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Wrought Iron Fences

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Wrought Iron Fences In Houston & Fort Bend County

Are you on the market for a forever fence that offers very little upkeep yet is safe enough to protect your property? Then look no further than a wrought iron fence for your Houston property. While wrought iron is an investment with the right material, the right team and routine painting you can enjoy a fence that will last for a century while remaining safe, study, and stunning.


Emerson’s is a premier wrought iron fence company serving Katy, Cypress, Sugar Land, and the greater Houston area. Whether you are seeking an iron fence for your commercial property, home, garden, or pool we are committed to providing you with a forever fence that is secure, operative, and beautiful. We have plenty of picket options to choose from including:


  • Flat top pickets

  • Extended Pickets

  • Press Points

  • Puppy Panels


In addition to wrought iron fenced we also provide a variety of designs including fence toppers, post, and caps.

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Wrought Iron Fence Installation  


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Wrought iron fences are a great addition to your Houston residential or commercial property including churches, city parks, sporting arena, or swimming pools. If you want to add a touch of class and elegance you to your property, then consider a forever fence that will last for a century

Wrought Iron Fences We Offer Houston Property Owners

Security Fences: Most commercial properties trying to secure their property have steel constructed fences with picked spheres and no mid rail so that they are anti climb. Our installers can make these fences as high as 8 feet and while our est9mates are free we also offer spec drawings upon request for an additional fee.


Garden Fences: If you are looking to fence in a small area or secure landscaping features around your property then we suggest a decorative garden fence that is more durable then wood edging.


Pool Fences: Due to Houston pool fence laws if your looking for the strongest type of fence to secure your residential or commercial pool then wrought iron I a great choice because it offers a high degree of protection while its visual appeal adds to your backyard oasis. Our pool fences come with self-latching mechanism to adhere to TX pool safety laws.


Custom Driveway Gates: If you want to secure your property while not hiding it out of sight then a wrought iron gate will provide an attractive appearance to enhance your driveway while keeping your entrance secure from trespassers.

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Emerson Home Enhancement was able to build a new gate the width of a full fiction section. The quality of work was exceptional. I'll use him for all future work

Cody- Thumbtack 3/12/21

Standard Residential and Commercial Wrought Iron Fence

 As a leading Houston wrought iron fence builder, we offer our customer either a ten- or twenty-year fence warranty on installation and two years on wrought iron fence repairs. The reason we are able to offer such a, long term warranty is because all of our fences post and panels are either power coating or come galvanized coated.


Galvanized Coating: The iron is placed in a container of molted zinc and heated to around 840 degrees, so the zinc creates a protected coating for your iron fence to defend the iron from rusting which over time causes structural damages. When an iron fence surrounds your Houston property is can decrease your home’s value.


Powder Coating: Each picket is treated with a fine plastic powder and dried in a special oven that bakes the powder until it melts and adheres to the iron used in your fence to create a beautiful finish. When iron is powder coated this protect the wrought iron fence from corrosion, chipping, scratches, and fading so that it remains visually appealing. This is an eco-friendly process as the powder contains no solvents and does not let VOC into the air. If you have a pool fence or wet area, then powder coating works best.


All of our wrought iron fences also come with galvanized pins so the zinc will corrode first and spare the iron, while the nails will rust over time, it won’t be anytime soon. We construct our iron fences this way as having done so over the past 20 years we believe this perseveres your investment and keeps your fence looking in tip-top shape far longer than other Houston fence companies who offer iron fences in our area.

Benefits Of a Wrought Iron Fence For Houston Homeowners

Just take a drive around Fort Bend or Harris County and you will see plenty of wrought iron fences surrounding Houston properties from churches to schools and government building to hotels and homes this is because they offer many benefits. If you are looking for an upgrade here are a few things you can count on:  


Security: Don’t let their open view mislead you with all the intricate patterns and designs a wrought iron fence can be difficult to scale, They provide little to no foothold to the intruder and can work wonders at obscure ones view of your property.


Low Maintenance: When you want a fence that is low maintenance a wooden fence is not your best option. Wrought iron fences are easy to upkeep and durable.  If the iron fence panels are broken or bent in small sections, they are much easier to replace or repair than wooden fence panels. In addition to installing wrought iron fences, we are also one of the only Houston fence companies to provide wrought iron fence repairs.

Environmentally Friendly: Looking for a fence that offers a green choice, considering these fences last for centuries you won be wasting much material and should you need wrought iron fence repairs the sections can be repurposed or refurbished.



Durability: Every fence is susceptible to impact damages but a wrought iron fence tis a solid one piece that is difficult to break or damage when installed properly. We anchor all our wrought iron fence posts in a full bag concrete so they can withstand any storm and remain standing tall.


Elegant: Aside from the practical benefits of having a wrought iron fence installed on your Houston property or around the perimeter of your pool these fences provide homeowners with a unique and elegant look that is timeless. Iron fences can be shaped into nearly any design you choose, and we can customize it to make sure it matches perfectly with your landscaping. No other type of fence has the level of flexibility and options that wrought iron fences provide. 

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Our standard iron fences have a 10 year manufactures warranty 

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We are fully insured for your safety and peace of mind. 

Wrought Iron Fence Prices 


Our Houston fence company offers a variety of price points and does our best to work with your budget without jeopardizing the quality of our products or craftsmanship. On average in the Houston market wrought iron fence range between $26,00 and $50.00 a liner foot plus the cost of installation. While this may seem steep bear in mind that while the upfront cost is significantly more than a wooden fence, they begin to balance themselves out as you won’t have the repair or replacement cost that you will have with other fence materials. Wrought iron fences can be cleaned easily if they have mold or mildew and with coating, they won’t chip or rust. When our Houston fence builders come out, they will measure the perimeter of the area and the height, deign, and coating that you prefer. While we provide a standard ten-year warranty many people prefer to pay a little more for double coverage. On average you can expect to pay between $1000 to $5000 for our standard wrought iron fences.  




We Repair Rusty Wrought Iron Fences and Gates


If your fence is not looking at it once did our Houston fence company can help restore the visual appeal of your rusty fence or gate. We will sand off the rust and repaint the fence or apply naval jelly that will dissolve rust and then pressure wash your fence before spraying it with a rust inhibitor or we can also paint the fence. In addition, we also offer wrought iron fence repairs. While its hard to damage iron in the event of an impact we can replace sections even if we did not previously install the fence. While many Houston fence companies may have you believe that it cannot be repaired, we are ironmen and will be glad to take a look before rendering a final verdict.

Houston Wrought Iron Fence & Gate Experts


 When you are ready to have a forever fence contact Emerson’s, we have been installing, repairing, and painting wrought iron fences for over 20 years and provide services throughout Fort Bend and Harris County. Our estimates are free and unlike other Houston fence companies we have no hidden fees and can handle projects of all sizes. From simple and elegant garden fences to complex commercial projects you will find our crew has the knowledgeable and experience you can count on, but you don’t have to take our word for it read what our customers say then give us a call at 281-545-7740.