What is the right material for a fence if you live in Katy?

One of the questions our Katy fence company gets asked often is what the right material is to use if you want to customize your residential fence. The answer is it depends on where you live as in certain neighborhoods the homeowners association has 100% say so in the specifications of your fence. We have had the opportunity to assist many homeowners as they deal with their HOA. Let me share a brief story.

One of the ladies we are currently working with has an aluminum fence with gaps that are about 1.5 inches apart and her backyard faces the walking trail where she lives with two large dogs who are sticking their noses through the fence and trying to bite walkers, so she wants to add a wooden fence in front of the ornamental fence, so she remains in compliance and her neighbors stay safe. However, the HOA has been unwilling to bend so our Katy fence company stepped in, was able to get the HOA board on board with the fence were installing next week. While it may seem, the HOA is strict, and many are a headache to deal with they do serve a purpose. Imagine had this woman been wanting to have our fence company install a neon green with pink polka dotted fence, the neighbors next to her would face a decrease in their property value. There not bullies still many homeowners prefer to live in pockets of our city where there is no HOA, and they can do with their property as they wish. If you live in such an area of Katy this will allow our fence company to provide you a multitude of fencing options from wood to composite, aluminum, ornamental, chain link or cyclone, and vinyl. The great thing about working with Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements is we offer a wide array of materials, styles, and designs and can not only install a fence to secure your property but will also provide you with the necessary guidance to ensure you choose the right fence for your needs and budget.

3 Factors To Consider When Choose The Right Fence For Your Home

Resilience: One of the most important qualities of any fence is strength, resilience, and durability. What good is a fence if after a few years its starting to crack, warp, or have damages that cost you money. This is why we recommend finding a material that can handle our climate, insects, and be long lasting. If you are looking to move from your property, then you don’t want to give your house shopper any bargaining power. Cedar fences and other resilient materials has a potential net worth of 50% when it comes to reselling your home.

Maintenance: If you want a fence that doesn’t need to be sealed or undergo routine maintenance then a wooden fence is not likely to be the material you want. This material must be sealed every 3 to 5 years in order to deal with our moisture and wood eating bugs like termites and carpenter ants. However, it is the most preferred fence by Katy homeowners associations and consequently the #1 material our Katy fence company installs. Some examples of low maintenance fences include composite, vinyl, and wrought iron.

Privacy: One of the biggest benefits of having a fence on your property is privacy so that others can’t see into your backyard. For this reason, aluminum, split rail, cyclone, or chain link are materials that may be a deterrent. Some homeowners who have wooden fences opt for a board-on-board design, Before choosing a design for your fence we recommend speaking with your HOA and also with a local fence company to see what designs they have available to choose from.

How To Choose A Katy Fence Company To Work With

Trying to choose a fence contractor can be a chore, often you don’t know who you can trust to do a good job, have your project completed on time, and offer superior craftmanship. We understand! Let us give you a few pointer that can help you determine who to hire to install your fence.

1. Warranty: What type of warranty do they provide? Chances are if they won’t even stand behind the quality of their work, it may be best to find a fence company that will.

2. Experience: How long have been in the industry obviously the more fences that thy have installed or repaired the more likely they are to do a good job but always ask if there are a few of their fences you can see or a few of their customers whom you can talk to or at the bare minimum read their Google online reviews.

3. Craftmanship: Ask about the grade of lumber they use, do they use screws or nails, how they build their fence will determine how long you can expect for it to last.

4. Affordability: While price shouldn’t be the biggest factor especially since our industry is unregulated it does play a part. Compare what you’re receiving and see that it aligns with your budget. While we are not the cheapest Katy fence company you will find neither are we the most expensive.

5. Material Options: If you are indecisive or unsure of the material to choose from find a contractor who offers different options and can navigate you through the process. If you live in an HOA, then find someone who will make sure it meets all the standards and guidelines for your association.

Why We Are Katy #1 Fence Company

At Emerson’s we take great pleasure in offering our customers a variety of fencing materials that include generous warranties. Our aluminum, iron, and vinyl come with a limited lifetime warranty. The composite fences we install are crafted by the leading manufacture. Trex and have a 25-year warranty and last but not least our cedar and pressure treated wooden fences have a 3- and 5-year labor warranty which is triple what any other Katy fence company offers. The reason being is we offer the most structurally sound fence in Harris or Fort Bend County. They each come with a 3-brace system, we screw in each picket and do not use nails, then we secure our pressure treated post with a full 50-pound bag of mixed concrete. The bottom line is what most fence companies charge extra for comes as a standard feature. Furthermore, If there are any issues with your fence while under warranty you simply give us a call and we repair your fence at no additional cost. In addition to installing fences, we also offer fence repairs and replacements, gates, decks, and other outdoor wooden structures.

When you work with Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements you can rest assured that with over two decades of experience and a five star Google rating that we will do whatever it takes so that you are 100% satisfied with our work. You can rely on our quality and craftsmanship to stand up to the forever unstable Texas weather, make sure that you give us a call for your free quote at 281-545-7740 or click here to complete our online form and one of our happy staff members will contact you to answer any of your questions or schedule an onsite inspection. We look forward to serving you.

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