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Katy Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Service in Katy TX

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When was the last time you had your gutters cleaned? Emerson Home Enhancements is glad to offer effective and affordable gutter cleaning for one- and two-story homes in the Katy and Fort Bend County area. When our team cleans your gutters, we will make sure all loose debris is removed from your roof, and then clean your gutters by hand. We also unclog downspouts and ensure that your gutters are working at their optimal performance. When gutters are not cleaned out, they become filled with leaves, twigs, and other debris. When this happens, your home may encounter larger and more costly repairs such as cracks in your foundation or decay of your fascia boards. In the Katy area we recommend twice a year gutter cleaning, once in the spring and then again in fall to ensure your gutters are working effectively.  

Do Your Gutters Need Cleaning?

Since most Katy homeowners don't get on their roof t inspect their gutters it may be hard to tell if your gutters need to be cleaned. However, even if your gutters are not appearing to have issues such as sagging or pulling away from your home if it's been longer than six months since your last gutter cleaning, don’t delay, you may be just one storm away from gutter failure.  Your gutters are your home's best defense against water damage. If water isn’t draining from your downspouts when it is raining, or you can see leaves coming from your gutters give us a call at 281-545-7740.


Other signs to look for to know if your gutters need cleaning are plants growing in your gutters,  water poring over the edge of your roof when it rains or if there is no rain for weeks (which is seldom in Katy) and your gutters are still filled with water its time to have your gutters inspected and thoroughly cleaned. This fall if you are having us clean your gutters ask us about our Christmas light packages to make your home merry and bright for the season. 

Our Gutter Cleaning Process


Our gutter cleaning process is simple, once you have chosen us to clean your gutters, we will schedule your service and start the process of removing all the leaves and twigs from inside your gutter by hand, the biggest cause of clogged gutters is debris. Then we will clean your downspouts to ensure if there are clogs, they are removed. Any company that tries to charge extra for this standard service is not a reputable gutter cleaning business you want to do business with.  Once the gutters and downspouts are cleaned, we will blow off debris from your roof, so your roof looks as clean as your gutters do. Before we leave, we will send you a photo to ensure you satisfied with the service we have provided. It's really that simple!  In addition to offering gutter cleaning, we also offer roof no-pressure washing to ensure your roof looks fresh and clean. When you bundle your services be sure to inquire about our bundled discount rates

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While having our Katy gutter cleaning company clean your gutters this fall consider also booking us for your Christmas light installation in Houston, Katy, Pecan Grove, or Spring. We offer affordable prices and are a full service holiday lighting pro. 

Gutter Cleaning Q&A


How much does a gutter cleaning cost?


Costs vary, but we can get you a price within 24 hours by viewing the property on Google maps. Call us and mention the address where you are requesting service and we will get you a free quote. You will find our prices are competitive, but our work is second to none and we stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee. 

Is gutter cleaning important?

Yes, gutter cleaning is more important than most homeowners realize. Having your gutters routinely cleaned is one of the most important home maintenance tasks you can do as it protects both the outside and inside of your home. Without gutters working properly, your Katy home can suffer water damage that leads to poor drainage around your foundation and your roof and siding will wear out prematurely. 



How long will it take you to clean my gutters?

Every home in Fort bend has different gutter styles and footage so without looking up your home there is no way for us to know.