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Katy HOA Wooden Fence Rules

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="wood fence.png" alt="3 braced wooden fence design">
3 Braced Wooden Fence in Katy

Recently a customer contacted us, seeking advice because of a problematic situation. The man we called "Mike" had recently purchased a beautiful new home in the suburbs of Houston and, wanting to make his wife happy, decided to spend a weekend installing a white vinyl picket fence. This was not the typical fence you think of when you hear “Mom, Dad, 2,5 kids, and a white picket fence” this vinyl fence was over 300 linear feet and surrounded the perimeter of their backyard, which was backed up to an empty piece of land. With no neighbors to ask, Mike thought this fence would not be an issue, but boy was he wrong. Within a week of installing what Mike felt was the right fence for his family, he received a letter from the homeowner’s association. The letter was to inform Mike that while his white picket fence was perfect for his wife, It did not comply with their rule; therefore, it would need to be removed immediately and replaced with a wooden fence. If Mike failed to clear the fence, he would face stiff fines. What a great way to be welcomed into a new neighborhood in the land of the free. Mike and his wife were in disbelief and unsure of what to do and turned to Google to search for “fence companies near me,” and this is when he chose to call our Katy fence company.

Being in the fence industry for 20 years, we understand how frustrating this scenario can be, but sadly this story is not all that uncommon. Last year we received a half dozen phone calls from disgruntled homeowners just like Mike, who invested their time and money on a fence project that had to be removed and replaced with a uniformed fence that followed the standards for their neighborhood. While Mike went before the HOA board to appeal the decision, it proved futile. All his money and hard work were washed away as he had to remove the fence and then pay to have our Katy fence company build a new wooden fence according to the rules of his neighborhood. While we tried to soften the blow by offering Mike a discount, this costly mistake could have been avoided. If you are a homeowner in Katy who has an HOA governor, it pays to know the fence restrictions of your neighborhood and why these rules exist.

Why Wooden Fence Guidelines Exist

While Mike did not feel the fence, the rules were fair as this was his property. There is a reason why most Katy homeowners have restrictions in place. The goal of your homeownership association is to safeguard property values within the neighborhood. This is often the most costly investment when you purchase a new home. To ensure the area looks its best, the HOA will require you to do things such as trim your tree and power wash your home and driveway, and, if you are building a new fence, follow the guidelines assigned to all the people who reside within your community so that all the fences have the same standard look. If you live in a neighborhood, there is a good chance you share a fence with at least the homes on your street, and often you share your fence with your neighbors directly behind you. While the property at Mike was backed up to an empty field, it may not remain open for long, especially with the current homebuyer’s market. While your neighborhood fence guidelines may seem intrusive, let us try to see it from a different perspective. If a neighbor you share your fence with decided they wanted to paint their wooden fence a crazy neon green with large pink polka dots without guidelines, they would have that right, then when it came time to sell your home, and you had a wooden fence that was a deteriorate the seller could make you an offer for less than your home was worth because of your neighbor's fence, doesn’t seem very fair now. Or, in Mike's case, what if the property develops with new homes, and a buyer was turned away because they did not feel a vinyl fence was secure enough for their dogs and the home developer missed out on a sale? This is why the guidelines are written, but rules only work if they have teeth, so if the fence guidelines, power washing, and tree trimming guidelines in Katy are broken, the HOA can issue fines so that homeowners follow these rules. However, most laws are also written so the homeowner has a little wiggle room and can have a wooden fence that follows their standards while working for your needs.

Typical Fence Rules Most Katy HOA Have

Fence Materials: Most Katy HOA require wooden fences instead of chain link, rope, or bamboo because they want to ensure the fence has structural integrity; no neighborhood or homeowner wants a fence that falls over the first severe storm. Some HOA has stricter rules that require you only to use Cedar, while others will allow for pressure treatment, and most do not allow for pine because these fences do not work well in our subtropical climate. Strictly use the reason for Cedar wooden fences as opposed to pressure treated is because cedar lasts longer and, with its rich red tones, looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Fence Placement: In Katy, most neighborhoods only allow for wooden backyard fences, not front yard fences as not to take away from the curb appeal; they want the community to have a uniform look and feel.

Height Restrictions: Almost every HOA requires your Katy wooden fence to be 6 feet tall because of safety factors. If you live in a corner home, they want drivers to be able to see around the corner in case there is another car, bicycle, or a pedestrian walking around the area. Some neighborhoods do not allow for solid structures because this also blocks visibility.

Scenic Views: Some areas have spring-fed ponds or golf courses, and, in these cases, they do not want a fence that will block the views that many homeowners pay a higher price for. In these areas, it is not uncommon to have a wrought iron or aluminum fence instead of a wooden one; often, these fences are much shorter than six feet.

Tree Preservation: Many of Katy HOA also enforce PRESERVING TREES trees add a certain beauty to your property, and as a living organism, according to fence regulation, you are not allowed to build a fence that attaches to a tree; the fence must curve around the tree. Some HHOAs even require that if you are digging post holes for the fence post f near the roots of a tree, you must use a shovel or post-hole digger.

The one thing to keep in mind is all guilelessness, rules, and bylaws were created uniquely for your neighborhood, so if your considering making a move before buying the house of your dreams, visit their site or speak with the board of directors to determine if this area is suitable for your needs and wish list and if you are having a new fence built then take a moment to do the same and save yourself the hassle of having to tear down a good fence that was a bad match for your community. If you live outside of an HOA and have the freedom and flexibility to choose your fence, let us share some of the different types of wooden fences you may want to consider if you are having a new fence built in Katy, Fort Bend County, or anywhere in greater Houston,

Katy Wooden Fences Designs

Once you choose between cedar, pressure treated, and pine, its time to select the design of your wooden fence; in Katy, the most requested wooden fence is a picket fence that is an excellent addition to any Fort Bend or Harris County property because it makes a great frame, consider your backyard like that of a picture you want to add a frame around. Like a picture frame comes in many styles and designs, so does a fence. Some of those styles include:

Board on Board; Most homeowners who want more privacy than a picket fence choose to have their board placed so that seeing through them is not easy unless you press your face up against the fence boards. Another great feature about the board-on-board wooden fence is that both sides of the fence look equally great, and they add to your property value as they are more stable and secure than a picket fence.

Spaced Boards: If you want a fence that is a good compromise for both a wooden picket fence and a board on board, then you want to space the boards to give your backyard more protection against intruders and trespassers while also keeping what you want inside your yard more secure such as small children and pets.

Privacy Wooden Fences: There are a few options you have for a truly private fence that will turn your backyard into a secluded sanctuary; some of these options include vertical boards, stockade fences, board, and batten fences. The best way to choose is based on the look of your home. For example, if you have a colonial-style themed house, then a stockade fence may be your preferred choice but if you want minimum space with a greater height, such as an 8-foot fence, then choose a vertical board. The board and batten fence are the top of the line in wooden fences as they do not require fence repairs as often as other wooden fences do, which over time, living in the home makes these fences far more economical.

Split Rail Fences for Large Properties in Katy

If you have ever taken a Sunday drive around Katy, you will still find homes with rather large yards, some of which have an acre or more land. In such cases as these, it may be cost-prohibited to have a fence surrounding the area as you would find in your backyard, and this is where a split rail fence works best. The split rail fence is created using less material, making them more affordable. Split rail fences are made from pressure-treated wood or cedar wood, which makes them more durable and able to withstand the outdoor elements plus, they look nice around the property and add a touch of security, so if you need a wooden fence around a large plot, of land, then a split rail fence is the best choice that will keep most large animals on the property and keep trespasser off your land.

Are you looking for a wooden fence or fence repairs in Katy? Contact Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements; we have been building fences for over 20 years and offer the most extended fence warranties in Katy, Missouri City, or Richmond, TX. We offer 18 months of pressure treatment and five years on Cedar, which means if there is any fault with your fence due to materials or the construction of your wooden fence, we will repair your fence free of charge. For a free quote, visit us online or give us a call at 281-545-7740

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