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House Pressure Washing

House Pressure Washing in Katy 

Sit Back and Relax while our pressure washing company in Katy does all your dirty work- Call Today! 

Most Fort Bend homeowner's biggest asset is their home which can take a beating due to outside elements. This is why we recommend you annually have a professional wash your home. Our soft pressure washing will remove the grime, mold, and mildew to ensure your home looks as good as it did the day you moved in. At Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, we use a proven pressure washing method called soft washing to clean your bricks, wood, or vinyl siding safe and effectively. While traditional pressure washing can damage your home with a blast of water, soft pressure washing involves using the same commercial pressure washer but with different nozzles to protect the surface of your exterior. With soft pressure washing, you can safely clean painted surfaces without removing or chipping the paint or clean stone surfaces without etching, making soft pressure washing the most effective way to wash your house.   

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They did a fantastic job of building my fence, I have received many compliments from my neighbors who will also be using Emerson's to build their fences. 

John Foster

When your having your house washed this fall consider bundling your service and having EHE hang your Christmas lights. 

Soft Pressure Washing is safe for: 

Wood and Vinyl Siding 

Brick and Stucco Homes

Wood and Vinyl Trim


Make your Home Healthier with Soft Pressure Washing

While we want to keep our Katy home beautiful it's even more important that your home be healthy. When we soft pressure wash the exterior of your home in addition to removing grime that’s a real eyesore, we also wash away pollen and botanical growths that can lead to mold and mildew if left untreated. Should your Fort Bend property have mold or mildew our house washing will kill it down to the root preventing it from returning for up to a year. Our sub-tropical climate encourages mildew growth, and it thrives because of our humidity and rainfall. Mildew can spread rapidly and poses a health problem, so at the first visible sign of it, we encourage you to have your house washed.   


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Emerson Home Enhancements cleaning team specializes in soft pressure washing, we have successfully cleaned hundreds of homes in the Fort Bend County area and would love to show you the results we can offer for your Katy home. Our team is highly trained and uses only the best biodegradable cleaning agents that are safe for your pets and landscaping. We are totally committed to providing the most professional exterior cleaning for Katy and Fort Bend homeowners. In addition to offering house washing, you can save even more when you bundle your service with roof cleaning. For a fast, free quote call us today at 281-545-7740


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