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Katy Fence Repairs

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Katy Fence Repairs, Large or Small

Are you looking for a reliable Katy fence company for repairs? We’re glad you stopped by! At Emerson Home Enhancements we are committed to providing top-notch service throughout the greater Houston area We are a team of professionals passionate about customer service. From your first phone call to project completion, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Our customers enjoy:

  • Quick turnarounds

  • No-surprise pricing

  • Quality workmanship

  • No mess left behind

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Fence Repairs

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Common Reasons Katy Needs Fence Repairs

fence repairs Katy-wood
fence repairs Katy

Regardless if our Katy fence company installed your fence or not, we can help! We can resolve almost any issue regardless of your fencing material without having to replace your current fence. Most Katy fence companies suggest you to replace your fence once 25% or more of you fence needs repairs. This is where we differ, as long as the post are sturdy and secure, we’ll be able to save you the money and hassle. However, we don’t recommend delaying your Katy fence repairs as this can intensify the problem. The best time to call us for your fence repairs is when you notice there is damage. This can be the difference between spending a few bucks and having to spend thousands!

Wood Fence Repairs


While wood is the most common material used, wood requires routine maintenance. Our weather can take a real toll on wood especially if you did not add a protective wood sealant every 3 to 5 years. The leading cause for Katy fence repair is replacing boards that have been rotted or eaten up by termites and other critters. The second reason for fence repairs is improper installation. Many Katy fence companies will simply toss a bag into the post hole and call it a day or add no concrete at all. When a post is weak the fence is susceptible to damage. Have you ever wondered why after a major storm some fences are standing tall while other homeowners in Katy need fence repairs? Now you know!  No worries from board to post to panels our Katy fence repair pros are standing by to help you!


Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

If you have a wrought iron fence needing repairs because its showing signs of wear and tear or maybe, you purchased a home and acquired an older wrought iron fence, you may winder can it be fixed? Yes, our iron workers can get return your fence back to good as new conditions. From removing rust to replacing damaged caused by corrosion or weather, give us a call for a free estimate.

Chain Link Fence Repairs

If your chain link fence needs repairs due to old age, accidents such as a tree branch falling on your property or any other issue we can help. We offer chain link fence repairs for residential and commercial properties. We can cut out and replace bent rails or post, and reattach your chain link fence to keep your property safe.

Vinyl Fence Repairs


While most vinyl fences don’t need to be fixed the way a wooden fence does if you hired another Katy fence company that did not install it correctly or an accidents occurred that left a puncture hole you may need to hire a Katy fence repairs, that's where we come in. We have the skillset to restore your fence without compromising  its structural integrity. 

​Metal Fence Repairs

Metal fences have a long standing reputation for being low maintenance but if your metal fence needs to be fixed for any reason such as shifting of soil or rust it can be done. We strongly suggest you reach out to us as soon as possible  because procrastinating can lead to more significant damages. 

Katy Emergency Fence Repairs 

before fence repairs Katy.jpg
after fence repairs Katy

Did a recent storm knocks down your fence that left your fence leaning or knocked over jeopardizing your safety and peace of mind? If you need same day or next day fence repairs then look no further, we can help. We understand how important a fence is for your protection especially if you have pets or children. Our Katy fence company offers same day and next day service appointments. In some instances, we can do fence repairs on the spot unless digging is required. Should this be the case we will take the time to brace the section that fell down until the utility companies have marked the underground wires and deemed it safe for us to proceed. Once the ground is marked we will return promptly to get you taken care of. 

What we change for fence repairs in Katy?

 Our Katy fence company does not have a minimum requirement because no job is too large or small for our crew. Our prices are based according to the material and linear footage of the damages. Fence repairs are always more affordable then installing a new fence so unless you continue to have issues, we wont recommend replacing it. The best way to determine the cost of your fence repairs is to schedule a time to meet with us onsite. We will give you a fair assessment and upfront price to get the job done. When you work with our Katy fence repair company you wont be charged or pressured by a salesman. However, due to our insurance we do require a homeowner be present. 

Why Emerson For Your Katy Fence Repairs?


Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements is your one-stop shop for any fence construction in the greater Houston area. Our local and family-owned business has the knowledge and experience to handle any size of project. We offer both residential and commercial services . You can rely on our crew to offer you timely and tidy service. 

Fence Repair Reviews from Your
Neighbors in Katy

I was very pleased with my fence repairs. I appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done and they did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the repairs were being done to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accommodating


Bree G. Katy

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