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5 Sugar Land Fence Repairs Tips

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


he best way to protect your family, home and investment is to do periodical maintenance as this will help you to avoid fence repairs and ensure your fence last as long as possible. Some of the best ways to take care of your fence is to:

  • Stain & Seal your wooden fence

  • Remove dead or decaying tree limbs

  • Don’t allow vines to grow on your fence

  • Spray roundup at the bottom of your fence.

  • Install a rot board at the bottom of your wooden fence

Just these 5 little simple tips from our Sugar Land fence company can make a significant difference in rather your fence last ten years or twenty years. If you have lacked basic upkeep on your fence, its never too late to start.

Common Sugar Land Fence Repairs

At Emerson Fences & Home Enhancements some of the most requested fence repairs our team receives includes

Filling holes & gaps

Resetting loose post

Replacing missed, warped, and cracked pickets

Sealing Wood Fences

If you are a do it yourself homeowner let us provide you with some basic fence repairs you can take care of. If you find yourself short on time or stuck in a rut, feel free to give us a call at 281-545-7740

DIY Sugar Land Fence Repairs

How to fill in a fence gap: If you discover Fido is running loose in the neighborhood or the local rabbits are squeezing in under the fence to ruin your garden there are a few ways to close the gap between the bottom of the fence and the soil to make your property more secure. Some of the ways include:

  • Stone

  • Concrete

  • Pickets

Many of our customers request rot boards during the installation of their fence but if you acquired a fence with your home and it doesn’t have a rot or kicker board then let us tell you how to remedy this situation.

1. Measure the gap height and width then use a circular saw to cut the picket to match the length of the picket. Cedar is good at resisting insects, but pressure treated works best when in contact with the soil. Once your board is cut you want to turn it horizontal against the fence panel to fill in the gap. If the bard is not wide enough it may require a second picket. Position the cedar picket lengths horizontally, one on top of the other. Lay one piece of picket on the ground horizontally then add an additional picket above the first picket. Cut 1- by 2-inch lumber into 10-inch pieces. Place the 1- by 2-inch pieces of lumber vertically on top of the two horizontally positioned fence pickets every 8 to 10 inches. The lumber will provide a brace for your fence which makes it far sturdier. Then instead of using nails we use screws to attach the pickets together. The reason we use screws is there is less of a chance that the screw will pop out of the wood. Nails can be one of the reasons for fence repairs. Once the pickets are screwed in and the gap is closed up you want to backfill any dirt you removed from the gap beneath the fence.

Follow us next week for tips on how to reset post or take the short cut.

Contact A Sugar Land Fence Repair Company

At Emerson Fence and Home Enhancements we pride ourselves on offering our clients the best craftmanship and customer service. We have been in the fence industry for over 20 years and offer a variety of materials including wood, composite, aluminum, Trex or composite and vinyl. And as our grandson would say “If Pawpaw can’t fix it, no one can!’” Contact us today for your Sugar Land fence repairs, gates, or installation. Our quotes are free and our prices are affordable. Call 281-545-7740 or visit us online to complete our form and schedule your appointment.

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