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Easy Fence Post Repairs In Houston

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


Today our fence repair company in Houston is going to share with you the step-by-step instructions for one of the biggest request we receive- fence post. Before we do let us share with you why your post is so crucial to the entire life cycle of your fence. The post is what holds the fence together. Without the backbone if the post your entire fence is in jeopardy of failing so they must be durable and installed correctly. Here are a few ways to tell if your fence post were done right?

1. They will be secured in 50 pounds of concrete; the concrete should be mixed not just dropped in the hole as the concrete will harden making one side if the post more vulnerable then the other.

2. They will have the right type of lumber- even cedar fences should have pressure treated fence post because they can handle the soil better.

3. The holes will be dug the right size for a six-foot fence you want your post to be at least two feet deep. Prior to digging the Houston fence company, you choose should contact the proper authorities to mark the perimeter (811)

How To Repair a Leaning Fence Post on Your Houston Property?

There are several reason why a fence needs to be repaired often its due to old age, wood rot, excessive rain, and humidity. You need to understand why its leaning and access the situation prior to repairing a fence in Houston so you know whether to replace it or just repair it. Once you have determined the cause follow these simple directions to repair your Houston fence post.

For a wooden fence you will need a few 2X4 that are at east eight feet tall. Remember for every six foot of fence, two feet will be buried underground. Using the 2X4 you want to brace the fence by attaching it to the sides of the pressure treated post. If this is a corner post, then it may be necessary to pull out the pickets from the fence and make a temporary post on both sides. This first step is easy for most do it yourselfers however where most homeowners run into issues repairing their Houston fence is when they run into concrete that needs to be excavate. The objective is to uproot chunks of concrete that were not mixed properly so you can have a new post be put into the original spacing. One tip is to use a level to keep the post vertical and then take your panel and test it will go back into place before screwing or nailing everything into place.

Once the post is in its proper place you want to fill in the hole, some Houston fence repair companies try to use sand or gravel, but we believe the only right way to backfill the hole is with concrete. In Houston majority of the soil is a dark gumbo clay so while other regions use gravel where its dense or clay heavy, using gravel in Houston should be discouraged. Concrete is really the best way to ensure that your fence post is securely in place. We use ready mix so that the concrete forms and sets within hours not days. You can toss a bag of concrete into the hole, but this is the lazy mans way of doing it, you want to take the time to mix up the concrete then backfill the hole so that the concrete is evenly distributed. When you pour in the mixed concrete you want it to form a slight dome shape so that when it rains the water drains away from the wooden fence post to avoid the post rotting prematurely. Remember your fence post needs to be as secure as possible to avoid an unnecessary repairs to your Houston fence.

Looking For A Fence Repair Company in Houston?

If you want an easier solution to all your fence repair needs from broken or rotted post to replacing pickets and panels call the name you can trust throughout Harris and Fort Bend County, Emerson Home Enhancements. We have been voted as one of the top three fence companies in Houston for 2021 by Experian and have over 20 years of experience. We provide long term warranties to secure your investment and in addition to offering fence repairs in Houston we also install and replace fences. Our estimates are free of charge and generally we can have you a quote within 24 to 48 hours of your completing our online contact form. If you need emergency fence repairs in Houston, we offer this as well- call 281-545-7740. We provide wood, chain link, aluminum, wrought iron, aluminum, and composite fences. So skip the headache of do it yourself fence repairs and rely on our team for all your fencing needs.


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