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Fulshear  Fence Installation & Repairs

Dependable Fulshear Fence Company

Work with the most trusted fence company in Fulshear or Fort Bend County for your fence installation or repairs  —Call for a free fence evaluation and quote at 281-5455-7740

Drive through the beautiful neighborhoods of Fulshear and you will see some fences remaining after the storm and others that are not. What’s the difference? It’s often found in the Fulshear fence company who was hired to install it. While all fences may look the same the way they are built can be the difference between a fence that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throw our way and a fallen fence. If you want a fence that is built to last for decades and has both beauty and affordability look no further than Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements. We offer a variety of styles and designs that will compliment any home and personal preference. For a complimentary fence evaluation and estimate for fence installation or repairs call 281-545-7740.

Just read what your neighbors have to say about us. We are Fulshear top choice for ornamental metal and wood fence installation. 

Fulshear Fence Installation Services


Our fence contractors offer top of the line materials and craftmanship in the following building materials.


Wood Fences: There are three types of wood fences we have to offer- cedar, pressure treated and pine. All pf our wood fences are secured using screws, a top, middle, and bottom brace, and the post are sunk in sufficient concrete making your fence able to withstand the sweltering heat, high humidity, and stormy days that plague our area.


Chain Link: A transparent but secure wire fence that can keep trespassers off your residential and commercial property without sacrificing the visual appearance of your property.


Weatherproof Aluminum Fences: Want a fence that can take a pounding without decaying or rusting. This may be the fence for you. We are pleased to offer

ActiveYards Aluminum fences a leading fence manufacture for over forty years.

Vinyl Fences: Fade resistant PVC Vinyl fences are a great option for their low maintenance and durability. Generally, a once-a-year cleaning is all that is required if the fence starts to become dull looking or has mold spores and with age you will not have to worry about them cracking or splitting.

Security Fences: Whether for a home or commercial property we know how important a privacy fence having is and we have a solution that is right for you and your wallet. Our most popular privacy fence installation in Fulshear is a board-on-board cedar fence that can prevent others from peaking in and drowns out the noise.  

Ornamental Steel Fence: We offer a variety of ornamental steel fences to add character to any property so whether you want a modern or more traditional appearance we have you covered.

Pool Fences: Thinking of having a pool added to your backyard for some summertime fun, contact us to cover your pool fence in accordance with TX state law.

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Ornamental Iron Installation

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Fulshear Fence Reviews 

I was very pleased with my gate they installed. I also appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done. They did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the gate was being installed to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accomidating

Bre G. Katy

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What You Should Know About Fulshear Fence Installation Requirement

 In a suburb as beautiful as Fulshear to keep up properties appearance fence requirements are important. We adhere to all Fulshear stringent fence installation including: 
Fences no taller than three (3) feet in the front of any residential home and are only semi privacy and no chain link or wire fences. 
Obtaining permits for any eight (8) foot tall fences
If the property has a drainage ditch the semi privacy fence must be no taller than three (3) feet with an access gate. 
For fences around utility substations, we install wrought iron fences and obtain appropriate permits. 

These guidelines are just an example of the requirements for your convince. In addition to these requirements many areas such as Weston Lakes have HOA guidelines that their residents must also follow, and they can generally be located on your HOA website. However, if you do not have the time and energy to keep up with all the guidelines are staff would be happy to help look up your Fulshear neighborhoods fence installation rules. 

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Fence Repairs and Maintenance

Most of the homeowners we work with in Fort Bend County choose a wood fence but to be quite frank our environment can be harsh on them due to excessive rain, high humidity, and sultry summer days, this is why we recommend doing fence sealing to preserve the wood even longer and not delaying fence repairs. Some of the common fence repairs we offer for wood and ornamental steel fences include:


  • Post that has shifted or become uprooted

  • Loose fence rails

  • Bent or twisted alumni fence repairs

  • Stainless steel fence that has corroded or rusted

  • Wood Rot

  • Warped, Cracked, Damaged or Missing Pickets


If your fence is damaged after a recent storm or due to old age give us a call and we will repair or restore its structural integrity.

Fulshear Fence Cost

Depending on the type of fence materials you choose the style and accessories you add, and the linear footage of your fence will determine the cost but on average you can anticipate spending $22.00 a linear foot for pressure treated wood fence and $26.00 to $28.00 for a cedar fence. This includes the materials, and labor.  If you choose to add a rot board its generally $3.00 a linear foot. For a steel fence or compost fence you can expect your Fulshear fence to cost between $15.00 to $75.00 per linear foot with wrought iron and compost fences being the costliest of all  materials we offer.  

Contact Your Professional Fulshear Fence Company 

At the end of the day replacing or installing a fence is a major decision but just as important as the materials you choose is the Fulshear fence company you hire. When you work with our fencing contractors you can rest easy knowing your fence is in the best hands possible. We will ensure your fence installation is a seamless process, that we follow all Fulshear city and HOA guidelines, that we secure your investment with an extended warranty and that we will leave your property unharmed while working in your yard. If you are interested in learning more about us or the fence options, we have to offer contact us for a free fence evaluation and a price you can agree too.

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