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Picket Wood Fence Houston

Protect your home with a beautiful  wood fence from Emerson's and receive a 3 Year Free Fence Warranty

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Picket Wood Fence For Houston Homeowners

Drive through the area, and you will see many picket wood fences in Houston because they can turn an ordinary home into a friendly, family-orientated look that welcomes visitors and guests. This type of wood fence can frame your home or take away from the height or length of a commercial building. Picket wood fences are still as popular as they ever were, and with good reason. They look great and make the perfect touch to spruce up your landscape or add privacy to your backyard. While many of the picket wood fences across Houston have gaps between the post, wood fences don’t have to be structured that way. Our team can install your wood fence with panels that will give you and your family the privacy you are looking for at an affordable price. Give us a call today for a free in-person quote at 281-545-7740.


What Makes Our Wood Fences Better


Built on property: We hand choose each picket and offer only the best wood fences in Houston. This means your choice of southern yellow pine, more commonly known as pressure-treated wood fences and cedar wood fences. We stick build your wood fence on your Houston property so that it is custom graded to your land.'

Screws: One of the most important components is the faster that holds all the pickets securely in place. We use screws, not nails which allows the wood fence to last far longer. This is just one of the reasons we can triple the warranty time that most other Katy fence companies offer.

Post: Your fence is only as strong as the posts ... and ours are expertly installed. We use 50 pounds of concrete, not sand or pea gravel, so when bad storms come, your fence is left standing tall and proud. We also offer our customers the option of steel posts for maximum strength and durability.

Wood Rails: Unlike many of our competitors, we use a three-rail system. We include a middle rail to protect your wood fence from warping and bowing, which is commonly found in poorly installed wood fences in Houston, Katy, and Cypress.  

Picket Wood Fence Ideas


​Standard Dog Ear Picket Wood Fence

The term “dog-ear” comes from the shape of the top of the board and is a common colloquial term for a page of a book that is folded over, resembling the floppy folded ears of your favorite beagle or golden retriever. Instead of a flat top, we hand saw the corners to provide it the shape you see on many wood fences throughout Houston.


​Picket Wood Fence With Gothic Post: Gothic top posts are a simple way to dress up your wood fence in Houston. Not only does it add style to the top of your fence, but it’s hand carved to prevent the cap from coming loose over time and needing to be replaced.


Positive Scallop Wood Fence​: Another popular way to personalize your wood fence and add instant curb appeal that will boost your property value is with a scalloped design. While remarkably beautiful, don’t let these fences intimidate you; they still provide a protective barrier to keep your dogs and kids corralled and safe. 

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Any Wood Fence in Houston


I hope you are well. We just wanted to say thank you for the wood fence you installed at the end of last week. It looks wonderful. Your expertise and suggestions were much appreciated and spot on. I can see why your company has such a good reputation, and I also would highly recommend you. Lon and his crew were also great to work with. Please extend our thanks to them.

Peter M. – Cypress TX

Lon and Melissa are wonderful to work with, very professional, and meticulous about their work. From the bidding process to the final after-work inspection, they make each step clear, with competitive pricing and attention to detail. I have engaged Lon in the last six months for everything from installing our wood fence to staining it without regret. I can recommend Lon and his crew without reservation.


Pamela – Katy TX




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Pressure Traeted
Picket Wood Fence
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Shawdow Box
Picket Wood Fence
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Picket Fence
Gothic Style

Benefits of A Wood Fence For Houston Residents

A wood fence is something that many people picture when they imagine their ideal homes, but not al fences are created equally. Here are some of the benefits of pressure treated and cedar wood fences for Houston area residents. 


Wood Fences are Strong: A well-built wood fence can withstand almost anything from heat, humidity, rain, dogs, and kids. When you allow Emerson's to replace or install your wood fence in Houston, you’ll receive a 3-year warranty, so if anything goes wrong due to our craftsmanship, we’ll repair it free of charge.

Wood Fences are Affordable: One of the most affordable fencing materials in Houston is wood When maintained with annual pressure washing and stain and sealed every 3 to 5 years, your investment is safe for decades. A well-built wood fence gives Houston homeowners a 25 years sound barrier.


Wood Fences are Beautiful: A beautiful, natural, and versatile product, wood fencing is a time-honored fencing option that comes in many different styles and optional additions that can be fully customized to your style and personal preferences. Here are some of the options that can add to the look and protection of your wood fence. 

Additional Options

​While most customers choose a picket wood fence in Houston as the leading Katy fence company, we know customers want a one-of-a-kind wood fence that meets all their needs. This is why we offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs. Some of the extra features you may want to add include:


Kicker Boards: A kicker board is a great way to protect the investment of your wood fence against Houston’s harsh weather. This feature is added to the bottom to keep your wood fence from touching the soil, which enables your wood fence to last longer as it prevents the wood from splintering, warping, and cracking due to rain, heat, and humid weather conditions.


Cap & Trim: While most people see the cap and trim of their wood fence as a decorative element, it’s also another safety feature as it protects your post from rain which leads to mold and wood rot. We offer caps in trim in a natural finish, traditional white, black, green, and brown.

Lattice Wood Fences: If you’re a homeowner that relishes the finer details and wants to add a little more privacy, then consider adding this upgrade for a visual impact to the top or bottom of your fence. 

Our Hassle-Free Installation Process


Step #1 - Contact US! When you need a wood fence in Houston, we’re the team for the job and having the right team is half the battle to making sure you have a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing wood fence. Simply give us a call or complete our online form to schedule a free in-person estimate. We will come out to your property to measure and evaluate your existing fence and offer any recommendations. Once you have selected your fence style and materials, we will collect a deposit that is guaranteed to lock in your price and secure your installation date.


 Step # 2- Verify HOA Requirements: If you are a customer whose home is managed by a homeowners association (HOA), we will verify their guidelines to ensure the fence you have chosen to have us install falls within their requirements to make sure there are no unforeseeable issues. Most wood fences in Houston cannot be taller than 8 feet, and unless your property is located in the flood plains, no permit is required.


 Step # 3- Speak with neighbors: Most fences are a shared expense between you and your neighbor. However, we are happy to speak with your neighbors on your behalf and handle payment arrangements to make installing a new wood fence as hassle-free as possible.


Step # 4 Calling 811: Prior to digging any holes in your backyard, we will notify 811, so the utility companies can come to mark the yard to avoid hitting any underground wires, including water, cable, and electricity when using post-hole diggers. Unlike many other wood fence builders in Houston, we do not charge any processing fee, but we do ask that you leave your gate unlocked to allow them to access your property. Most perimeter markings occur within two business days, and our crew will start immediately afterward. The average wood fence in Houston takes only three days to construct, weather permitting.


Step # 5 -Fence Installation: One of the many things that separate us from other Katy fence companies is that our crew starts your installation within 48 hours of the ground being marked, and there is no gap or break during service. This is to ensure our customers are not left waiting between the time the post holes are dug and the time the fence is built.

Step # 6 Completion: Once we have installed your new fence, we will do a final walkthrough to ensure you are satisfied with your project and answer any questions before we send your final invoice. Once the final payment is rendered, we will issue you a warranty certificate.

Contact us today to start the process or call  (281) 545-7740

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