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Wood Decks Houston TX

There are many choices when it comes to the custom wood deck in Houston, TX, but one of the top considerations is material. With all the available options, this can be challenging. Some homeowners base their choice on aesthetics while others want the most economical option, but before you choose, our Houston deck building contractors suggest considering our subtropical climate and your priorities.

Let’s take a look at some of the wood decks our Houston deck builders have to offer, and if you are unsure of which option is best for your property, we are happy to answer all your questions and point you in the right direction; simply click the button above or give us a call at 281-545-7740.

Our Houston Deck Building Crew Deliver You The Best!

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We could not be more thrilled with our new cedar wood deck and pergola!! Lon  heard our vision and designed something even better that what we planned.….An extension to our home that is so beautiful. The craftsmanship and quality were top notch. My deck and pergola look like art with how the boards were cut, edges were formed, and other small details that contributed to the design. Lon, Joe, and Marcus are awesome to partner with and created a positive experience from beginning to end. Daily communication, progress updates, answers to all our questions, friendly and kind are just a handful of attributes that contributed to their professional service. We will definitely use them again for additional work and would highly recommend their services. High quality decking and a A+ team! 

-Linda Bowers

 Deck Building Material For Houston Homeowners

Not All Wood Decks in Houston, TX Are Created Equal

Wood is still the king of deck building material for Houston decking materials due to its economy and strength. However, there are three categories of lumber we offer – pressure treated, western red cedar, and tropical hardwoods. Let’s look at the differences to help you narrow down your choice.


Pressure Treated Custom Wood Decks

This material is the best deck building material for Houston homeowners who want the most economical option. We use southern yellow, which is a softwood that is strong and dense and has the ability to hold screws better than typical pine. Another advantage pressure-treated lumber has over pine is that it’s less liable to split, warp, or crack at its been kiln dried to remove the access moisture.

While this is a great material for deck building in Houston’s subtropical climate, it does not have the staying power of cedar or tropical hardwood. If you choose pressure-treated lumber for your wood deck in Houston, TX, you will need to pressure wash it annually and use a stain and sealer every 3 to 5 years to provide a weatherproof barrier. With regular staining, pressure-treated wood also has a superior ability to maintain its color rather than fade to grey as it ages.


Cedar Custom Wood Decks

For those who consider themselves purists, you might opt for western softwoods like cedar or redwood. Cedar is stronger, and this specie of lumber is prized for its natural beauty and rich color as it contains oils and tannins that naturally resist decay and voracious insects and aren’t filled will chemicals or preservatives. If you prefer cedar, the four best grades that are capable of naturally keeping its shape better are architect clear, custom clear, architect knotty, and custom knotty, listed here from most expensive to least expensive. The drawback to cedar is they are more susceptible to cosmetic damages such as dents and scratches. Most cedar decks we built in Houston 20 years ago still look flawless, whereas pressure-treated wood decks begin to show signs of wear and tear within ten years.


Tropical Hardwood

The luxury in material for deck building in Houston is exotic or tropical hardwood, including IPE, Brazilian hardwood, and tiger wood decking, just to name a few. These rich-grained woods are naturally resistant to wood boring insects and rot and have a class A fire rating for being fire resistant. But aside from the practical benefits, these wood decks in Houston, TX, are the ultimate in strength and beauty. This is also the best choice for commercial projects, such as high-traffic, large-scale beach piers or boardwalks, or even public benches.

Let Us Help You Choose The Best Deck Building Material

As you can see, choosing the best wood for decks is not as simple as you may think. That’s where our deck builders in Houston can help. We understand our climate and have over 20 years of experience constructing, repairing, and maintaining wood decks in Houston, TX. Plus, when you rely on our deck builders, you have the satisfaction of knowing should problems arise, they are covered with our long-term warranty, so any repairs are out of our pocket, not yours. Call us today and let us make your visons of being a Houston deck owner a reality.

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