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Wooden Fences Built To Last

Providing Western Red Cedar, Pressure Treated, and Southern Yellow Pine 

 Katy and Houston Area

Residential Wood Fences - Serving The Houston Area

One of the most popular choices for fences and gates within the Houston area is cedar and pressure treated wood fences due to affordability and its rustic look.


At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we started out in 1999 installing and repairing wood fences and offer several styles for you to choose from including:

  • Picket Fence

  • Board on Board Privacy Fence

  • Ranch Style Fence (Split Rail)

  • Shadow Box Fence


While our standard fences are built with 3 braces for extra support, we offer other styles to choose from and can accommodate any request. Whether you are looking to add a fence for privacy, security, or to replace a wooden fence in Houston due to weather or wear and tear we will work with you to design a fence that is as functional as it is beautiful. Our crew is trained and insured for your peace of mind.

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Board on Board

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Split Rail

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Shadow Box

$50.00 OFF

Cedar Fence  Installation 

First Time Customers


Awesome service- very friendly and flexible-looked at several other issues and fixed some on the spot-upfront pricing and no hassles-Emerson is A+++++ don't hesitate -glad to have found them on thumbtack-will be working with them again soon. 

Ruzben Thumbtack 3/12/21

What Makes Wood Fences The Top Choice For
Houston Homeowners

Affordable: If you need a fence that fits almost any budget then pressured treated wood fences are far more economical then wrought iron or compost – Trex fences. The average wooden fence in Houston when built correctly can last 25 years.

Adaptable Looks: Not all wood fences have to look alike unless that’s what you want, there are plenty of accessories colors, and styles to choose from that can make your wood fence match your Houston home and your personal taste.

 Durable: When you have our Katy fence company install your fence you have a 3-year warranty against any material or labor defect, but you can expect that as long as you do minor upkeep it will be 15 years before you need any major fence repairs.

Environmentally Friendly: We recommend in our climate to protect your new fence with a seal that will make it more durable and preserve the wood from swelling, warping, or insect damages. When its time for a new fence its safe to remove and replace. ​

HOA Preferred: Most every neighborhood association in Katy and throughout the Houston area prefer their resident to use wood. We will work with you to ensure that your fence meets all your HOA guideline’s.

 Increases Property Value: We believe fences should be as durable and functional as they are beautiful. In general when you invest in a cedar wood fence you gain a 50% return on your investment should you choose to sale your home but with a updated backyard courtesy of our Katy fence company why would you want to? let our team drastically improve your curb appeal and boost your property value.


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Aluminum Fence

Cedar Woode Fence 

Cedar Fences vs Pine Fence

One of the most important factors when choosing to have a fence installed or replaced is the material you choose to use as this will be one of the determining factors as to the lifespan of your fence.  Our Katy fence company will work with you if you are unsure of which fence will be better for your needs and budget. We always use pressure treated post because this type of wood works best when in soil and the same is true if you are having a board on board or what some customers refer to as a true privacy fence.


Southern Yellow Pine Fences – Starts at $22.50 a linear foot


Southern yellow pine also referred to as pressure-treated lumber is popular in Fort bend and Harris County because this wood is more economical than cedar. The southern yellow pine we use has been treated with chemicals and is Kiln dried to aid your pinewood fence from shrinkage and warping which is a common issue in our hot and humid climate. In addition, the chemicals used to treat this pinewood helps to prevent decay, insect damage, and fungus, something you won’t find with traditional pine wood. While the chemical process makes your pinewood fence sturdier, the average lifespan you can expect is 15 to 20 years. Around the fifteen-year mark, most homeowners will see noticeable changes in the fence such as rotting and splitting.  In addition to installing pine wood fences, we also offer fence repairs in Katy. If you notice boards are starting to rot or warp, we recommend repairing the fence as soon as possible so that you can get the full lifespan of your pinewood fence. While pressure-treated lumber is more durable than untreated pine wood fences neither type of fencing material has the lifespan that cedar provides.


Cedar Fences starts at $28.00 a linear foot



There are two options for constructing a cedar fence they are eastern red cedar and western red cedar. Most Fort Bend County homeowners choose western red cedar as this wood can take extreme heat and rain which Houston TX is notorious for. When wood is exposed to moisture the fence expands and contrasts zapping the strength from most wood grains, but western red cedar is unbelievably resilient because the trees that produce this lumber contain natural resins and tannin oil that preserves this cedar while also repelling mildew and insects. This type of protection is not available in pressure treated fences which makes cedar wood fences pricier for Houston homeowners but as they say “you get what you pay for” if you want a wood fence that offers a distinct look and provides the most durability a cedar wood fence is a right choice for your Katy property. When cedar wood fences are properly maintained these fences can last 30 to 40 years. The best way to maintain your cedar wood fence is to clean it once a year, seal the fence every 3 to 5 years and have fence repairs done right away. Emerson Home Enhancements does not only install wood fences, but we also offer wood sealing, power washing, and fence repairs in Houston, making our Katy fence company the most viable choice for your wooden fence.       



PVC Vinyl Fence

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Pressure Treated Pine

We Build Our Wood Fences in Houston Better!


While many Katy Fence companies choose to cut corners to move onto the next job that’s not our how we have managed to stay in business for over 20 years. We start the process by hand selecting each of the board or pickets that goes into the construction of the fence, and we custom cut the pickets on site. Each post hole is dug two feet deep, and we set the pressure treated post into a 50-pound bag of concrete per post. Once the post has set, we secure every board using screws do not nail. All fences come with a top middle and bottom brace and even without kicker boards they never sit on the soil.

Western Red Cedar

Wood Fences Features & Accessories

While most customers choose a picket fence in Houston as the leading Katy fence company, we offer options to customize your fence so that it can be truly one of a kind and meet all your needs. Some of these upgrades include:


Kicker Boards: The most requested upgrade our customers ask for is kicker boards, sometimes known as a rot board because some HOA acturally require them. We simply add pressure-treated boards to the bottom of your fence to avoid it from touching the ground. Pressure treated wood is the only type of wood we offer that can be in the ground without leading to problems from the outdoor weather elements such as rain, heat, and humidity. Adding kicker board will prevent the wood from splintering, warping, or cracking.


Cap & Trim: This is a decorative piece that also protects your post from rain and is designed to fit on top of the fence post. We offer natural shades as well as traditional white and black, green, and brown.


Lattice: If you’re a homeowner that relishes in the finer details then consider adding this upgrade to your fence that can be added for a visual impact to the top of the fence or along the bottom. It can also be added for more privacy


 Board on Board Fences​: The most common privacy fence is our board-on-board fences. When we construct your fence, we overlap the vertical pickets where every other board is attached to the opposite side of the fence rails, creating a gap in the fence. These board-on-board wood fences provide homeowners a stronger more durable fence. If security is an important feature in your fence, then board on board with a locked gate will provide you with maximum security.  We use pressure-treated posts that are set in holes packed with concrete, these posts will stay in place to survive the harshest weather Houston faces. Board on Board wood fences will allow your family and pets to enjoy their backyard without worrying about them wandering off or strangers invading your yard. In addition to board-on-board fences, we also offer decorative latticework to the top of your fence to create a more aesthetic appeal. Our decorative wood fences come with your choice of square and diamond patterns.


Horizontal Wood Fences​: Our horizontal fences are constructed of fence posts and horizontally oriented fence boards. We do not use a stringer and our posts are spaced 6 feet apart to prevent your fence from sagging, which is a common feature in all of our wood fences. The main reason people choose horizontal fences is they are built with the highest grade of lumber and provide an up-to-date modern look.


Split Rail and Ranch Style Wood Fences​: This type of western fence has been around for hundreds of years and is most commonly used to contain cattle and mark grazing and property boards with a split rail or diamond rail ranch style fence.  Split rail wood fences are simply yet rugged in appearance and consist of wood posts that have two or three rails. The split rail fence post is generally not capped because it is such an uninvolved fence style. The fanciest split rail wood fence we offer is rounded cedar wood posts and rails to provide a cleaner look.


Picket Fences: Ever heard the saying “white picket fences” well if this was your dream then consider adding one to your Fort Bend property as a means of containing small children and pets or simply to add a decorative touch to your front or backyard. We offer our customers three styles to choose from including dog-ear, arch, and gothic.


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Choose the #1 Fence Company in Katy TX

You can trust our Katy fence company, to deliver you a superior wooden fence that is built to meet your needs and for a fair and upfront price. We focus on providing a hassle free experience this means we will build it with minimal disruption to your household, we will stay accessible and communicate throughout the process, and provide you with convenient scheduling options in addition wen you hire a Katy fence company for your wooden fence in Houston you can expect 

  • 3 year Labor Warranty for Cedar Fences

  • 18 month Labor Warranty for Pine Wood Fences

  • Standard Fence Come with 3 Brace System (at no additional cost)

  • We Build Wood Fences with Screws Not Nails

  • We Offer Fence Repairs and Annual Maintenance