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Owning a swimming pool is a great way to enjoy summertime in Katy, TX.  A swimming pool is great for a poolside birthday or Texas BBQ get-togethers. Swimming pools have a way of bringing people together and creating lasting memories but to make sure all your pool memories are good ones and to comply with Fort Bend County ordinance all pools and spas must be completely surrounded by a code-approved pool barrier to protect against accidents such as drowning and near-drowning experiences. The safety pool barrier for your inground pool is a pool fence. Emerson Home Enhancements has the knowledge, skillset, and experience necessary to build your pool fence. We serve Katy Tx and the greater Houston area.  

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The project involves installing an aluminum gate to my fence. Lon took the effort to find the original fence maker and built me a gate that matched perfectly in style at a reasonable cost. The process took two weeks and he kept me informed of the progress every few days. Very Satisfies

JERRY - Sugar Land TX

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Why Katy Homeowners Need A Pool Fence?

The reason TX created a law requiring a pool fence or barrier is drowning is the 2nd leading cause of death for children under the age of 14 years. Accidental drowning also accounts for 81% of deaths for children ages 14 and under who have been diagnosed with autism. Our pool fences will ensure no parent has to suffer through this nightmare as there is no way to enter your pool except through the designated gate. Both wrought iron and vinyl pool fences have gates that are self-closing with a self-latching mechanism. In addition, many Katy homeowners insurance policies have ‘pool addendums’ that require a pool fence if you have children under a certain age. You can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of your family, pets, and loved ones who can not swim.    


We build pool fences for in-ground and above-ground pools. Let us help you keep safe this summer!

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Types of Pool Fences We Offer


Our qualified pool fence installers provide residential pool fences in Katy TX and across Fort Bend County. Our fences are designed to be long-lasting and enhance your inground pool. We work with a wide selection of fence materials including wrought iron, aluminum, and PVC vinyl fences to compliment the look and taste of your home while adhering to your budget.  


Residential Aluminum

Pool Fences

These pool fences are exceptionally durable with anti-rusting properties, if you are looking for an affordable, simple fence then aluminum pool fencing is a great option. However, when we install aluminum fences, they are relatively easy for a child to climb so we recommend that you use aluminum poles to suspend a durable mesh fence. 


Aluminum Pool Benefits

Versatile Aesthetics: These pool fences are extremely flexible with distinctive lines, pressing, and curvatures for an amazing, finished appearance. Our aluminum pool fence also comes in many colors and textured finishes to complement your home.


Affordable: Aluminum pool fences are a cost-effective alternative to wrought iron and steel fences which makes owning a swimming pool a little more affordable. Not only are aluminum fences economical to install but can withstand Katy inclement weather such as hail making them easier to maintain.


Creates a Safety Barrier: An aluminum fence is a protective barrier not only for wandering children but protects the pool area from slip and fall accidents that a homeowner may be held liable for creating a durable safety barrier that helps prevent homeowners from being held liable for injuries to others who intentionally climb over the fence barrier.


Inground or Above Ground Vinyl Pool Fences

Another common pool fence in Fort Bend is vinyl or PVC fences, we recommend you choose a solid slate as opposed to spaced pickets to ensure no little one can crawl through the fence. The advantages to a vinyl pool fence are these fences are durable, low maintenance, and provide adequate privacy while also allowing you to look out for your little ones. Almost all vinyl fences are white, but we do offer other color choices such as tan and black. The downside to a vinyl pool fence is they are susceptible to mold, so we recommend having us come out once a year to pressure wash your fence to ensure it looks great year-round.

PVC Vinyl Pool Fences

Low Upkeep: PVC Vinyl fences are a great pool fence because they only need to be rinsed off and will not rust. These fences also are designed to last a lifetime and while they are most costly upfront them some other options such as a wood fence you will not have to worry about repairs or replacing the fence every decade. Homeowners.

Appealing: Why a pool fence is meant to keep your kids safe from the pool appearance is still a concern for most pool owners. PVC Vinyl fences come in classic colors such as white, tan, and gray that will coordinate with any style or color of home in Fort Bend.  In addition, you can also dress up the fence with post caps or simulated wood grain.

Residential or Commercial Wrought Iron

Pool Fence


Relax this summer knowing your wandering kids are safer from the pool with a wrought iron fence. While most of our Katy customers prefer aluminum, wrought iron is another fencing material you may wish to consider for your residential pool. Our wrought iron pool fences are the strongest type of fence for pool safety and protection while also being decorative to compliment your backyard oasis. However, beauty is not the only benefit of having a wrought iron fence. Iron fences also provide privacy and security depending on the design you choose. Most wrought-iron fences are not easy to climb so they are safe pool barriers when the wrought-iron posts are close together. In addition, wrought iron fences are easy to maintain compared to vinyl or wood fences that need to be painted more often. Wrought iron is also resistant to extreme weather meaning few repairs for your pool fence.  Should a small section of wrought iron be broken or bet simple call and we will repair it without needing to replace the entire fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Benefits



Durability: Iron is a strong material that is made to last, and these fences do not require constant upkeep or frequent replacing which is why we offer a standard ten-year warranty. Our fences are PVC coated so they are resistant to pool chemicals, moisture, and corrosion.


Elegant: Iron fences can add a touch of class and elegance to your backyard oasis as the look of wrought iron is a great way to make any pool look beautiful for your friend and family pool parties.  

Safety: Iron fences will keep unwanted guests out of your pool including pets and unattended children. Iron is a solid fence that is both safe and comfortable for your inground swimming pool.  

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