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Concrete Cleaning Katy TX

Concrete cleaning from Emerson’s will drastically improve the appearance of your residential or commercial property.

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Experience The Ultimate Curb Appeal


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic eraser to take away your property’s eyesores? While there isn’t any magic involved, our concrete cleaning in Katy, TX, will provide you with the same impact.


When you work with Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we will restore the beautiful appeal to your commercial or residential property starting from the ground up to remove stubborn stains such as:


● Oil stains

● Grease

● Algae

● Gum

● Rust

● Dirt

Once we have removed what mother nature left behind, such as mold, algae, dirt, and grime, it will look as if our team rolled back the hand of Father Time. If you are ready to give your property the TLC it needs, then contact us today for an instant quote at 281-545-7740

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Concrete Cleaning Process Katy TX

  • Our commercial pressure washing equipment is expressly designed to clean concrete. You aren’t getting a subpar fix – you’re getting an authentic solution.

  • We will pretreat the area for stubborn stains followed up by a second cleaning agents that is formulated to break down stains from grease, dirt, and oil.

  • Wastewater recovery keeps your property safe and complies with EPA regulations.


At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we take pride in every service we offer, and concrete taking up half your front lawn makes pressure washing a necessity. One of the first things people will notice when they approach your home or building is the concrete surrounding it.  Does it have oil and grease stains? Is there gum that gets stuck to the bottom of their shoe? What about mold or algae?

With our commercial concrete surface cleaner, you can rest assured that it will only be a matter of time before all those unsightly stains are removed, and unlike pressure washers, there are no streaks or lines left behind.

In addition to offering concrete cleaning to Katy, TX, we can also take care of pavers, masonry, and brick surfaces without negatively impacting their beautiful craftsmanship. All concrete and stone surfaces are porous and need different spray patterns, temperatures, and sometimes chemicals to get the job done correctly, but we have the right tools and detergents for the job.

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Benefits of Concrete Cleaning for Katy TX Residents

Still unsure if concrete cleaning is really worth it, let us tell you a few of the benefits that make this small investment worthwhile:

Curb Appeal: Concrete cleaning is a great way to improve your overall property look.

Added Value: One of the first things people see is your parking lot or driveway, so make a statement by having it well maintained.

Durability: Concrete cleaning provides a long-lasting finish that slows down the wear and tear of the concrete and prevents build-up from occurring so that its preserved for years to come.

Savings – When you compare DIY pressure washing to hiring a professional, you’ll save time and money while getting better results. If concrete is not correctly washed, the surface corners will wear away and can develop shallow cracks that cause crumbling and an unnecessary expense. This is why we also suggest having your concrete sealed once it has been cleaned

Why Choose Our Pressure Washing Services in Katy

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing a company but when you select Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements you can feel confident that you have hired the right team for the task. We have been in business since 1999 and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our services and provide fair and upfront pricing. Need referrals, just ask!

So, if you are  ready to give your property the attention it deserves, call us today for an instant quote over the phone at 281-545-7740. 


  • Free Estimates

  • Upfront & Fair Pricing

  • Tidy and Timely Service

Increase your curb appeal for less with the best pressure washing service in Katy, Sugar Land and Richmond TX. 

Before & After Concrete  Cleaning

See for yourself what a difference concrete cleaning can make to your home or commercial property

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