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Katy Composite Fence

Katy TX, Residential Composite Fence Installer

Emerson Home Enhancements offers quality composite fence installation in the greater Houston area.

Composite fencing is made by combining wood fibers with plastic and makes a great alternative to wood or vinyl fences. Composite fences are a more natural-looking fence than PVC vinyl as their fibers made from wood mimics its traditionally look without the fence repairs that come with it.  The plastic that is found in a composite fence also eliminates wood rot, insect damages and composite fences do not require painting, staining, or wood sealer. In addition, composite or Trex fences are typically stronger than vinyl, due to their density and thickness that hold up better to Katy, TX hot and humid temperatures.  In addition to offering composition fence installation, we also offer wood and composite decks for your Katy or Fort Bend property. If your looking for a beautiful, long lasting fence then let us introduce you to Trex fencing and decks!

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Benefits of a Composite Fence & Deck

Very Durable

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Strong & Sturdy

 Virtual Maintenance Free


 Eco Friendly 



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The project involves installing an aluminum gate to my fence. Lon took the effort to find the original fence maker and built me a gate that matched perfectly in style at a reasonable cost. The process took two weeks and he kept me informed of the progress every few days. Very Satisfies

JERRY - Sugar Land TX

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Composite Deck Installation in Katy TX 

Looking for a way to enjoy that backyard BBQs this summer, you may want to consider having a composite deck. These decks are low maintenance and look great for wear as they can endure wear and tear better than wooden decks. Our composite deck boards have a wood grain look and feel that is less susceptible to Katy's environmental conditions. Just like a composition fence, this deck is made from recycled plastic combined with wood to look more natural than Vinyl decks. PVC Vinyl decks have a hollow composite that looks and feels man-made where composite mimics the look of real wood while not being vulnerable to cracking, splitting, or rot due to humidity. Like composite fences these decks require little to no maintenance or upkeep if they are professionally installed. We do recommend washing your fence once every year to prevent mold and the buildup of dirt, debris, and bird droppings. The great thing about composite fences and decks is no matter how often you choose to wash them they will not fade.  In fact Trex the industry leader of composite fences and decks offers a 25 year warranty against fading, rotting, cracking or warping making your investment worthwhile

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The Perfect Deck For Your Next Houston BBQ

Highly Rated 


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EHE is insured for your safety and peace of mind and offers W9 for commercial property owners

25 Year Warranty


Trex fences comes with a 25 year warranty and EHE offer a three year labor warranty

Katy Composite Fence and Deck Installation


Emerson Home Enhancements is happy to offer our customers in Katy a variety of choices for their homes. What has allowed us to stay competitive as a fence company in Houston T is the way our fencing company operates. The two key components in all the fences we offer are the material and product performance of the material. We simply won't sell junk and our composite fences and decks are no different. We want to ensure that our customers in Katy have the best this is why we offer Trex composite fences and decks.


Trex products come with a 25-year warranty as well as a 25-year fade and stain warranty. To learn more about TREX fences and decks products visit them online at www. trex.com Our Houston fence company approach to our customers is to be knowledgeable, reliable, and offer the highest quality of craftsmanship. We don’t just build fences; we create an investment that's safe, beautiful and worry free. Contact Emerson Exterior Home Enhancement today for a free quote and allow us to help you find the right material and design for your fence or deck.  In addition to being a Trex dealer who offers composite fences we also offer wrought iron fences, PVC Vinyl fences, and wood fences to Houston homeowners and commercial property owners.  

Composite Fence and Deck Colors 

Our Houston fence builders believe that a fence shouldn’t only be functional but stunning, forget the graying of wood fences you will see as you drive around Harris County and choose a compost fence that will remain looking as visually stunning as the day it was installed. There are several color options available to match your home from dark and light tan to Winchester gray and dark brown. The two prominent colors that most homeowners prefer it dark tan and Winchester gray. If you want to attach the fence to brick then this is the color for you. When your fence gets dirty simply rinse it with warm soapy water but never use a pressure washer as a pressure washer will void the warranty. Want to see samples then give us a call for a free estimate at 281-545-7740.  


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Common Q & A Regarding Composite Fences 

Q: What does it cost to install a composite fence? Deepening on the liner footage of your fence or deck you can expect to send between $42,00 and $62.000 a linear foot for materials and labor.


Q: Does Trex only offer composite  fences and decks? No, while these are fences are the most requested item for Houston homeowners you can also count on Trex for composite decking rails, patio furniture,  and pergolas. 

Q: What's the cost of a composite deck?  On average you will spend $3500 for material to build a standard 12 X 16 deck compared to the cost of pressure treated wood its about 1500 more however  when you compare that wood decks require wood sealing and repairs you save more over the long run. Composite fences and decks are a long term investment that are worth the price unless your planning on moving anytime soon. 

Q: Does Composite fences and deck require upkeep? No expect for washing it once a year you will not need to do any type of maintenance unless its installed properly. Always work with an experienced Houston fence builder who understands how composite fences and decks are to be installed and offers a labor warranty.