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What You Should Know About Fence Repairs

Updated: Jan 28, 2023



Having a fence installed can be a heft investment from buying materials to the time spent digging the holes and nailing or screwing it all together. However, the best way to avoid fence repairs is to build the fence right the first time and this can be a real chore which is why many people avoid it and call a Katy fence company. However, even the best fence is going to need maintenance from time to time. If you are the roll up your sleeves, do it yourself type of Homeowner who doesn’t want to have to rely on a Katy fence company for every minor issue your fence faces then this guide swill come in handy. In our three-part series we are going to cover the fence repairs for the top three materials we work with:

· Wood

· Chain Link

· Aluminum

Today we will cover wooden fence repairs because this is the most common especially amongst those residents who live in a homeowners association. Now if you are literally on the fence about whether your fence needs to be repaired or removed and a new fence added to your property then we will give you, our advice. There is a lot of ground to cover so let’s now waste any more time.

Can Your Fence Be Repaired?

This really depending on the age and extent of the fence you wish to repair. If your fence was installed in the 1990s then likely its time to replace it. There is a rule of thumb in our industry that says when over 20% of your fence needs to be repaired then its best to tear it out and start over. However, our Katy fence company think this isn’t exactly true. It depends on how many of the post are still steady and strong. The entire dependability of your fence lays on the post. Were they cemented into the ground correctly or did the fence company simply toss a bag of concrete into the hole and let it harden naturally? While this is the fastest away to do it, in our 20-year history what we have discovered is that while the concrete will harder it will be lumpy and won’t cover the holes as it should, and this will lead to fence repairs. The post will need to be pulled up and new post swill need to be added. However, this is when it gets tricky, now it would seem logically that you just take the panel from the old fence and nail or screw them back to the new post, but they will not fit so instead of minor fence repairs you are now having to replace sections of your fence. This may mean you need an overhaul.

How To Protect Your Fence From Katy Outside Elements

One of the best ways to protect your fence is to maintain it on a regular basis and if you have a pressure treated or pine wood fence then you want to seal it. Think of a wood sealer as a raincoat that protects your fence from the outside element like moisture and bugs that feast on wood (termites, ants, and beetles) Every 3 to 5 years your fence will need to be sealed and this will also aid the wood from changing colors. The best wood sealer we have found because it does not require you to wait for the right temperature and is virtually goof proof is made here in the Lone Star state, Ready Seal. Their Seal also has a stain so if you love the look of cedar without the price tag then this s the route to go.

Looking For A Katy Fence Repair Company?

When it comes to choosing a Katy fence company, there is one name that stands above them all, Emerson Fences & Exterior Home Enhancements. We have been in business since 1999 and offer a long-term warranty, same day and next day fence repairs, and offer the largest selection of materials all backed with generous long-term warranties. If you don’t want to mess with fence repairs, then call our Katy fence company at 281-545-7740 or visit us online to learn more about our installation and fence repair services.

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