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Wooden Fences Guide For Katy Homeowners

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

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Southern Yellow Pine Fence

There are several types of fences used by homeowners to choose, when selecting a fence, the first factor you must consider is the weather. Wooden fences are a very popular choice but because wood does not do well with heat and moisture, they require a lot more maintenance. Wooden fences are susceptible to decay or rot and can be easily damaged in our harsh sub tropical climate . It’s not uncommon for our winds to get strong enough that an older fence will lose a few sections and during out hot, humid summers the wood expand from moisture and warm air. As the air dries and cools, wood dries and shrinks. A fence is only as good as the wood comprising it and not all wood is created equal, the best wood for your fence depends on the characteristics you are interested in such as rot resistance, durability, budget, and beauty.

Southern Pine Wood Fence Houston

Southern yellow pine is the easiest construction wood to find and one of the least expensive options for a quality pine fence. Some manufactures of pine fences will provide a warranty against decay and insect damages. Bugs, fungi, and wood rot which is caused by our climate are the chief enemies to wood. While there is no guarantee that southern wood will not shrink or warp if you are going to choose Southern pine for your wooden fence make sure the wood has been kiln dried which will drastically reduce both because the wood once cut down is dried inside of a chamber so the temperature can be controlled, and air can circulate without any drying defects. While southern yellow is treated, and kiln dried eventually over years it will rot in the concrete, but it won’t happen anytime in the near future This wood does not disappoint and when the fence is built right it will last about 15 years so long as you apply a wood sealer that makes your fence almost water proof and do periodical fence repairs at the onset.

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Western Red Cedar Fence in Houston

Western Red Cedar Wooden Fences

Another standard wood fence option in Katy is western red cedar. This wood can take extreme heat and

rain. When wood is exposed to moisture and then dries, it expands and contracts to zap the strength of most wood grains, but the western red cedar is resilient. Its natural resins in the wood help repel mildew and insects. If maintained, your fence can last up to twenty years. The best way to extend the life of your cedar wood fence is to add a rot board to the bottom so that the wooden wall cannot contact the soil around it. You also want to periodically walk the perimeter of your yard and check that the fence Is secured. If the fence needs to be repaired, call your local Katy fence company Emerson’s Exterior Home Enhancements. Not only do we offer fence installation and fence repairs in Katy, but we also offer power washing for your fence and wood sealing, painting, and staining to keep your fence long-standing and durable.

Maintain Your Wooden Fence-Houston & Katy

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The difference staining a fence makes

First, you want to know two types of rots affect wooden fence; the first is wet rot which occurs when your wooden fences come in contact with

moisture due to rainfall or lawn sprinklers; as your fence succumbs to wet rot, it can become soft and crack. Fungal growth may appear, and the wood may develop an odor. In addition to noticing a musty, damp smell, you can also discover wet wood rot that feels spongy or areas of your fence that look dark. Now, if the fence is turning grey which occurs in a lot of pine wood fences here in the greater Houston area, this is from UV rays. Houston has two climates, hot and hotter- so when the sun shines down on the fence, the wood's outer layer turns grey, it can lose its entire aesthetic appeal when the fence becomes damp during Houston's rainy season, and it becomes moldy or develops mildew.

Wood Sealer

The good news is that most of these issues can be prolonged by staining and sealing the fence. The seal will help to preserve the fence, as will the kicker board also known as rot boards. The kicker board is simply secured to the bottom of the wooden fence with galvanized decking screws, which keeps the edges of the fence from sitting on the ground. You also want to make sure the sprinklers are zoned so that you’re watering the yard and not the fence to prevent weeds. Spray some weed killer around the edges of the fence, which will kill the weeds now. Depending on the length of your fence, it can be pretty expensive to spray weed killer as often as will be needed if your fence is 200 plus linear feet; in this case you can dig a small trench, add some landscaping fabric, fill it with gravel and then add pure white vinegar along the edges of your fence, The vinegar will absorb into the weeds, and they’ll die off. This may take more than one application. If you have a ranch-style fence in Katy for an acre or more of land that has weeds, you are going to need to do what is called flame-throwing this will boil the water out of the cellular service, you can even do this if the land is wet, but anytime you do so please be careful, follow the directions and use Red Dragon brand.

Dry Wood Rot

There is really no way to protect your wooden fence from dry rot. Dry rot occurs when the fence loses its natural tanning oil, giving your western red cedar a beautiful look. The oils with wind and sun will eventually fade, and your fence can become brittle and break easily. This is one reason choosing the suitable wood and having your fence installed by a quality Katy Fence Company is essential. A rule of thumb is you’re going to get what you pay for, so the cheapest upfront is going to be more costly when it comes to future fence repairs. Anytime you see rotted fence posts or boards replace them quickly. If rot is caused by fungus, then it’s imessentialo replace the wood to stop the spread from further destroying your fence.

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Don't Let Your Fence Look Like This Before Calling Our Katy, TX, Fence Company For Repairs

Katy Fence Repair You May Need To Do

  • Check your fence, do fence repairs such as replacing the broken boards,

  • Hammer in loose nails and tighten the screws.

  • Check each section to make sure its securely attached to the next one

  • If any section are leaning, make sure the post is seated firmly in the ground.

  • Replace post that are in poor condition, prior to digging call 811

  • Check your gate locks and gate hinges to make sure they are secured and line up properly.

  • Lubricate difficult latches with a few shots of WD40.

Also keep in mind pressure treated wood is not totally resistant to water intrusion so any steps you can take to minimize exposure will help prolong the life of your fence. Start by adjusting the sprinkler system so that it does not get the wood wet which can lead to rot and moss growth. Trim the bushes and vines so they do not hang on your fence. The vines many homeowners so enjoy crawling up their fence is a magnet for

Locking in moisture. Make sure the area around the fence has proper draining so water does not pool around the post. The soil at the base of each post should be firmly packed and slope away from the fence.

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Power Washing Wooden Deck

How To Power Wash Mold Off Your Fence?

You want to make sure if you spot mold, mildew, or algae on your fence that you wash it off as soon as possible or call a fence company in Katy who offers power washing or pressure washing so that it avoids fence repairs. While your power washing your fence make sure you also power wash your deck You also want to power wash your fence before you stain or seal the fence, so you are not locking in dirt and grime. Start by using at least 2000 psi but be careful not to damage the wood. Keep the nozzle 18 inches away from the fence and move the sprayer evenly over the fence. The best home solution is to use 3 quarts of hot water to 1 quart of bleach. Allow this mixture to sit for ten minutes on the fence surface before rinsing off. Do this in sections to keep the solution from drying. Every three years you will want to seal, stain, or paint the fence after power washing. Make sure the fence completely dries or reaches a moisture level below 12% usually within 24 to 48 hours then apply the product. Its best to seal the wood when it’s the coolest part of the day.

For more tips on wooden fences, fence repairs, and questions about how to properly maintain your wooden fence contact Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements at (281) 545-7740

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