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How much do wooden fences cost

How much do wooden fence cost in Katy?

As of recent many customers having seen a recent news clip of a Houston fence company stealing wood for his customers due to the price increase of wood have led our Katy callers to inquire about the cost of a wooden fence. COVID has impacted the price of building a wooden fence, let us explain why- so when COVID hit which has been over a year ago now fence builders were essential, we continued to work the same way we always have except when meeting with our customers we maintained social distancing and wore mask. However, the lumber mills were not essential so with a wood shortage this made the cost of wooden fences increase. In fact, in the 20 years we have been building fences last year the cost of lumber was the highest price we have seen because when there is more demand than there is supply this is the result. However, we have began to see those prices slide back down still before COVID the cost of a wooden fence was between $17.00 to $24.00 for pine and the cost of cedar was around $23 to $25 per linear foot of a wooden fence.

Fence Prices Slowly Decreasing After COVID Wood Shortage

Today the cost of wood fences range between $30 to $40 depending on if you want pine wood or cedar wood. Other factor that determines how much a wooden fence cost is the size of the fence and the style, do you want kicker boards? Do you want lattice or a topper on the fence? These factors all go into the overall price of how much it cost to build your fence. Still even with add on to your wooden fence in Katy wooden fences are still the preferred choice. Wooden fences are still more affordable then most other fence materials such as wrought iron and compost fences. Wood is a popular choice because its classic, timeless, and durable Most pine fences last 10 years while pressure treated fences and cedar fences last for decade especially if the fence is properly maintained. If you’re a Katy homeowner with a wooden fence, then your aware that wood fences require more maintenance than say a vinyl fence. Wood fences should be sealed every 3 to 5 years to make sure the wood is protected from our weather such as rain, heat, and humidity. Since the cost of staining a wood fence is about $3.50 to $6.00 a linear foot it’s a great investment in helping your fence stay in great shape.

Cheap Wooden Fences- Cost More!

When most Katy residents seek to have their fence built, they generally collect three quotes and just go with the lowest fence builder in Fort Bend County. In some ways this makes "logical sense" but being in the fence industry we can tell you that cheap wood fences overall cost more because they will not last as long. If you have a fence that stays for 30 years before needing to be replaced and a pine fence that last 7 to 10 years, you will have purchased 3 fences for the price of one. One question we ask our Katy customers to consider is do you want a cheaper fence now or the cost of replacing and having the build another fence in 10 years when the prices are even more?

Quality Fence Builders- Saves You Money

We believe in building a quality fence that will stand up to the weather elements Katy ensures including wind, rain, heat and humidity. We include deck galvanized screws instead of nails that bend and pop out leading to fence repairs. We also build a three brace system including a top, middle and bottom brace to keep boards from warping and splitting. Our idea fence is using pressure treated pine pickets and cedar boards. While this fence is more expensive then a pine fence - its built to last! As we share with our customers, the installation is the same price regardless of the fence option you choose. The cost differs depending on lumber cost. In addition when we build fences this way they are warrantied for three years if their is any labor defects. Our pressure treated fences have a 18 month warranty making our fences the longest warranty fence you can buy in the Katy area. In addition since we are a vetted Home Depot pro we receive discounts and share their price savings with our customers. Another way to lower the price of a wood fence is if you live in an area of Katy where there is no HOA rules you may want to consider is a split rail wood fence also know as a ranch style or farm style fence. These fences require less wood and consequently lower the cost of how much it cost to build a wood fence.

Upfront Price For Wood Fence

The best way to know how much your wood fence will cost is to schedule a free appointment with our fence specialist. We will find a convenient time to meet with you to look over your fence, take measurements, discuss wood fence options and features, and then provide you with a free and competitive price to construct your idea wood fence at a price you can agree too. We never charge for utility lines to be marked nor do we charge for screws, using a full bag of concrete per post or the extra brace. We do our best to keep our price as affordable as possible and when you hire us you will have no hidden fees at the end, what we quote is exactly what we charge. So give us a call today at 281-545-7740 and let us provide you a fair and upfront price for your wood fence We serve homeowners n Katy, Houston and across Fort Bend County.

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