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A Family-Owned Katy Fence Company You Can Rely On

Customer-Focused Fence Company and Tree Serving Company Serving Hartis & Fort Bend County 

The Emerson family has been associated with the fencing industry for more than three decades. When Lon was a teenager growing up in Springfield Missouri, he left school and went to work building wooden fences in the 1970’s. Once Lon became a licensed fence contractor as required by the state of MO Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements was born.

Many of our customers ask why we don’t have “fence company” in our name well in 1999 there wasn’t much thought to the name because everyone that knew Lon, knew his trade and at that time the internet isn’t what it is today. Over the years Lon learned how to weld and added wrought iron fences to his portfolio in 2000 and in 2002 when the fence company branched into commercial, Lon added chain link fences.

Fast forward to 2019 Lon married his wife Melissa and together they started a second fence company in Katy TX.  

What makes us different than other fence companies in Katy TX


Our motto has always been simple “we won’t build you a fence we wouldn’t have ourselves” Therefore every member of our team is not a sub-contractor but trained to build fences the way we know is right as opposed to other fence companies in Katy TX who hire crews that you aren’t sure what you are getting, this is why we are also proud to offer the longest warranty in Harris and Fort Bend County. If you have issues with your fence due to the materials or craftmanship- call us and your fence repairs or replacement is free of charge. In fact, if you find a longer fence warranty, we will match it!  


“Most people just slap two boards together and call it a day, my fence is sagging, and it was made three years ago, thankfully Lon and his crew got me taken care of quickly so my dogs could go back outside”




Another difference between us and other fence companies in Katy TX is we provide a variety of fence options and designs- while wooden fences are the most popular choice for Houston area residents we are equipped to build and install the following fencing materials so you can get exactly what you want to match your home and budget.

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Wooden Fences: Most of the wooden fences built across Houston don’t hold up when severe weather hits our area because every fence requires an anchor, that anchor is a sturdy fence post that has been rooted in 50 pounds on concrete where other fence companies in Katy TX use sand or 20 pounds of concrete. This is why most wooden fences don’t hold up with all the moisture and high winds our area receives. Secondly, we don’t use nails that rust or become loose which leads to issues including missing boards, sagging post, and wood rot. Instead, ewe use screws that do a far superior job of holding your pickets togethers and binding the boards tightly, so the fence is secured into place for years longer. We also add a third brace, where most fence companies in Katy TX use only a top and bottom. The issue with this is as your fence begins to age it can warp and crack having three braces makes it more secure and less prone to damages. Lastly, we provide a variety of styles and accessories from ranch style fences to board-on-board fences as well as rot boards, cap and trim, and lattice. We also provide fence maintenance such as staining and sealing the fence so its more visually pleasing and prevents wood rot.


Wrought Iron & Aluminum: Our standard fences all come with powder or galvanized coating and the rack pending which secures it all together is stainless steel. Our wrought iron fences have either a 10- or 20-years warranty .Our team can design a wrought iron fence to secure any perimeter including residential pool fence to perimeter fences.



Chain Link Fences: Not only do we offer the traditional chain link fence of galvanized steel but believe our customers should have options such as color and style this is why we offer black, brown, and green chain link fences and build it to your height and style specifications. Our chain link fence comes with a 3-year warranty.

 Composite Fences: We provide Trex fences which is something very few fence companies in Katy offer, It’s a great alternative to our customers seeking a wooden fence without the maintenance and upkeep.

Vinyl Fences: Our vinyl fences are also a low maintenance fence with a long-term warranty, the only requirement is once a year having your fence professional pressure washed so that is keeps its stark white color that homeowners love. In addition to the traditional white fence, for more information visit our vendors website

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What You Can Expect From Our Fence Company in Katy TX

While building fences is what we do, being custom focused is who we are. We strive to make sure the process is as simple and easy as possible and working with integrity. What we say we will do is what we will do.

“Customer Service has been outstanding. They listen and they communicate, I highly recommend these kind folks” Jerry M.


“Lon & his wife are quality focused, charge fair price and communicate all the issues in a professional and timely manner. This company can be trusted to perform good fencing work. Thanks Lon and your crew.” Vineet A


 “ Lon (the owner) was extremely professional and responsive. He came in exactly on estimate. As far as work ethic...I have never seen a man so dedicated to quality. He hand picked each fence picket, and discarded the bad ones. Working in 100-degree heat, he stayed on task. I will definitely use him again, and recommend him to anyone.” Robert M


As you can see from our reviews here and online its important to us as a fence company in Katy TX that we work with honesty and integrity by building your fence on time and for the price you agreed to. Our process isn’t to dig the holes and string the line and then in a few days have another fence builder come in to erect the fence the way many other fence companies in Katy TX do, instead we streamline it from start to finish with most fences taking a day to a week depending on the linear footage and type of materials used. You can also count on us to be available to answer any and all questions and to communicate the progress of our work. We understand they’re our many fence companies in Katy TX for you to choose from and we are blessed and honored you would choose us rather that is for a simple repair or a ranch style fence that covers acres. Whether you have questions or are ready to schedule a free estimate give us a call and we will be happy to come out to meet with you and offer an honest and fair price.

Ready To Get Started?

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