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Houston Fence Repairs & Maintenance

Whether your fence needs repairs due to a recent storm, old age, or the Houston fence company you hire improperly installed your fence our fence repair specialist can help to restore or replace it. Call for a free estimate!

If you need fence repairs in Houston, Sugar Land or Katy our fence repair specialist can help. Emerson Home Enhancements has no minimum so we can handle any size of project you have from fixing a simple gate latch and replacing rusty hardware to a fence that has been damaged due to high winds or a torrential downpour. Our Houston fence repair policy is as long as less than 25% of the fence has been damaged it can be restored to like new condition so that it remains durable and strong. With over 20 years in business, we have the skillset, experience, and proper equipment to repair, restore or replace the following type of fences:


  • Wood Fence Repairs

  • Chain Link Fence Repairs

  • Wrought Iron Fence Repairs

  • Aluminum Fence Repairs

  • PVC Vinyl Fences Repairs


Let our Houston fence company get your fence back to the way it was prior to the damages that occurred or find you the idea fence replacement that works best for your home and budget.


Lon is a very honest and caring professional. His work is excellent and he gets the job done right and in the time that he says he can do it.. As a military man, I am very careful about the people I employ to work for me. I am very confident of Lon's ability as a handyman and will employ him for other jobs around the house. He built a fence, painted it and did pressure washing for me. The work was superb.

Brian Pector- Katy TX

Houston Residential and Commercial Fence Repairs

Wood Fence Repair: While Houston loved wood fences and most HOA in our area require them a wood fence requires the most upkeep. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t keep up with all that needs to be done so that their fence stays strong and long lasting. Its not uncommon after a storm to find a fence has fallen down or is leaning over this is why we recommend before hurricane season to check out your fence to make sure no fence repairs are in order. Some of the most common wood fence repairs needed in Houston include:

  • Wood rot to post and pickets

  • Termite infestation

  • Fence boards and pickets that are warped, cracked, or missing

  • Moldy or termite infested fences

  • Missing or popped nails that need replaced

  • Sagging or leaning fence panels


At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements our fence repair specialist offers a quick turnaround time because we know how important your fence is too you especially if you have outside pets and to prevent larger and more costly fence repairs that may require replacing entire sections or worse having to replace your entire wooden fence.


Chain Link Fence Repairs: Chain link is one of the toughest fences and this is why it’s often used in businesses across Harris and Fort Bend County but even as durable as they are they can’t always withstand a storm and the fallen debris that comes with is like tree limbs which can cause sagging, leaning post, curled sections, or bent top rails. This is where our Houston fence repair pros can help. At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements our fence contractors offer same day and next day services, so your property is restored quickly and effectively.


Wrought Iron Fence Repair: The largest repair issue with a wrought iron fence in Houston is rust due to the moisture and high humidity that creates the perfect environment for rust to develop. The good news is that you do not need to replace a wrought iron fence that has rusted to restore it to like new condition. Our team can prime, paint or powder coat your fence to restore its visual appeal. We also can straighten and repair damaged sections

of your wrought iron fence for a fraction of what it would cost to replace the fence. Our Houston fence repair pros offers both residential and commercial wrought iron repairs.


Vinyl Fence Repairs: While PVC Vinyl fences are rare when it comes to needing repair there are times when our sultry summer days can puncture the vinyl and when this happens, we can provide patching to prevent further damages. If your vinyl fence needs cleaning due to mold, algae or grime we also offer pressure washing in Katy and Houston.


Aluminum Fence Repairs: Generally, these fences are not prone to need repairing but that’s under normal conditions and if you have lived in Harris County long enough you know we don’t have normal weather. With harsh weather the ground can shift and lead to unexpected damages. If your post has shifted or become uprooted or your fence rails are loose, go missing or have twisted due to weathering or old age we can repair your alumni fence.

Houston Emergency Fence Repair Service

 Home Emergencies from roofs to plumbing occur and fences are no exception! When a recent storm knocks down a fence that is meant to keep your property safe and your dogs in the yard it’s can often be more than just a minor inconvenience. In such instances we offer same day, emergency fence repairs in Houston when service is requested before noon and digging is not required - 811 is a service that is required to come out to mark underground wires before digging and our team will coordinate this on your behalf. Generally, it takes 2 to 4 days for the companies to come out but in the meantime our Houston fence repair pros will secure your fence best we can or provide temporary fencing. Once utility lines have been marked, we will return the next day to get your fence back to the way it was before the accident occurs.


A sample of some of the emergency fence repairs we can handle


  • Fixing broken slats or fence panels

  • Leaning section of fence

  • Gate hinges or latches that won’t close

  • Sagging top runners


In the event your fence is not salvageable, we can provide you a quote for a long-lasting fence that is long lasting, functional, and beautiful and will increase your home’s value.

Ready To Get Started?


Frequent Fence Repairs in Houston

Before the next storm hits Houston leaving your wooden fence leaning or blown over, we recommend at least once a year walking the perimeter of your yard to look for warning signs your fence needs repairs. Believe it or not your fence will let you know ahead of time that it needs maintenance which will save you from waking up the next morning in a panic. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, then it’s time to call our Houston fence company to schedule your fence repairs.


Broken Boards: If your pickets have cracks, dents, or holes they are susceptible to degenerating from mold, mildew, and insect damages. When damages are in a confined area, we can replace damaged pickets or replace entire sections.

Unstable Fence Post: Without a sturdy fence post your fence structure becomes weak and may start to lean or sage. If your post is bent, cracked, or warped this puts pressure on the boards and fence repairs need to be done immediately to prevent the fence from falling over or being laid down by harsh winds and rain. Our team can replace, reset, or add brackets to your damaged post to make them stable.

Wood Rot: Wooden fences should be kept off soil by at least two inches but in areas around Houston and Katy where there is a higher probability of flooding it’s a great ideal to add a rot board or kicker bard to the bottom of the fence to fill in the gap. In fact, many homeowner associations require it. The rot board will protect your boards or pickets from absorbing moisture but if the Katy fence company you hired did not fix the gap and your fence becomes rotted fence repairs are going to occur more frequently this is where we can help by replacing the pickets and then added a rot board to alleviate the issue.


Insect Damage: If you have a pine fence or your fence is older you may notice the wood is starting to buckle or insects such as termites, carpenter ants and beetles are feasting on your wood fence this can lead to permanent damage quickly, so you want to call a Katy fence repair company. Other signs of insect damages include a funky smell like mold or mildew, little piles of wood dust, generally when it comes to insect damages the wood will need to be replaced and then to prevent the insects from returning you want to use a wood sealer every 3 to 5 years.


At Emerson’s our motto around here is “If we wouldn’t trust the fence in our backyard, we won’t put it in yours! 

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Wood and Iron Gate Repair Services


In addition to repairing fences, we also repair gates, one of the most frequent calls we receive is sagging gates. A sagging gate can be a minor cosmetic flaw or a serious issue that prevents you from using your gate but either way if you ignore the issue is only going to escalate the issue and led to more costly gate repairs. Our team can handle everything from minor hinges and hardware issues to shifting post. We can also realign your gate or trim off sections so that your gate stops scraping on the ground when trying to open of close it, whatever issues you have given our Katy fence repair specialist a call for a free estimate.

Fence Maintenance To Extend The Life of Your Fence


Fence Sealing and Staining: Since most homeowners in our area have wood fences one smart investment for any fence is wood sealer. The sealer acts a waterproof barrier to wood and will greatly reduce wood fence repairs. If your pine or pressure treated fence has already began to gray you may also want to add a wood stain to restore its coloring.  Our team is happy to offer both.


Fence Painting: We offer painting and powder coating for wrought iron and aluminum fences for Houston commercial and residential properties so forget the rust and make your fence look good as the day it was installed.


Pressure Washing:  Being unprotected from the outside elements your fence is going to get dirty and white vinyl fences really can look unattractive if they have grime, mold, or mildew so the best way to clean it is once a year pressure washing. If you need fence maintenance look no further than Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements.

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Looking For A Replacement Fence?


Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements has remained Houston leading fence company for fence repairs, replacement, installation, and maintenance for over 20 years because of our attention to details, reliable service, and second to none customer service. Our prices are highly competitive with other Houston fence companies, and we offer unheard of warranties.  In addition to serving Houston homeowners and business we also offer fence repairs in Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, and Missouri City. 

Why Choose Our Houston Fence Repair Pro’s?


Let’s start with our warranty while many Houston fence companies only warranty their work if they are installing or repairing a wood fence, we offer a 6 month to 18-month warranty of our wood fence repairs and other materials and if you decide your fence needs repairing more frequently then you want and opt to have it replaced, we offer you $200.00 off your new fence.


When it comes to our fence repairs you can ensure they are done currently we use quality lumber and materials to repair your fence and if we are replacing entire section of a wooden fence, we build them with a top-middle and bottom brace in addition to securing all fence post rather wood, iron, or aluminum with no less than 50 pounds of concrete so you can rest assured your fence is not going anywhere, anytime soon. We use galvanized screws that will not rust and are less prone to becoming loose or popping out. Our team is fully insured and is 5 star rated just read what our customers say then give us contact our Houston fence company for a free quote, fast turnaround time and competitive prices at 281-545-7740