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Fence Repairs Sugar Land TX

There is nothing worse then having a storm knock over your fence or discovering your fence is leaning. If you need fast fence repairs in Sugar Land TX, call Us today at 281-545-7740

If you have fencing issues this is often more than just a minor inconvenience, for some Fort Bend County residents this can be a major concern as it jeopardizes your privacy, pets, and the overall security of your home. But who can you call that will arrive quickly, offer a fair price, and do a superb job? If you need to secure the boundaries of your home call our Fence Repair Professionals in Sugar land. If you choose our team, you won’t have to worry with inquisitive neighbors or having your four-legged escape artist roam freely. We have no minimum requirements and unless digging is required we can repair your fence the same day or next day. We offer fence repairs to the following Sugar Land TX zip codes 77469-77479-77487-77496-77498.

 Fences Materials We Repair For Sugar Land TX Homeowners


Our Fence repair specialist can repair almost any fencing material you have but some of the most requested services include:

Wooden Fences: These fences take a real pounding in our weather but still wooden fences are the most installed fence in our area. However, wood is susceptible to rot, mold, and insect damages so it’s no wonder they need more repairs than other type of fencing material. We offer wooden fence repairs in Sugar Land TX from simple to extreme including replacing uprooted post, warped or damaged pickets, and in the most severe of cases replacing entire sections.

Cyclone Fence Repairs: Cyclone fences better known as chain link fence can need occasional repairs if the rails get bent or the links snap, or the post are bent. The post and rail are often the bulk of the cyclone fence repairs we have encountered in our 20 years of fixing fences because they are the weakest part.

Wrought Iron Fence Repairs: Rather you have an ornamental fence, an alumni fence or a true wrought iron fence that needs to be repaired our on-staff welder is here to help from post that have shifted to fence rails that become loose or go missing. We will always try to make sure that you can avoid having to replace your alumni, metal, or iron fence.


Vinyl Fence Repairs: While this fencing material is almost indestructible no fence can handle fallen tree limbs or being hit with a car. Unfortunately, many vinyl fence installers still use wooden post that can rot and need to be replaced so if you need vinyl fence repairs in Sugar Land TX give us a call.

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I was very pleased with my gate they installed. I also appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done. They did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the gate was being installed to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accomidating

Bre G. Katy

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Our fence repair specialists provide free estimate and honest advice about the condition of your fence, while some fence companies in Sugar Land follow the rule of thumb about replacing your fence if more than 20% is damaged our first line of defense if to check all your fence post, this often saves you from having to replace your fence sooner than necessary. We never encourage our customer to replace a fence unless its absolutely necessary and if you decide this is the right option for your home and budget, if you do need to replace your fence, we are a full-service fence company and will work with you to find the right replacement. If you are looking for a trustworthy and experience fence repair professional in Sugar Land TX, we are glad you have found us. We have been repairing and installing fences for over two decades and we are fully insured for your peace of mind. We enjoy helping our Fort Bend County customers restore the appearance and functionality of their fence and no job is ever to big or small for our crew to handle. If you would like a free estimate for your fence repairs in Sugar Land TX, give us a call or complete our contact form.

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Frequently Asked Questions 


Can my fence be put back into the same location if it blew over?


The short answer is No because often the post has snapped but when the wind blows through the fence the boards become twisted or warped so generally not only will it not fit but it will compromise the structural integrity of your fence. In almost every instance the panel or section beside where the fence also fell over needs to be replaced.


How can I avoid fence repairs?

Great question, wood in our area does not do as well as it does in other parts of the country because of the heat, humidity, and moisture we receive so if you have a wooden fence you want to do routine care such as fence sealing and pressure washing. This will defend the wood from a host of issues. You also want to make sure the fence company you hire to build your fence uses galvanized screws that will not pop out of place or cause corrosion to the fence. Make sure to always do a once-a-year fence inspection as a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  


What steps are involved with fence repairs in Sugar Land TX?


The first step is to come out for a free fence quote and inspect the entire perimeter of the fence, then send you an estimate. Then once you pay the deposit, we will call 811 to mark the area, and order the materials. Generally, all underground cables are marked within 48 hours of submitting a ticket. The day after it has been marked, we come out and fix your fence. Most generally fence repairs take a day depending on the linear footage of your fence.


Do fence repairs come with a warranty?

 If you have sections of your fence replaced then we cover this with a one year warranty but for minor repairs and hardware there is no warranty coverage due to the fact that we cant guarantee our work will not be impacted by the other sections of the fence that may be susceptible to bug infestation, mold or weather.