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Fence Repairs Houston

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Affordable Fence Repairs in Houston

Providing Residential and Commercial Fence Repairs to Houston and the surrounding area.


Whether you have a wooden fence, a wrought iron fence, or a chain link fence, our fence repair services in Houston can get you taken care of. With more than two decades of experience, we know how to identify and fix just about any problem that could arise, no matter how bleak the situation may appear. Before you decide to toss out your old fence and spend thousands of dollars on installing a new fence, call us to get a second opinion, and we will provide you with an honest recommendation.

When you work with Emerson for your fence repairs in Houston, Katy, or Sugar Land, we charge no minimum, so rather it’s a small and simple fix or a major overhaul, we’ve got you covered.

In addition to offering fence repairs in Houston, we also offer maintenance services, including pressure washing and weatherproofing your fence with stain and seal to help prevent larger and more costly fence repairs from occurring.

Signs You Need Fence Repairs


Some people may automatically think about giving the surface a simple pressure wash or staining treatment when it comes to fence repair. Although these regular maintenance tasks can help prolong your fence's beauty and longevity, they are not typically thought of as actual repair jobs. These are the most common fence repairs we do in Houston that if left unattended can lead to structural damages or larger and more extensive repairs: 


Wood Fence Repairs

  • signs of mold and dry rot, such as wood that gives when you press on it

  • Fence posts that lean or bend to one side.

  • Cracks at the bottom of the posts.

  • Fences that have missing boards or nails that are starting to come loose.

  • Signs of termites or other wood-boring insects cause the wood to swell or have a foul odor or any visible termite mazes.


Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

  • Rust

  • Loose, disconnected, or broken connections.

  • Bolts are broken or rusted off in the brackets.


Chain Link Fence Repairs

  • Bent fence rail

  • Large holes

  • Rust

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Let Our Customers Tell You About Us...

Very positive experience, Lon was a great communicator and was easy to work with. This wasn't a big job, it was only a fence repair of approx. 50', but he was so responsive and easy to work with, we'd definitely use Lon and his team again. Thanks Lon!

- Michel & Dennis Hendon

Emergency Fence Repairs in Houston 

When a recent storm knocks down a fence that is meant to keep your property safe and your dog safely in the yard, it can often be more than just a minor inconvenience. In such instances, we offer emergency fence repairs when digging is not required. Some of the emergency fence repairs we provide Houston area residents include:


  • Fixing broken slats or fence panels

  • Leaning section of fence

  • Gate hinges or latches that won’t close

  • Sagging top runners


In the event your fence is not able to be repaired, our Houston crew also offers affordable installation. If your fence is leaning or leaving your backyard unsecure give us a call and we will get to your location as quickly as possible to provide you with a quote. If emergency fence repairs are needed that require us to call 811 before digging we will brace your fence until the underground wires have been marked to prevent damages. Generally, it takes 2 to 4 days for the utility companies to mark where it is safest to dig the post holes. Once your yard is marked, we will arrive the next day to get your fence repairs handled quickly and efficiently.

For Same Day & Next Day Fence Repairs Call 281-545-7740 

Understanding Common Fence Repairs in Houston

At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, our fence repair specialist offers a quick turnaround time because we know how important your fence is to protect your backyard, especially if you have outside pets. This is why we offer same-day and next-day emergency fence repairs in Houston and the surrounding area.


Here is a list of fences we repair and install:


  • Wood Fence Repairs

  • Chain Link Fence Repairs

  • Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

  • Aluminum Fence Repairs

  • Vinyl Fences Repairs


Let our team get your fence back to the way it was prior to the damages that occurred or find you the idea fence replacement that works best for your home and budget.


Wood Fence Repairs In Houston

While we love the natural look of wood, and it is the preferred material for most homeowner associations in Harris County, it also requires the most maintenance. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t think much about their fence until it needs repairs. It’s not uncommon for fence repairs after Houston has a severe or tropical storm. Some of the most common fence repairs in Houston with wooden fences include:


  • Wood rot to post and pickets

  • Termite infestation

  • warped, cracked, or missing pickets or boards

  • Mold

  • Nails that are rusty, loose, or need replacing

  • Sagging or leaning panels


Chain Link Fence Repairs In Houston

One of the toughest materials is chain link, and this is why it’s our top seller for commercial properties across Harris and Fort Bend County, but even as durable as chain link is, some storms can be brutal. Some chain link fence repairs work requests we receive is the result of:


  • Fallen debris or tree limbs

  • Sagging or leaning post

  • Curled sections

  • Bent top rails


If you need chain link fence repairs in Houston, give us a call, we will restore your property quickly and effectively for an affordable price, and if we can repair your fence, we will offer you a fair price to replace it.


Wrought Iron Fence Repairs in Houston


The largest issue with a wrought iron fence needing repair in Houston is due to rust from our rainy season and record-level humidity. Moisture is a chief culprit for rust. The skills required to perform functional and eye-pleasing rust repair are difficult to master, but the welders at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements Welding have the experience to get your wrought iron fence repaired so long as there is sufficient room to weld the replacement metal. Our fence repair pros in Houston offer both residential and commercial wrought iron repairs. Other wrought iron fence repairs we offer include:


  • Paint and powder coating

  • Straightening or replacing damaged sections

  • Replacing post

Aluminum Fence Repairs in Houston

Generally, this material is not susceptible to needing fence repairs except under normal wear and tear conditions. However, if you have lived in the Houston area long enough, then you know we also suffer from severe weather, and your fence doesn’t have much protection. With our weather, the ground can shift and lead to unexpected damage. Some of the aluminum fences repairs we offer Houstonians include:


  • Replace or repair fence rails

  • Missing or twisted rails

  • Sag or Deterioration


Vinyl Fence Repairs in Houston

Vinyl fencing is an attractive and low-maintenance solution for residences and commercial properties alike, as it is resistant to many of the common fence repairs other materials have caused by insect and weather damage. However, vinyl has also been known to expand and contract as temperatures fluctuate, which can make the material more brittle over time, leading to some of the following fence repairs:


  • Leaning or slanting panels or post

  • Puncture holes

  • Mold



Wood and Iron Driveway Gate Repair Services

In addition, to offering fence repairs for Houston homeowners and commercial real estate, we also offer driveway gate repairs. One of the most frequent calls we receive is because gates sag or they are not properly latching. Our team can handle any size of the project, large and small, from hinge and hardware issues to trimming off sections of your gate to prevent it from scraping the ground, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements can handle size of fence repair you need in Houston so give us a call. When you call us, we will schedule a time that’s most convenient for you and will come out free of charge to provide you with a fair and upfront price while arming you with the knowledge you need to make the right decision about rather its worth repairing your fence or installing a new one, and if you do need a new fence, we got you covered.

Let’s work together to get your fence repaired in Houston, so it’s safe for your family and pets the way it once was before the damages occurred.

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