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Fast Fence Repairs

Katy- Fulshear

Fence Repairs in Katy/ Fulshear

Keep your loved ones safe with same-day fence repairs from Emerson Home Enhancements.

At Emerson Home Enhancements, we are pleased to handle your residential fencing needs throughout the Katy- Fulshear area. We have over 20 years in the industry and offer reliable and competitively priced fence installation and repairs with industry-leading warranties and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We’ll go above and beyond to not just meet but exceed your expectations.

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They did a fantastic job of building my fence, I have received many compliments from my neighbors who will also be using Emerson's to build their fences. 

John Foster

Most Common Fence Repairs 

         Fixing broken slates or fence panels

Sagging post

Leaning sections of fencing

Gate or hardware issues

Wear & Tear 

Same Day Fence Repairs

Home Emergencies occur and fences are no exception! If you have a fence that has been damaged and needs help, we're here. Emerson Home Enhancements can help with your fence emergency on the same day if service is requested before noon and there is no chance of hitting a utility line. If we do have to contact 811, we will schedule your immediate fence repairs within 24 hours of having the perimeter marked off. In the meantime, we will secure your fence and contact 811 then keep you abreast of the situation.


Warning Signs Your Fence Needs Immediate Repairs  


Aside from simply falling over, your fence will give you some warning signs that you will soon need repairs. These signs will help you schedule timely service, and avoiding having to replace your fence:


Broken Boards: If your pickets have cracks, dents, or holes they are susceptible to degenerating from mold, mildew, and insect damages. When damages are in a confined area, we can replace damaged pickets or sections.

Unstable Fence Post: Without a sturdy fence post your fence structure becomes weak and may start to lean or sage. If your post is bent, cracked, or warped this puts pressure on the boards and needs to be immediately fixed to prevent the fence from falling over.  We can replace, reset or add brackets to your damaged post.

Contact Between Fence and Ground- One reason we suggest kicker boards is to keep your fence off the ground. If the bottom section is in the soil or grass it could be a warning sign that your fence is unstable.

Insect Damage: if you did not choose cedar or southern yellow pine lumber you may notice your fence is buckling or insects are crawling along the fence. Do not delay as the damage can get out of hand fast!


Rusted Wrought Iron: Discoloration from rust can be fatal to iron fences, if the rust sections of your fence need to be removed and replaced, we can help!

Broken Hinges: Without greasing your gate's hinges they can begin to squeak because they have become loose. This is often a warning sign there about to break making your property easy to access.  


Katy- Fulshear Fence Installation Contractor! 

Our team doesn’t just offer fence repairs —we’re also a fence installation contractor. We offer a variety of fencing materials so if your fence is beyond repairs, we can offer a fair price to demo your fence and replace it to protect your Fort Bend County property. We can repair and install fences of all types including wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, iron, and metal.  Consider a virtually maintenance-free fence so you never have to worry about fence repairs or upkeep again! We guarantee that your installation will be in line with Katy- Fulshear local fence rules and regulations. Call our fencing contractor today to explore your options. We are happy to repair your fence or help you choose the perfect replacement fence for your needs and budget.  


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If you need an immediate fence in Katy- Fulshear or Fort Bend contact Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, at 281-545-7740 call us now! 

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