairs and maintenance.  

Wooden Fence Repairs in Sugar Land  


Wooden Fence age and become damaged from summer thunderstorms to fallen tree branches and utility poles, to being exposed to the outdoor elements or overuse. When these damages occur, you want to know you have a reputable company that can handle your fence repairs sooner rather than later to protect the safety of your dogs and kids. This is what you can count on when you work with Emerson Home Enhancements. There is no job too big or small and if your fence is beyond repairs we can provide you the cost of replacing your wooden fence at no cost to you, give us a call!   

Sugar Land Chain Link Fence Repair

Is your fence starting to rust and you need to replace sections so that your fence looks new again? We can repair a chain-link fence that has rust or damages by inserting new chain link sections without replacing the entire fence. We can also repair chai link rails that have bent or broken and if you need a new chain link fence installed on your Fort bend commercial or residential property, we can offer you an affordable fair price.


Wrought Iron Fence Repair

There have been many master subdivisions in Sugar Land that have opted to build their homes with wrought iron fences due to their durability and imposing looks. However, no fence is completely repair proof. If your wrought iron fence becomes damaged and you need repairs, our trained professionals are only a phone call away.


Vinyl Fence Repair

Unlike wooden fences, PVC vinyl material is not susceptible to rot or insects but should your fence break due to being hit with lawn equipment or a trailer and you need your PVC vinyl fence repaired we can make your fence as strong and beautiful as the day it was new.

Why Chose Us for Wooden Fence Repairs? 


There are many benefits to having an experienced company keep up your repairs. The main benefit of having your wooden fence repaired is allowing you to extend the lifespan of your current fence for 20 or even 30 years. If you want to ensure your replacement fence is further down the road don’t delay, call your local and family-owned wooden fence company today for a fast free quote to save you money and future headaches.

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We love our new shadowbox wood fence, crew was great at getting our fence built quickly and keeping us informed. I highly recommend these friendly people. 

Felicha Farr

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Call Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, today for quality wooden fence repairs or wooden fence installation anywhere in Sugar Land or the Fort Bend County area


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