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Fence Repairs with DYI Instruction For Katy Homeowners

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

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Fence Repair in Katy

Are you a homeowner in Katy or Sugar Land that needs fence repairs, but you do not want the hassle of having to wait for a Katy fence company to show up, provide you ana quote and then wait to get on their schedule? You have two options you could do the fence repairs yourself or you could call Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements a Katy Fence repair company to save you the hassle. Assuming you want to go the do it yourself route we are going to share with you the three of the most common fence repairs and step by step instructions from our Pro fence builder so take out your tool and let’s get started!

Replace a Rotted Post

If you have ever had to rip down a fence you know this can be work and the hardest part of this fence repair is pulling up the old post because the post is meant to withstand heavy winds and force so if your fence company built your fence right and used concrete not sand, then your in for a headache. In order to have enough pressure to lift the post you need to use something to give you added force and the cheapest way is using a scrapped piece of lumber, a 2x4 or 3 x6 will work. Attach the scrap lumber to the sides of the post where the fence repair is needed. But make sure to leave a space at the bottom (2 inches) if you need to remove more than one post use screws to make the nail board less intensive to remove. Now scrape off any soil from the base of the post you are trying to remove, if the post is packed into the ground you may need to wet the soil at the base with water or use a shovel. Now comes the real work of lifting up the post from the ground. Take the scrap wood you are using as your lever and lay a pry bar across the tips of the nail board before pressing down. When you step do so at the far end so that the post comes up or becomes loose enough you can just pull it out. If you have a jack, then create a stable base do not set the jack on the top of the concrete this will be a futile attempt instead use the jack with a chain loop around the post. Once the post hole is clear you can either use the same hole to add a new post or dig a new hole. The difference is if the Katy fence company dug a sufficient enough hole, then you should be good if not and you need to dig a new post hole you want to make sure the hole is significantly larger than the post so that when you pore in the concrete it will not be loose. Remember if your post has issued your Katy fence will need frequent repairs and this means a lot of work! Next pour the concrete, we use an entire bag per hole so that the post is sturdy, but some people prefer gravel, while gravel is less messy than gravel its also weaker than using concrete. Follow the manufacturers guidelines for adding water and for the quickest drying concrete use Quikrete Fast Setting Concrete Mix.

Missing Pickets or Boards

Our next fence repair is replacing missing pickets or boards. Before heading off to Home Depot for lumber you want to take the measurements of the picket so that you get the right size and you want to choose the lumber the fence was constructed of so if your fence is cedar you will need a cedar picket. In addition, you will also need screws while many Katy fence repair companies use wood nails they have a chance of bending, popping out or rusting. If you decide you want to use wood nails, you need a 6x2 ½ nail for every picket you are replacing. Once you have your fence supplies from Home Depot you wish to use a pry bar and place it under the board you are returning. Gently use a mallet to tap the pry bar but be careful not to use too much force, or it can lead to injuries or inaccuracy. If the nail is stuck, you may need to use a claw and get under the nail, then pull up on the hammer, and the nail will pop out. Before adding the new picket remove the dirt and debris from the fence so that the board is straight, and take a tape measure to measure the gap between the pickets so that everything stays centered. Lastly, we are going to take and screw in the picket, and make sure the screw is entirely in the picket. Remember, we suggest using screws or fasteners, not nails, the reason many fence companies will use nails is this makes fence building faster, but faster does not mean better, and we believe in long-term performance and style.

How to Power Washing Your Fence

While not necessarily a fence repair, we strongly suggest that you keep your wooden fence cleaned, and since most fences are over 100 linear feet, you do not want to do this by hand. You can either rent or purchase a power washer. To effectively clean a fence, you need a power washer that has a minimum of 1800 pounds per square inch (PSI) but is careful that you stand 3 feet back and do not crank up the dial, or it could cause damage. After you power wash your fence, you want to add a sealant or go for a two-in-one stain and sealer so that the wood stays protected from moisture.

Looking for a Fence Repair Company Near You?

Contact Lon Emerson over at Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, and he has been installing and repairing fences in Katy for over two decades. If you visit their website, they often run a fence repair notable for homeowners in Katy, Sugar Land, and the Missouri City area.

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