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Why Wooden Fence Repairs Are Essential

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Fence Repairs in Katy TX

People choose wood fences for different reasons from privacy fences to keep pets in and predators out to ranch style wood fences that mark boundary lines or for horses and livestock. With the right Katy fence company and routine fence repairs your fence can last for likely as long as you own your home. Cedar fences have a lifespan of up to 30 years and pressure treated around 20 years. However, if you don’t stay on top of maintenance you can end up replacing your fence long before then especially in Katy where most days are either rainy or hot and humid. Today our Katy Fence company Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements is going to share what you need to know about fence repairs for your wooden fence.

Why Fences Repairs Are So Important

Most residents fail to do upkeep because out if sight is out of mind, but its important to walk the perimeter of your yard at least twice a year or contact an experienced fence company in Katy TX who offers free inspection so that when the next storm rolls around your not caught off guard with a section of your fence lying flat in your yard and those four-legged friends roaming the neighborhood unattended. When it comes to such as important your fence, fence repairs should not be delayed as this can lead to more costly issues such as wood rot, decaying, and having to tear down your existing fence to install a new one in its place. On an average 200 linear foot fence made of cedar you’re looking at $5600.00 compared to a $300 to $500 average fence repair for a few rotten or termite infested boards of post. Not only do you save money by having your fence repaired promptly but it also keeps your property looking in tip-top shape. A fence that’s rotted, sagging, or has broken pickets detours from the overall visual appeal of your property, and nobody wants to live beside the guy with a fence that’s on its last leg and refuse to hire a fence repair company.

Fence Repairs in Katy To Be On The Alert For

Here is a list of some of the common fence repairs you want to watch for in our climate, if you have followed our blogs then you know that wood fences are the most prone to needing repairs and our weather certainly doesn’t help!

Wood Rot: If your fence post or pickets have wood rot (dry or wet) most commonly caused by moisture and rain is susceptible to fungi that deteriorates the fence, this is one reason we suggest having pressure treated post that work better in damp soil and sealing the wood every three years to prolong the lifecycle of your fence.

Rust: You may not think of rust except if you have a wrought iron fence, but the nails used to hold everything together can rust over time and then leaks into the wood pickets leading to the lumber splitting, loosening the nail, and when the wind blows across or through the fence causing it to fall down. This is one reason our Katy fence company uses galvanized screws; they are less likely to become loose unless tampered with and they are galvanized so they are less likely to corrode.

Post: The entire structure of your fence lays in the post, not all fence companies in Katy secure their post the same. We have messed with our fair share of concrete where the builder tossed a bag of concrete into the hole without ever opening the bag to mix the concrete, this causes lumps and leaves your post unsecured. A current fence project we bid this week was due to the fact that not only did the coo many not show back up after collecting the money for the job, but the fence post was only a foot deep! How long do you want to think this fence would last before needing repairs? The reason most fences fail is due to issues with the post.

Sagging: In some cases, fences are known to be wobbly, when you’re walking your fence line check to see if the fence wiggles even just a little as this may be small now but can lead to sagging. This is one reason our team uses three braces. To provide more support.

Fence Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect your fence at least once a year

  • Seal the fence every three to five years to project

  • Keep the sprinkler heads routed away from the fence

  • Remove vines from your fence, they may look nice, but they can retain moisture.

  • Eliminate weeds from around the base of your fence

A few other pointers is you want to make sure whichever Katy fence company is replacing or installing your fence uses pressure treated lumber preferable Kline dried and you may also want to consider kicker boards.

Looking For A Reliable Fence Company In Katy TX?

If you are looking for a Katy fence company that offers prompt, affordable repairs or can replace your existing fence look no further than Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements. We offer competitive pricing, a three-year warranty, and superior craftmanship and customer service. We have been installing, replacing, and repairing fences for over 20 years. Not only do we offer fence repairs for wood but also chain link, wrought iron, composite fences, and aluminum fences. If you have recently been told you need your fence replaced because it cant be repaired, we would be happy to provide you with a free fence assessment. Often we can a ball park figure over the phone so give us a call at 281-545-7740

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