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Are you on the market for a fence that offers a timeless and classic look but is safe enough to protect your Houston property? Wrought iron just maybe the fence you’re looking for. Wrought iron fences are welded together and add a sleek line for a beautiful look while also providing you strength and durability. Wrought iron fences are also easier to maintain than wood fences if they are properly painted and coated. The iron fences we provide our Houston customers come with durable galvanized and powder-coated steel that prevents the iron from chipping, rusting, or rotted when your iron fence is properly maintained. In addition to offering wrought iron fence panels, we also provide iron railing, gate post, hinges, puppy panels, and fence hardware from latches and toppers for your wrought iron fence to panel clips, tubing, and flat bars. In addition to all the iron fence features, we use to build you the perfect fence we also use a one-ready mix bag of concrete per each post to provide additional security. All of our wrought iron fences come with a ten-year or twenty-year manufacturing warranty ensuring their durability and beautiful aesthetics remain for as long as you own your wrought iron fence.  

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Benefits of Wrought Iron Fences for

Houston Homeowners  

The reason wrought iron fences are quickly becoming a favorite material among Houston homeowners is the benefits of iron extend beyond just looks. Aside from Fort bed affluent neighborhoods, wrought iron fencing is commonly seen around schools and government buildings because of their privacy and safety features.  Depending on the height and design you choose for your iron fence it can obscure the view of your property with its intricate patterns. Wrought iron fences are also difficult to climb and break into which is one reason wrought iron is a popular choice for pool fences. If you are choosing a wrought iron fence for your backyard or swimming pool chooses a fence where the post is closer together.


Low Maintenance

When you want a fence that is low maintenance a wood fence is not your best option. Wrought iron fences are easy to upkeep and durable.  If the iron fence panels are broken or bent in small sections, they are much easier to replace or repair than wooden fence panels. In addition to installing wrought iron fences, we are also one of the only companies in the greater Houston area to provide affordable wrought iron fence repairs.

Environmentally Friendly

Are you a “green” choice Katy homeowner? If so, wrought iron is a worthwhile investment for your home as wrought iron is easy to repurpose or recycle if your fence becomes damaged or needs to be replaced.


Every fence is suspectable to damages from fallen tree limbs to continuous hits from the lawn guy weed-eating or mower but a wrought iron fence that is installed properly is the most difficult fence to damage. We anchor all our wrought iron fence posts in a full bag so they can withstand any Houston storm that is known to damage a wood fence.


Aside from the practical benefits of having a wrought iron fence installed around your property or pool these fences provide Houston homeowners with a unique and elegant look that is timeless. Iron fences can be shaped into nearly any design you choose, and we can customize it to make sure it matches perfectly with your landscaping. No other type of fence has the level of flexibility and options that wrought iron provides. 

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Need your wrought iron fence repaired or painted? Not a problem, we do that too!   

Wrought Iron Fencing Cost in Katy

Emerson Home Enhancements has installed wrought iron fences at various price points. When a Houston homeowner requests a wrought iron fence we try to work within their budget while not jeopardizing the quality and value that makes people want to invest in an iron fence. Each residential fence we design must factor in


  • Linear Footage 

  • Grade of Material

  • Warranty



Our standard wrought iron fences come with a te year warranty but many Katy homeowners opt for our 20-year protection plan. Based upon these three key factors the average price for a wrought iron fence in Katy is between $26.00 to $36.00 per linear foot of material plus installation.  In addition, there are upgrade options such as galvanized posts and panels that are protected with a layer of zinc. This layer increases your wrought iron fence durability because it decreases rust saving you on fence repairs. We also offer upgrades such as post toppers, curves in the wrought iron fence, and more that can increase the cost of your wrought iron fence from $1000 to $5000. Again without understanding each customer's needs and wishes it's difficult to determine what a wrought iron fence will cost you. 


The best way to determine the cost of your wrought iron fence is to schedule a free consultation so we can provide you with a fair, upfront price. Unlike “other fence builders” what we quote is exactly what we change, there are never any hidden fees or guessing games just straightforward and upfront pricing that most Katy residents find reasonable.   

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