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Fence Repairs in Houston & Katy

We are proud to offer same-day and next-day fence repairs to Houston and Katy homeowners and business owners with no minimum service fees. Contact our reliable and insured crew today!



If you are looking for a reputable and reliable fence repair company in Houston, Katy, or the surrounding area, you have come to the right place. At Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, we have been repairing, installing, and maintaining fences for over 20 years.

Our family-owned and operated business is happy to provide you with a free inspection for your wooden, iron, aluminum, chain link, vinyl, or composite fence. When we assess your fence, we will discuss with you what needs to be done to restore its structural integrity to keep your property, family, and pets safe and secure.

Most fences can be fixed if the problem is resolved quickly, but in other cases, it may be best to have a new fence installed; either way, we can help you and discuss the best course of action to take. Then we will provide you with a fair and upfront price that’s good for 30 days. If you are ready to schedule your free inspection, then call us today at (281) 545-7740

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When To Call For Fence Repair in Houston

How do you know when it’s time to call us? Here are some of the warning signs to look for:


Wooden Fence Repairs: One of our most requested fence repairs in Houston is wood; this is for two reasons; The first reason is that most HOA requires homeowners in their association to install this type of material, and the second reason is the acts that occur by Mother Nature.

In our area, we endure months of rain, blistering sun, and high humidity that cause some types of wood to splinter, crack, warp, and decay. Our subtropical climate also attracts a variety of insects that attack and destroy lumber. All these challenges, put together, lead to wood fence repairs in Houston.  If this is the case, It’s important for you to call as soon as you spot an issue, as putting off wood fence repairs can lead to larger and more costly damages, such as needing to have your fence torn down and replaced sooner rather than later. Most wooden fences have a life expectancy of 20 years when they are properly maintained.

Wood Fence Repairs

  • Replacing boards and posts due to decay.

  • Reinforcing wooden slats or sections

  • Rusted nails or nails popping out.

  • Old age or using untreated pine.



Wrought Iron: While there are no guarantees on average, an iron fence should last centuries when properly maintained. However, some common issues you will want to fix to ensure it last forever include:

  • Rust

  • Loose, disconnected, or broken connections.

  • Bolts are broken or rusted off in the brackets.


 Chain Link: On average, you can expect your chain link fence to last about 15 years without the links being galvanized or coated. The good news is that if your chain link fence is damaged, it can be fixed, saving you the time and expense of investing in an entirely new solution. Here are a few common things we can help you with:


  • Bent, Curling, and Misshapen fence rail.

  • Large holes

  • Rust and corrosion

  • Damaged coating

  • Material that’s become disconnected.

  • Uprooted or unsecured post


Aluminum: A quality aluminum fence will last several decades because, unlike iron, it doesn’t rust; unlike lumber, this material doesn’t warp, rot, crack, or split. However, no material is perfect. The biggest issues with aluminum fences would be storm damage and common wear and tear. Here are the services we have to offer:

  • Post that has shifted or bent.

  • Sagging sections

  • Sticky gates


Vinyl: Another long-term material that doesn’t have many issues is vinyl fencing as long as you choose your fence from one of the top manufacturers, such as Imagine. When we get requests to repair these fences, it’s generally because the installer used cheap vinyl that’s thin and more susceptible to dents and damages. The same holds true for composite; this is why we recommend using Trex.

Driveway & Fence Gates: Besides offering fence repairs in Houston, we also fix sagging gates and those shutting improperly or hardware that needs replacing. Our team does not have a minimum fee, so regardless of the size of your project, we were happy to lend a helping hand.


Is it better to replace or repair your wood fence?


Installing a new fence will cost more, and this is why most of us would rather have a wood fence repaired than think about the hassle of having a new one. But sometimes, installing a new wood fence makes more sense than repairing your old one, and here is why.

Age: Once a wooden fence is over 15 years old, it’s past its prime, and it’s time to consider replacing it sooner rather than later.

The frequency of repairs: If your wooden fence is being repaired more and more frequently just to keep your yard secured, you’re better off replacing it with a more structurally sound fence.

Cost of fence repairs vs. installation: Most Houston fence companies agree that if your existing fence is older and you’re looking at having to replace more than 20% of the fence panels or pickets, it's time to replace the entire fence, as it makes more economic sense.

If you’re unsure if you should replace or fix your fence, need an expert’s opinion about what you should do, or have questions about either one, call the pros at Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements today for a free consultation.

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Ways To Avoid Fence Repairs in Houston

  • Select a material that is less prone to damage.

  • Stain and seal your wooden fence every 3 to 5 years.

  • Have an annual fence inspection conducted or walk the perimeter and look for warning signs such as discoloration, wood rot, broken or missing boards, splintering, twisted rails, or holes.

  • Let your fence stand on its own by facing your sprinklers away; prune back tree branches to avoid overhanging branches; plant any flowers or bushes away from the fence line and allow vines to grow on trellises.

  • Prolonging service, when you discover there is an issue, it’s important you have it dealt with right away rather than putting it off, as this can lead to more extensive damages.

  • Choose a reputable fence company in Houston, like Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, to install your fences.

Reduce the build-up of dirt and debris on your fence with our pressure

washing services. Schedule your annual cleaning today with our cleaning crew!

Emergency Fence Repairs - Houston

Did a recent storm leave your yard compromised due to your fence blowing over? No worries: we are here to repair your fence as quickly as possible to keep your property safe and confine your pets if you are located within our service area.  We offer same-day and next-day fence repairs in Houston, Katy, and the surrounding area. In some cases, we will be required to contact 811 before digging; if this is the case, we will brace the fence until utility lines can be marked and it’s safe for us to dig. For same-day service, you will need to call us before 12:00; any time after noon, we will get to you the following day. Please submit your requests by texting or calling (281) 545-7740.



Our Three Step Process



There are three simple ways for you to contact us to schedule a free estimate for your fence repairs in Houston- via phone at (281) 545-7740, starting a chat, or completing our contact form; when you complete the form, the more information you provide the better we can assist you. Please include your name, email, phone, address, and any project information you have collected from your HOA or another fence repair pro in Houston, such as linear footage, material description, and damages. All of this information is very helpful if you need same-day or next-day services but is unnecessary if we provide you with an onsite estimate.


On the day of your scheduled appointment, we will give you a courtesy call to let you know we are on our way. During your free evaluation, we will take measurements and look at the structural integrity of your post and boards. Unlike some Houston fence companies, we do not follow the general rule of thumb “If 20% of your fence needs to be fixed, then you should replace your fence” Instead, we offer our recommendations for how to get your fence back to its most stable and secure condition.  Then we will give you an upfront price that’s good for 30 days. Once you book your services, we will let you know how long the project will take and secure your date with a 50% deposit payable by check or credit card.  


Once your yard has been marked by 811, we will arrive on time and promptly get to work, causing little to no disruption to your normal routine; as long as there is access to your property, no one is required to be home. We will update you on the progress of your repairs and tidy up the job site before leaving for the day. After our work is finished, we can walk the property to inspect your fence with you and answer any questions you have. Depending on the size of your project, we may also provide you with our five-year craftsmanship guarantee, ensuring that if any further repairs are needed due to the quality of our work, they are covered at our expense instead of yours.  Furthermore, if you decide to replace your fence within a year, we will take $100.00 off the installation cost.


Don’t leave your property unsecured with a fence that’s not up to par. Call Emerson your local fence repair pros in Katy, Houston, or the surrounding area at (281) 545-7740



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