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How To Build a Privacy Fence in Katy

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="wooden fence.png" alt="building a privacy fence in Katy">
Privacy Wooden Fence Built By EHE A Katy Fence Company

This blog is to share with you the step-by-step process of how our Katy fence company built our customer a board-on-board six-foot fence also commonly referred to as a true privacy fence. The HOA in this particular Katy TX neighborhood allots for only cedar wood fences that are no taller than six feet and must include a kicker board or what other fence companies near you may refer to as a rot board because it's placed at the bottom of the fence to prevent wood rot. A kicker board prevents wood rot by keeping the wooden fence from touching the ground so that when it rains the water cannot touch the bottom of the wood fence which adds to the lifespan of your wooden fence and keeps it looking better in the process.

The layout of the Privacy Fence

<img src=Katy fences.png" alt="a privacy cedar fence in Sugar Land">
Building the Frame of a Wooden Fence in Katy

The most important feature of a privacy fence is the layout, this is to make sure the fence is built correctly. The smooth side of the fence should face the neighbor's backyard and the side with braces or rails and posts should face your yard. This will make sure your wooden fence looks appealing and your neighbor will thank you for keeping your fence on your property line, a common dispute among neighbors since Texas does not have any laws that address boundary fence lines. This is why it is important that whatever Katy fence company you have to build your wooden fence refers to the blueprints. To create the layout you want to measure where you building your wooden fence and place a stake in the ground to mark both ends of the property.

How to Set Fence Post

Next, you locate where your corner 4X4X8 post needs to be, we prefer to use pressure-treated wood. Using an auger or a shovel if you do not have an auger available start to dig your holes.

A word to the do-it-yourselfer makes sure before you dig to call 811 or visit them online to properly mark the underground wires. This is a free service call but it does take two business days for the companies to come out and you want to make sure if you’re not home to leave the gate unlocked. If you decide to have a Katy fence company build your privacy fence, make sure they place the call and air on the safe side that the fence company is insured.

The holes where you place your fence should be a minimum of two to three feet deep. The first post that you want to dig in your corner post. Then you set the corner post in a 50-pound bag of Fast Setting concrete while being level on each of the two sides. We do not recommend using sand inside the holes as concrete is more durable and does not give way to settling. Some people also prefer to add pea-size gravel inside the holes, but this is not necessary when you use a complete bag of concrete.

The concrete will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to dry. While waiting for the 4 x 4 x 8 post to dry you measure seven feet and six inches to give you playroom in case one of the posts is a little off and to know where each post will go from corner post to corner post. I mark the spot on the ground using just a dab of white paint that will wash off the lawn with the next rain. This will provide me the layout of where my fence post needs to go.

<img src="wooden fence post.png" alt="Setting wooden fence post in concrete">
Tip: Set your fence post in the early morning hours

Running a string line for your privacy fence

Once you have waited for the corner post concrete to set, put a screw about halfway up the fence post on both corner fence posts to run a string line from one end of the wooden fence post to the other end. The reason you want to use a string line is to make sure your fence is perfectly aligned. After you run a string line you can start digging and setting the rest of your post, make sure to keep an eye that they are staying level. If you live in an area where there is a slope put a stake where the top f the slope and bottom of the slope is then using a string line from the top stake to the bottom level with a line level and measure the distance to find out how much of the fence drops along the run.

How to Add A Kicker Board to A Privacy Fence

On this particular job, our Katy fence company added a kicker board. It’s important the concrete has the allotted time to dry. In the dog days of summer, you want to make sure if you are using this type of fast-setting concrete to do so early in the morning because once it sets you can’t work with it and the hotter it is the faster it dries. Once the wooden fence post is dried, I start back at the corner fence post and measure to cut the lumber Our Katy fence company recommends any part of your wooden fence that is going to touch the ground to be Kline dried pressure treated lumber as this is less prone to wood rot and insect damages. Then you will measure and cut your kicker board to meet in the middle of each post, secure the kicker board to your privacy fence using 3 ½ long #10 grip right screws. Once you have cut and secured all the kickboards you measure from the bottom of the kicker board up to the corner of the 4x4 post to the height of what you want your fence as specified by your HOA. Always follow HOA guidelines or you may end up needing to rip down the fence and do the intense labor all over again so if you need a six-foot-tall fence your measurements should be six feet tall. Now place a mark on your two-corner post where your desired height is while allotting space for the top brace plus the cap board. Now move your string line up to the line that you marked on the post and secure it with a screw. I then go from wooden fence post to wooden fence post with the string line using a screw so I can remove the line. Now cut off the top of the post using a skill saw to level the post.

How to Add Wooden Fence Pickets

<img src="building fence.png" alt="measure height to adhere to Katy fence rules">
How to measure for proper fence height

Following along, its easier to build than to write after 20 years but hopefully you’re finding this pretty easy, take your 2x4x8 top board while making sure they overlap halfway across the 4x4x8 post then screw into place again we don’t use nails, while nails are the fastest way, they aren’t the best method. Using screws will cut back on the fence repairs over the years. For the middle and bottom brace measure the distance between the post and then cut them to fit. Once cut simply screw them into place. The bottom board you will screw into the kicker board using a 2 ½ inch screw Then make a gig to give you the proper gap between your cedar wood pickets so that you can create true privacy, board on board fence with overlapping pickets. Repeat this step down the entire length of your wooden fence for your first row of pickets then adds the second row of pickets using the gig for spacing.

Adding Cap and Trim to Your Privacy Fence

A wooden fence with a cap is simply a decorative trim which is why some Richmond fence contractors refer to them as a cap and trim fence. This is made using a 2x4 cedar rail that is designed to sit on the very top of the fence that flushes with the backside of the fence to create a symmetrical line. Again, use your 2 ½ inch grip rite screws to secure the cap and trim into place. Next, you are ready to add your trim to the fence. Start at the corner and work your way around from one end of the privacy fence to the other using the same screws you used for your cap to secure the lumber into place while making sure they remain flush. This my friend is how a Richmond fence contractor builds a privacy wood fence

<img src="Katy fences.png" alt="Katy fence company reviews">
Our Katy Fence Company has a A+ BBB Rating

Looking for a Katy Fence Contractor?

If you are interested in having a privacy fence and this sounds like more than a weeklong project you would rather not attempt here are a few ways to find a fence contractor near you.

1. Google fence companies near me, make sure they are insured and that you have some type of written warranty, read their reviews online, and if you have time drive by to check out their work.

2. Another way to find a local fence company in Katy is through a third-party service such as Thumbtack, Home Advisor, or Angie's List.

3. Ask one of your neighbors in, Cinco Ranch, Richmond, Sugar Land, or the greater Houston area for a referral. Often someone has a referral or can at least tell you who to avoid.

Lastly, if you need help contact Emerson Home Enhancements has been building wooden fences for over two decades and offers wooden fences, wrought iron fences, and vinyl fences in Katy and to our neighbors in Cinco Ranch, Richmond, Sugar Land, and the greater Houston area as well as fence repairs. Give us a call for a free estimate today at 281-545-7740 or fill out our online form and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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