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Wood Fence Staining 

Wood Fence Staining & Sealing in Katy

Protect the investment of your wood fence and keep it beautiful for years to come!

While wood is one of the most affordable fencing options for your wood fence, you want to protect it for as many years as possible so that your fence is an investment, not an expense. While the fences we install are not susceptible to wood rot and decay if you have had a fence that was installed by another fence company we strongly recommend having your fence stained and sealed.

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They did a fantastic job of building my fence, I have received many compliments from my neighbors who will also be using Emerson's to build their fences. 

John Foster

Benefits of Staining Your Wood Fence 

         Enhanced Visual Appeal

Reduction in mold & mildew

Prevents warping & splitting.

Reduction wood rot & keeps insects away

Katy Wood Fence Sealing

The purpose of sealing your wood fence is to repel moisture which is a huge concern in our climate. In Katy, TX our average rainy season is over 100 days out of the year in which we receive just shy of 50 inches of rain. This can wreak havoc on your wood fence. Sealing your fence will waterproof the wood so that rain will not lead to fungal growth and wood rot.  In addition to rain threatening your wood fences, UV rays can also lead your fence to turn gray and cause issues such as your fence splitting or cracking.


Wood Staining Katy, TX


While sealing the wood protects it, staining adds beauty. Its primary purpose is to make your fence look new again Many homeowners love the look of western red cedar but not the price tag so they choose a stain that mimics its natural tanning oil. We recommend having your fence stained every two to three years to preserve its appeal and functionality of your fence.

Preferred Stain and Seal Choice

Need help knowing whether you should seal or stain your fence, why not do both. Our preferred choice is Ready Seal, not only is it a Texas product but this professional-grade wood stain requires no primer, diluting, or thinning prior to being applied. It also has no specific temperature range so we can apply this product in Katy's hot summer afternoon.


Professional Wood Fence Maintenance in Katy 

Would you rather enjoy your weekend off rather than stain your wood fence? While this is an easy do- it yourself project it can be time-consuming so instead of rushing through your project why not contact your Katy fence company and check this off you’re to-do list. When you let us take care of your fence staining and sealing you will know it's done right. Call us today for a free quote and enjoy your chore-free weekend. Speaking of a chore-free weekend when Christmas rolls around we offer the best Christmas light installation. Imagine all those dazzling lights without ever lifting a finger- call for a free Christmas light quote - we hang lights from September until December 23rd!


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