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Wrought Iron Fence Repairs  

Iron and Wooden Fence Repairs in Missouri City, TX

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Emerson Home Enhancements specialize in repairing wrought iron fencing and wooden fence. Has your fence has seen better days? We can help restore it to look good as new for the fraction of the cost replacing your fence would cost. We can myriad of issues including rot r rust, staining, or repainting, and replacing the hardware on your fence so that your gate latches correctly. If your fence is starting to rust or rot, is not latching correctly due to worn-out hardware contact our team for a no-cost bid for residential and commercial properties in the Fort Bend area.

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Looking for wrought iron repairs in Missouri City, TX? You've found us! Not only do we repair wrought iron fences but also wood,  aluminum, and chain link for residents and businesses throughout Fort Bend County. 

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Wrought Iron Fence Repairs in Missouri City  

Across Missouri City, is a plentitude of beautiful homes protected by strong and beautiful wrought iron fences, and while repairs are not easy our experienced team has the wherewithal to make your wrought iron fence look new again by repairing or repainting your ornamental iron fence. If your iron fence has damaged sections or happens to break, it's possible to fix the issue without having a brand-new fence installed. Some of the most common issues we deal with across Missouri City is detached rails, rust, and post that has fallen out from years of overuse. In some cases, if the iron fence has a lot of linear footage that is warped or rusted it may need to be replaced but why not call us to find out first! If your fence does need to be replaced in addition to repairs, we also offer wrought iron fence installation across Fort Bend County.



Wooden Fence Repairs in Sugar Land

Repairing different parts of a wooden fence can sometimes be challenging, if you need repairs anywhere in Missouri City or across Fort Bend for your cedar or pressure treated fence, we have the skills, tools, and knowledge to effectively mend your fence.

Link Fence Repair in Missouri City, TX. 

Do you need your commercial chain link fence fixed to protect your tools and work truck? We offer free assessments to determine the extent of the damage to your chain link fence and then offer you a free quote to repair it. If your chain link needs sections replaced because they have been damaged, we can cut the damaged section off and replace it at an affordable price


Aluminum Fence Repair

An aluminum fence can take a real pounding, but it can still suffer damages from age and weathering. While we're never ready for unexpected fence damages if you find your aluminum, fence dinged, or beaten up and need repairs, we can help repair your aluminum fence or driveway gate.

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When you need an iron or wooden fence, you should insist on receiving only the best materials and workmanship available, that is what Emerson Home Enhancements has always guaranteed to provide our Missouri City customers and we will do so at the best rate possible. Over the last two decades, we have provided a wide range of fence repairs from wooden fences to wrought iron, aluminum, chain link, and vinyl. We started our business doing fence repairs and have flourished to offer fence installation and custom fence and driveway gates because we are the experts at what we do. We only provide our customers the best and this includes a fence that is a guarantee to stand the test of time and whatever the Missouri City, TX weather can throw at them. We assure you we will be here before, during, and after your fence project is complete!  Give us a call today to discuss your fencing needs or to schedule your wooden and wrought iron fence repairs.

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Very happy with the fence repairs done o my iron fence, thought I was going to have to replace it but Lon took care of it. Thanks EHE Homes! 


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