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Fence Etiquette For Sugar Land Homeowners

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


If you are a Fort Bend County homeowner, then chances are you share a fence with at least one other neighbor, you may feel you have the right to do whatever you wish with the fence on your property but if you want to be good neighbor then consider adhering to a few rules provided by our Sugar Land fence company. Remember being good neighbor does come with a few perks like when a fence needs repairs or blows down in a storm, your neighbors are more likely to be willing to share in the expense. Also being a good neighbor is just the right thing to do as it will be a positive experience for both of you, remember they have to look at the fence every day as well and a good fence does impact their homes value as much as it will impact yours should either of you choose to sale or move. So what steps should you take to be a good neighbors, that’s what our Sugar Land fence company will share with you in this blog, lets get started.

Tip # 1 Know Your Boundaries.

The best way to know where your Sugar Land fence company should install your fence is to double check your property lines. Its not uncommon especially if you have been residing in your home for a decade or longer for the boundaries to become blurred but your local tax accessor office should have all the information you will need regarding your property on file. You may also want to have your land surveyed just as a precautionary measure because if your fence does cross over your lines, they have every right to have the fence demoed costing you time and money.

Tip # 2 Communicate With Your Neighbors

Before contacting a Sugar Land fence company have a conversation with your neighbors to address the issues and see if they are willing to share in the expense and meet with the contactor so you can choose the right Sugar Land fence company together. Its easier speaking to them then having the company do it on your behalf. It can eliminate disputes and avoid unnecessary conflict. In the ideal world you would both agree to meet in the middle, interview at least three Sugarland fence companies, choose the right crew for the job and each pay your share for the replacement fence or fence repairs necessary. If you can not come to an agreement, you still want to make sure your neighbor gets the best side of the fence, which leads us to our next tip.

Tip # 3 The Finished Side Should Face Your Neighbor Yard

The politest thing you can do is to ensure your neighbor has the finished side of the fence. The “good side” of the part of your fence where the polished side with the rails and post face you neighbor’s yard or else it will look slightly backwards unless you have a good neighbor fence where both sides look smooth.

Tip # 4 Proper Upkeep

In our area where most homeowners have a wooden fence and where our area receives over 90 days of rain each year you must stay on top of routine maintenance such as fence repairs, staining and sealing your fence, and having an annual maintenance inspection. Most Sugar Land fence companies will offer a free inspection as a courteous and if there are any issues repair your fence sooner so that it stays in tip top shape. A beautiful fence can not only prolog the fences lifecycle but can increase your property value as well as your neighbors. No one wants to live next to a neighbor that allows their property to become an eyesore. If you want a fence that is easier to maintain and your homeowner association will allow it then to steer clear of wood and choose another material such as Trex or composite, vinyl, or aluminum fences. All of these fences are much easier to maintain over the year then wood as in our area the chief enemy of a wood fence is rain, if you must have a wood fence, we suggest ether pressure treated or cedar lumber and then sealing the wood every 3 to 5 years.

Sugar Land Fence Laws To Follow

While being a good neighbor is always the right thing to do, there are certain situations that can become sticky especially if your neighbor does not want to share in the cost of having a fence repaired or reinstalled. Here are a few rules you may want to be aware of.

# 1 Texas does not have boundary laws for fences. Fence ownership falls on where the fence lays on the property line. According to the fence laws of Texas, if one side of the fence falls to one side of the property line this is the sole responsibility of the property owner where a shared fence of of the fence is on the boundary lines.

# 2 You can not tear down or have a fence removed regardless of its condition without a six-month written notice as to your intention.

# 3 If neighbors agree to maintain a portion of the fence, this agreement is legally binding and enforceable.

Looking For A Sugar Land Fence Repair Company?

Before having a new fence installed make sure you contact a Sugar Land fence repair company who is just as willing to repair a fee as they are to replace it. Many fence companies in Sugar Land follow a 205 rule, this means if more than 2o% of your fence requires repairs they suggest having the entire fence ripped down and a new fence installed before you go this route our policy is to check the post and see if the fence can be saved. This will help to keep you from having to replace a fence any sooner then is absolutely necessary. Our quotes are free and generally we can have you an estimate within 48 hours. Give us a call today to start the process at 281-545-7740 or contact us online through our contact form. We look forward to serving you soon.

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