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Fence Terminology To Help Navigate Your Katy Fence Buying Journey

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

Are you considering getting a new fence and have a design or style in mind, but you are unfamiliar with the terminology to describe your ideal fence or gate to your Katy fence company? Then join us for part one of a three-part series where we will help you out by giving you a complete run down of every word our industry uses plus the pros and cons of some of the most popular fences and gates in the greater Houston area to make sure you get exactly what you want for your home and budget. If your building your own fence this may also help you to understand the instructions and cut down on your research so lets get started brushing up on the following terminology.

<img src="Katy TX Fences.png" alt="options of residential fences in Katy">

Types of Residential and Commercial Fences

Chain link – A chain link fence is constructed using steel posts and chain link fabric (heavy steel) that runs vertically and is either bent or hooked together in a zig zagged pattern that forms a diamond shape which is why you will see these fences common around Houston baseball fields. Chain link fences are also used in Katy commercial properties because you can add barbed wire for security. The steel in your chain link fence can be galvanized for added durability. These fences when installed properly last 15 years.

Wrought iron – These fences are constructed of hardened, welded steel. Wrought Iron fences can last for centuries and are incredibly strong, you can powder coat the fence to shield it from rust and weathering which decreases maintenance. There are many types of styles to wrought iron including hand friendly rings, sphere shapes, quad spears, and balls, hoops, or loops. Most people do not choose true wrought iron fences in Katy because they are so costly instead, they use aluminum.

Aluminum Fences: These fences are built from elements in aluminum due to their low density and light weight they are a popular choice for both residential and commercial fences in Houston. They are resistant to rusting in our sub-tropical climate and are great pool fences.

Pool Fences: Recently a law was passed in Texas that requires some type of barrier to be used around pools to prevent drowning, there are temporary barriers, or many people choose wrought iron and aluminum pool fences to avoid the hassle of having to set up and remove a temporary barrier and to add to the aesthetic appeal of their backyard oasis.

Ornamental fencing – This fence is an imitation of a wrought iron fence; you can have the look of an open fence at a price you can afford without having to use chain link or barbed wire. You will see these fences around landscaping, parking spaces, secured areas and architectural features in both residential and commercial settings throughout Harris and Fort Bend County. They are designed with planks, stakes, and rails

PVC Fences: These fences are made from polyvinyl chloride the same material that you will find used in plumbing, electrical installation, and construction because PVC has a long lifecycle and a high strength to weight ratio. Many people interchange PVC and vinyl fences as the same, but this PVC contains more than just vinyl. PVC Vinyl fences also contain polyvinyl acetate which is the same ingredient you will see used in wood glue and a acrylic fiber that traditional vinyl does not have. This will make the fence easier on maintenance such as cleaning and PVC Vinyl fences are also weather resistant which is why many Houston homeowners opt for this type of fence over wood.

Vinyl Fences: If you are getting your vinyl fence from a big box store or retailer a this will not have the same ingredients we listed as PVC Vinyl fences instead they use low-cost formulations that can make your vinyl fence brittle and easier to dent or puncture. While there are kits on the market to fix holes that develop in your vinyl fence skip all that and find a Katy fence builder that uses PVC Vinyl to save yourself future headaches.

Wood Fence: This is the most common fence for homeowners in our area because if you live in a Harris County or Fort Bend association this is often what’s in their HOA policy and guidelines. There is different types and grade of wood to build your fence but the most common is southern yellow pine and western red cedar. The idea wooden fence will be made of cedar pickets and pressure treated wood post. There is also a variety of designs you can choose from if you want a wood fence you may want to consider the following designs:

Board on Board: This is where the pickets overlap to provide you completely privacy from others seeing into your yard and you seeing into others.

Semi Privacy: This provides a balance between privacy and air flow as there are small spaces between your wooden fence pickets. Generally, if you acquired a house this is the type of wooden fence you will have.

Lattice fencing: Wood fencing, usually cedar, constructed of prefabricated lattice panels.

Compost Fence: Want the look of wood without all the fence repairs that is required then consider a compost or TREX fence for your Katy property. This is made from the fibers of the wood mixed with plastic and mimics the look of a wood fence but is easy to maintain, long lasting, and incredibly strong, It also comes with a 25-year warranty from the manufacturer.

<img src="split rail fence.png" alt="farm and ranch style fences">
Farm and Ranch Style Fences in Greater Houston

Farm and Ranch Fencing Styles common in Houston

Wire Fencing: If you have acreage with farm animals or need to secure a jail or prison this is the type of fence material used. In Katy where we have a high population of wild rabbits many people want a wire fence to keep their garden or vegetables from being taken advantage of. The most poplar types of wire fences Is welded and woven. Chain link is a good example of a woven wire fence.

Barbed wire fences one of the most popular farm and ranch style fences and an example of a wire fence is barbed wire. This has shape edges and points to avoid trespasser from getting onto commercial properties in Houston to steal work equipment, However Barbed wire fences are also common around Texas (so much so there in thousands of tattoos) because they are suitable from cattle and agriculture fences.

Electrifying Fences: These fences are made from steel or aluminum that can give people who want access to your livestock a shock the downside is they need to have guards up because if an animal comes in contact with the fence could die as a result

Deer Fences: If you are trying to keep deep off your property then you are going to need at least an 8-foot-tall fence to prevent the deer from leaping across it. Generally, these fences are constructed of the same material found in PVC Vinyl or you could also use welded wire. We recommend the PVC Vinyl fence since it can serve as more than just a deer fence however which option you choose you when you first have your fence installed tie colorful strings or streamers to the fence to keep the deer from running into the fence when scared.

Wooden Split Rail Fences: If you are looking to mark your Harris County or Fort Bend property and you have more than an acre then a wood fence is going to be a hefty expense so this is where a split rail fence comes in handy, It will mark your property line, keep pets and livestock contained and uses less wood as there are large gaps between the railing. If you have smaller animals, you’re going to need to add wire into the fence to avoid those little escape artists from finding their way of your lawn.

Vinyl Split Rail Fences: This is another alternative that is readily available for your farm or ranch style fence if you want a more modern style and one that doesn’t require as much upkeep. The panels will be precut so topographical variations to your landscape will not work if you want this type of farm and ranch style fence.

Katy Residential Fence Gates Glossary

<img src="residential fence gate.png" alt="wood driveway gate in Katy TX">
Driveway Gate in Katy

Gate – This can be either a fence gate or a driveway gate that allows you access to either your backyard or onto the property itself’

Open Gate: Regardless of which fencing material you use be it wood, wrought iron, PVC vinyl or ornamental metal no more than 20% of the area of the fence of the gate when in a closed area will obstruct the view through your fence gate or driveway gate from a position perpendicular to the gate.

Solid Gate: This is where the material you use is solid, there is nothing such as iron or metal bars present its not able to be seen through when in a closed position, so your view is almost entirely obstructed.

Gate Frame: The structure components of your gate. In a driveway gate your going to need an opening that is approximately 10 to 12 feet. For a residential fence gate, you need 3 to 4 feet however this all depends on what you’re trying to get through the gate, if you’re trying to get a riding lawnmower, trailer, or a boat through the gate then you need a larger frame pr opening. A gate opening can be as wide as needed to clear the distance of your fence post.

Gate Post: This is the wooden or metal post that holds the weight of your gate it can also be used as a terminal post, and it attaches to the gate using hardware such as hinges and latches or fasteners.

Gate Latch: This is what is used to secure your gate and is commonly one of the most requested fences repairs we do in Katy because when the gate doesn’t latch correctly your property is not secured. There are three types of gate latches- gravity, spring loaded, and bolt secured gate latches. The most common latch is made of metal bars and levers, or a gate latch that has a locking mechanism such as a padlock.

Double swing gate – This is where there are two sections of your residential fence gate that opens and closes this is often used to solve the issue of trying to get larger items through a gate opening or for driveway gates.

Single Gate: This is much like a door you have on your home, its singular so there is one way in and one way out. These single door gates can have decorative accents installed on top to have them look more visually appealing.

Gate Style: There are a plethora of gates just as there are fences from board-on-board gates to shadow box, spaced barred to total privacy.

Want more terminology? Join Us for part two of out three-part series to learn more about fences and gates, Tomorrow we will learn a ton of information on gates and answer some of the most asked questions/ If you are looking for a fence company in Katy TX or Houston, then give Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements a call for a free quote a fair price to install or repair your fence. We offer wrought iron, wood, PVC Vinyl, Compost, and farm and Ranch fences

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