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Privacy Wood Fences Houston

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Emerson Privacy Wood Fences The Ultimate In Beauty And Strength

While any fencing material can define property lines, if you want more seclusion in the big city, then our privacy wood fences offer just that and a whole lot more! A privacy wood fence allows you to do as you choose in your backyard without being disturbed by nearby neighbors. Keeping up good neighbor relations is a part of homeowners, and a privacy wood fence in Houston makes that much easier.

At Emerson, we offer many types of wood fence designs, including:

  • Stockade

  • Shadow Box

  • Board on Board

  • Lock Board

  • Lattice

  • Horizontal


When you work with our crew for your privacy wood fence in Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land, you can rest assured that your fence will be built by the highest level of standards and backed with a 3-year labor warranty safeguarding your home and your investment. We will work closely with you to determine the right style for your needs and property’s location and, prior to installing any wood fence, will verify your homeowner association (HOA) guidelines. Contact us to learn more about any of our services, from a new installation to fence repairs in Houston; we have you covered.

4 Key Features of Our Privacy Fences


Built on property: We start by hand selecting each of the boards, we offer both southern yellow pine and cedar wood, so it holds up better in our weather. Then we cut each and custom-built your wood fence so that it is custom graded to your Houston property.

Screws: one of the most crucial elements is the faster; this is why we use screws instead of nails for long-term performance and aesthetics. While it takes less time to nail, it’s also more likely to grow loose over time, whereas screws secure better and makes it easier to rework should you need to repair or replace a damaged picket.


​Wood or Steel Post: Your fence is only as strong as the posts ... and ours are expertly installed in an entire 50-pound bag of concrete, and each post hole is 2 feet deep. We also offer steel posts that are installed to meet all industry standards for maximum strength and durability.


Three Rails: Unlike many of our competitors, we use a top, middle, and bottom rail for added strength and to avoid your wood fence from warping due to Houston weather. This is commonly found in poorly installed privacy wood fences across the greater Houston area. This is also why, after bad weather, you will see some fences knocked down while others remain in tack.

Contact us by calling (281) 545-7740. Free estimates with zero obligation 

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New Fence Installation


They are excellent and fast! The quality and the price are great. You seriously will not be disappointed! It was a minor fix this time, but the quality and service were terrific; I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

- Teresa E.- Sugar Land TX


The company is very responsive, did quality work, and was flexible with small changes and extras. They maintained a clean 

job site and left my house looking great throughout my wood fence installation.


Tom Peacock - South Houston

If you’re looking for a long-lasting privacy wood fence in Houston for a great price and a caring crew who will go the extra mile, then Emerson Home Enhancements is the place to go! If I could rate it a 10, I would; it was that great.


Janae- Katy TX



Board on Board Wood Fence Houston.jpg
Board on Board Wood Fence
Wood fence Houston.jpg
Stockade Privacy Wood Fence
wood fence Houston.jpg
Privacy Wood Fence With Spindel Top

Privacy Wood Fence Options For Houston Homeowners

Emerson offers Houston more than just a typical wood fence. Check out our designs and if you need help choosing, let us know- we’re here to help!


Dog Ear or Stockade Privacy Fence: The term “dog-ear” comes from the shape of the top of the boards. Instead of a flat top, the boards have the corners sawed off, providing a “dog-ear” shape you see in many wooden fence styles across Houston. These stockade wood fences are the most common style found in residential neighborhoods.


​Shadow Box Wood Fence​: What is a shadowbox fence? Shadowbox fencing is a wood fence design where every other vertical picket is attached to the opposite side of the fence rails, creating a gap in the fence. This gap allows for better breathability and wind movement in your yard. Shadowbox design is ideal for neighbors sharing the cost of a fence project to achieve a similar look on both sides of the fence.


 Board on Board Wood Fence​: The board-on-board wood fence is ideal for privacy and longevity. In a traditional privacy fence, wood shrinkage causes gaps to form between the boards that compromise the fence’s ability to offer true privacy. That shrinkage problem is solved by the board-on-board design because the overlapping layer of pickets compensates for the eventual shrinkage.


Lock Board Privacy Fence: This type of privacy fence has boards fit together tongue-and-groove style to create a solid panel that blocks the view. Lock board fencing will be even more sturdy than a stockade fence. Unlike a stockade or dog-eared wood fence, there is no visible gap to allow for expansion. The expansion and contraction take place within the tongue and groove. This wood fence is not as common in Houston because the design prevents a cool breeze from blowing on a hot day, but if you prefer looking outside rather than sitting outside, this design gets ten stars for looks and functionality.

Horizontal Wood Fence : Horizontal wood fences will cost Houston homeowners more than other designs because they require the highest grade of lumber. The thickness of the lumber should be no less than an inch and reduced to four centers with the lumber staggered; if quality wood like cedar and IPE are not used, the pickets will sag over time as this is basically a deck built straight up in the air.

Lattice For Privacy: Great for homeowners who want to add more privacy to their existing fence but before adding lattice, always check with your HOA policy first. 

Not All Wood Is Created Equally

Houston wood fence .jpg
Presssure Treated
10+ years

wood fences Houston.jpeg
Cedar Wood Fence 20 + Years
Ipe wood fence Houston.jpg
IPE Wood Fence
75 + years

Wood Fence Options

Another key to a long-lasting and durable fence is the lumber you choose; at Emerson's, we offer several options, but the most common are western red cedar and Southern yellow pine. We always use pressure-treated or steel posts to prevent the bottom of your wood fence from decaying prematurely due to soil erosion and wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants and termites.


Pressure Treated Wood Fence : One of Houston's most popular because they are affordable while being well built. Unlike traditional pine, this lumber has been Kiln dried to avoid shrinkage and warping, which is a common issue. In addition, the chemicals used to treat this pinewood helps to prevent decay, insect damage, and fungus, something you won’t find with traditional pine wood fence. The average lifespan of this type of lumber is 15 to 20 years. Around the fifteen-year mark, most homeowners will see noticeable changes in their wood fences, such as rotting and splitting. One of the beltways to protect your pressure-treated privacy wood fence from Houston’s harsh climate is with our paint, stain, and seal services.

 Western Cedar: If you want a wood fence that offers a distinct look and is highly durable then a cedar wood fence is the right choice for your Houston area property, and this is why it’s the preferred choice for homeowners associations. Another great benefit is that cedar can withstand extreme heat and rain. When wood fences are exposed to moisture, the limber expands and contracts, zapping the strength from the grains. Still, cedar fences are unbelievably resilient because the trees that produce this lumber contain natural resins and tannin oil that preserves this cedar while also repelling mildew and insects. Lastly, when these wood fences are properly maintained, they can last 30 to 40 years.

Ipe Wood Fences: Ipe fencing is the gold standard of hardwoods, there is no other wood better for fencing than Ipe. When you build an Ipe wood fence, you can rest assured that you are using the best material money can buy. Ipe wood fences are stable in heat, rain, and wind and installed properly; you can expect these wood fences to last in Houston for a lifetime! However, they are not very economical and this is why they are uncommon

Key Benefits Of Wood Fences

A wooden fence is something that many people picture when they imagine their ideal homes and no other material is as versatile, therefore making a wood fence ideal for your Houston home

Safety & Security

If you have pets or young children, these fences are especially beneficial. They significantly enhance the safety and security of your home. This added security is just one of the many reasons why wood fences are so popular in Houston and the surrounding area.

Wood Fences are Affordable


Wood fences are among the most affordable fencing options available to homeowners in the Houston area and when maintained a well-built fence can last more than 25 years  to withstand whatever Mother nature throws at it

Wood Fences are Beautiful

Adding a fence is also one of the ways to improve your backyard. Privacy fences improve the overall backyard space of your property. Not only do they provide an enhanced level of safety for you and your family, but they also create a better-looking property.

Our Wood Fence Process For Houston Residents

Contact US: When you need a wood fence in Houston, we’re the team for the job and having the right team is half the battle to making sure you have a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing wood fence. Simply give us a call or complete our online form to schedule a free in-person estimate. We will come out to your property to measure and evaluate your existing fence and offer any recommendations. Once you have selected your fence style and materials, we will collect a deposit; this locks in your price and secures your date for installation. 


Verify HOA Requirements: If you are a customer whose home is managed by a homeowners association (HOA), we will verify their guidelines to ensure the fence you have chosen to have us install falls within their requirements to make sure there are no unforeseeable issues. Most wood fences in Houston cannot be taller than 8 feet, and unless your property is located in the flood plains, no permit is required.


 Speak with neighbors: Most fences are a shared expense between you and your neighbor. However, we are happy to speak with your neighbors on your behalf and handle payments arrangements to make installing a new wood fence as hassle free as possible.


Call 811: Prior to digging any holes in your backyard we will notify 811 so the utility companies can come mark the yard to avoid hitting any underground wires including water, cable, and electricity when using post hole diggers. Unlike many other wood fence builders in Houston, we do not charge any processing fee, but we do ask that you leave your gate unlocked to allow them to access your property. Most lawns are marked within 2 business days so we can get started right away.


Fence Installation: One of the many things that separates us from other Katy fence companies is our crew starts your installation within 48 hours of the ground being marked and there is no gap or break during service. This is to ensure our customers are not left waiting between the time the post holes are dug and the time the fence is built. The average wood fences take 3 days to construct, weather permitting.


Completion: Once we have installed your new fence, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure you are satisfied with your project and answer any questions before we send your final invoice. Once payment is rendered, we will issue you a warranty certificate.

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