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Fire Pits Lite Up Houston Ambiance


If you want to add warmth during the fall and winter so you can still enjoy your outdoor living space, then Houston, why not consider a fire pit? While our area doesn’t get as cold as in other parts of the country, fire pits make an excellent addition to any backyard. In this article, we will explain the difference between a portable and

custom fire pit and the benefits. of each one so you can determine what option is best for you and how to design and fuel it so that it’s both beautiful and multifunctional.

Fire Pit Styles For Houston Homeowners


Before the invention of automobiles, cowboys traveled by horses and chuck wagons, and when they would stop for the night, they would build a fire pit to cook their food. While fire pits can still be used for outdoor grilling and to roast marshmallows for smores, fire pits are so much more than this.

A fire pit in Houston will add natural lighting and provide you with a focal point to take your outdoor living space to the next level. From elaborate gas-burning fire pit tables to simple masonry pits for building wood fires. Here is what you should consider when choosing a firepit:

Pick Your Style: Do you want to have a portable or a custom fire pit? Much of this will depend on whether you’re taking the DIY route or working with a reputable contractor.

Pick Your Fuel: We will cover more on the topic of fuel, but there are a few primary sources, including wood burning, propane, and gas fire pits.

Space: When selecting a location, remember to avoid overhangs, roofs, and low-hanging branches. If you have a prevailing wind direction, try to position it so that seating will be upwind of the fire pit. You also want to know the dimensions if you plan to build a masonry firepit.

Size: The size of the pit really depends on how much space you have and how big of a fire you want! However, 3-4’ is a good rule of thumb – big enough for a good size fire but small enough for friends to gather around.

Benefits of a Firepit

Enjoyment: Who doesn’t love sitting around a campfire with friends sharing stories, and making memories? Homes with a fire pit offer Houston city dwellers the perfect campfire experience in the comfort of their own backyard. No tents or bug sprays are required.

Great Heat Source: Mother Nature may not limit your time outdoors, but the weather here can still be chilly. A fire pit serves as an excellent heat source for Houston's chilly nights when homeowners want to hold outdoor gatherings during the fall and winter evenings when temperatures are still low enough to get chilled.

Natural Lighting Fire pits not only provide heat but also provide a source of light for your backyard. When you add a fire pit, you add natural light that people enjoy watching.

Enhance the style of your outdoor living space. A fire pit can transform Houston's ordinary deck or patio into an enjoyable living space. A fire pit adds a beautiful focal point that sets the tone of your dinner party and defines your gathering space.

Provide functionality. One of the great things about fire pits is that they can provide functionality, warmth, and light. Many fire pits and outdoor fire pit tables are designed to serve multiple purposes. The fire pits can be designed as the centerpiece of a dining table or coffee table, or some fire pits have built-in grilling surfaces to serve as an additional outdoor cooking appliance.

relaxing-beside- a-firepit-houston

Fire Pit Professionals For Houston

If you are a homeowner interested in adding a fire pit to your Houston outdoor living space, contact Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements for a free estimate for your firepit in Houston today at (281)545-7740.

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