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How To Build A Vinyl Fence

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Vinyl Fence Installation

Fences should provide your Katy home privacy and security, plus enhance your curb appeal even if it is just a backyard fence. While a wood fence is attractive, they are high maintenance, left without stain and seal every few years they can turn grey and become an eyesore due to the weather elements we have here in Katy TX such as high temperatures, humidity, and lots of rain. One advantage to installing a vinyl fence is they are low maintenance compared to wood fences. With extraordinarily little effort a vinyl fence will remain good as new year after year. Vinyl fences are also not subject to rot or fade such as wooden fences, this makes vinyl fences a good option that’s gaining in popularity for Katy homeowners.

Vinyl fences are built by interlocking pieces into place, sort of like a puzzle. If you want to install a vinyl fence yourself you can purchase a kit from Home Depot, but they do not allow much wiggle room for adjusting. Vinyl picket fences start with using anchor pipes driven into the ground using a sledgehammer, then sleeves are slide over the pipes this is why the sleeves are intentionally hollow to slide over the pipes or 4x4, then you take two of the pipes and form a section in which one fence panel can be built. You want a bottom and top rail and multiple pickets that run through the two rails.

Should you choose a 6-foot vinyl privacy fence then post must be anchored in the ground with concrete just as you would the wooden post. These posts do not slide over an anchor pipe, they are stuck into the concrete. Then a pre-built fence panel is assembling. Again, always check with your Homeowners association before installing a vinyl fence as many Katy communities such as Cinco Ranch require you to have a wooden fence. Also before you dig contact 811, it’s a free call an will ensure that all utility lines are marked on your Fort Bend property as if you dig an hit a power line you can cause the entire area to go dark.

Tools to Build A Vinyl Fence

· Post Hole Digger

· Wooden Stakes

· Level

· Tape Measure

· Sledgehammer

· Cordless Drill

· Circular Saw

Installing a Vinyl Picket Fence

First you want to plan where your vinyl fence will be, the height of your fence. Stake the fence line out exactly from start to finish including the gate and corners. Then take your post hole digger and dig the holes approximately 10 inches in diameter and six feet deep to allow for concrete, some people use only gravel, but concrete provides a really solid foundation especially if it needs to endure the weight of a fence. Tap the hollow post into the concrete so the concrete fills the center portion of the post in the hole, plumb and level every post. Many people use wood inserts into the hollow post but there are two types of post. Vinyl sleeves are really just ornamental cover and should have a 4x4 insert whereas a vinyl fence post is structurally designed to support a vinyl fence. If you are using a sleeve, then a 4x4 provides added stability but you want to ensure there is proper drainage or this may cause issue.

Overfull holes at the top and slope the concrete away from the post to prevent water building up at the bottom. Install the ends and corner post first and tie a string between these post along your fence line. Before the concrete cures make sure the post is perfectly aligned if not adjust them immediately, once the concrete sets you cant move them. You will find the post is the trickiest part once they are cured attach your brackets with screws, the brackets and screws will be different depending on the manufacture so always follow their directions. With assistance then lift the fence panel and slide it into the post brackets, secure the panel to the bracket with screw that fasten the panel to the hangers. Since vinyl fence post are hollow, you must add post caps to prevent debris and water from collecting inside the hollow post. Glue the top to the post using vinyl adhesive. Place adhesive around the inside of the top piece where it contacts the post. Push down and hold for 10 seconds, then wipe off any access adhesive quickly. Check frequently that the post caps are secure.

There is a product on the market called WamBam that provides an easier approach to vinyl fencing, I must be very transparent. No customer has yet to report how these fences work, but they require no digging. I only mention them as I have seen their fences in the big box stores, and it seems idea for beginners. Either way if you want a privacy fence or exceptionally long run you may want to contact someone who has experience with vinyl fences.

Katy TX Best Fence Company

Emerson Home Enhancements is Katy TX best fence builder, and we offer vinyl fences in addition to wooden fences, wrought iron fences, compost fences and chain link fences for residential and commercial clients across Fort Bend County. Our trained and insured team has over 20 years’ experience and we offer the longest fence warranties of any of our competition in Katy, Sugar Land or Richmond TX. If you want to save the hassle of installing your own vinyl fence, give us a call today to schedule your free no-obligation fence consultation at 281---545-7740

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