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Katy Gutter Cleaning

Top Rated Katy Gutter Cleaning Gutter Service- Call for a Free Inspection at 281-545-7740

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Every homeowner wants to protect their home from damage, and we want to help make that easier with affordable. With routine gutter cleaning for Katy homeowners and commercial properties. One of the most overlooked areas of your home is the roofing system, yet it’s also one of the costliest expenses a homeowner faces. The way to prevent these expensive damages is by having our professional gutter cleaning team in Katy remove leaves, twigs, and other debris that can clog up the gutters and prevent the rainwater from properly draining. The impact of ignoring gutters can be detrimental not only to your home but to your wallet! Call the professionals at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements for a free on-site estimate at 281-545-7740. We serve Katy, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, greater Houston area.  

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Katy Gutter Cleaning Packages

Designed to Fit Your Needs & Budget


At Emerson’s, we offer three packages designed to meet every homeowner’s needs and budget. Here are the options we provide to keep your gutters free flowing:


Essential Bag & Blow


We will scoop up all debris by hand and blow away any dirt, twigs, or leaves from your roof. Then once we are finished, we will set your bagged garbage on the curb.

Deluxe Package:  Gutter Cleaning + Flush 

 We offer a one-time cleaning where we scoop all debris out by hand, followed up with a gutter flush where we use a stream of water that runs through your system to flush out the downspouts and ensure they are functioning correctly.

VIP Membership: Worry Less & Save More!


 Our most popular gutter cleaning package in Katy for busy homeowners is our VIP membership. We understand how easy it can be to forget your gutters, so we remove the hassle by pre-scheduling your service. We recommend that gutters get cleaned twice a year. Here in Katy, we see a significant uptick in gutter cleaning needs after the pollen has fallen in the spring and after the rains come in the fall. The day before we are due to arrive, we will give you a reminder call. As an added bonus, you get 10% off your service when you sign a bi-annual service agreement, and your price gets locked in for two years! We’ve got you covered! Our estimators can discuss the options as to how we can serve you best.

What Your Neighbors Say About Us

The technicians arrived at our agreed-upon appointment time and also gave me a courtesy call to let me know they were on their way. When they arrived, we spoke about the service requested and begin measuring my gutters to allow for a proper estimate. They performed the gutter cleaning and were able to un-clog a gutter we were having trouble with. They also were able to power wash our deck and driveway. They did an amazing job. I would highly recommend and will be using them again


Lakeisha C.

Now Offering Gutter Stock Protection


Another level of protection that we proudly offer is the gutter stick system. Over the last 20 years of cleaning gutters and dealing with gutter guard systems that still need cleaning and cause a breeding ground for pests, we know that it’s essential to use an inexpensive system that actually does what it is designed to do instead of creating additional problems. We believe the best option is gutter sticks. These sticks provide ample protection so that even if your gutters get clogged, water can continue to be diverted away from your roofing system. Watch this short video to learn more, and then contact us.

Benefits of Our Katy Gutter Cleaning Service


Forget about spending hours on a ladder and the risk associated with working off a ladder. Our team is trained and fully insured with workers comp and general liability, so you are not held liable if any accidents occur. Proof of insurance is of the utmost importance when dealing with heights and, unfortunately, not something much smaller or newer companies can provide. Here are a few other benefits


  • Maintains your home’s cleanliness and curb appeal by halting mildew and mold formation.

  • Reduces the likelihood that gutter overflow will erode your landscape.

  • Prevents water from backing into your home and causing expensive water damage.

  • Avoids gutter overflow, especially over the doorways in and out of your house.

  • Circumvents the possibility of overflow eroding your home's foundation.


Get your Free Gutter Cleaning Inspection Today!  

Keeping your gutters clear of debris and obstructions is essential to the upkeep of your home, and a professional clean is always the best way to handle it. We offer a professional and reliable service that will give you the peace of mind you deserve. It doesn’t matter how big or small the job is; we have all the tools needed to deal with any problem and prevent you from having costly repairs in the future. Get your free inspection today from our Katy gutter cleaning pros and discover the benefits of our services for yourself. Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements offers Gutter Cleaning in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Sugar Land, Richmond, and the greater Houston area.

Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Question



When is the best time to schedule my gutter cleaning?

We recommend in the spring and fall but with our unpredictable weather if it’s been six months or longer since you had them maintained then we suggest doing it as soon as possible.

How do you price gutter cleaning?


When we meet with you, we will walk your roof to measure the footage of your gutter instead of the entire roofline which will save you money. If you are home or can be reached by phone, then we will provide a quote for you on the spot and get to work right away. If your gutters are clogged, the price can be increased due to the increased time the job entails. We will not recommend services you don’t need.


What about the zebra stripping on the sides of my gutter?


These stripes develop when your asphalt shingles react with the anodized aluminum of the gutters. This is something that we can clean with gutter brightening. The process starts by thoughtfully cleaning the gutters and then flushing the downspouts finished off by using gutter butter that turns them a stark white making them look new again.

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