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Deck Builder Projects Houston

written by our deck builders in Houston


We are more than just a Katy fence company at Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements. In fact, Lon Emerson has been voted best deck builders in Houston and has over 20 years of experience. Today we will share with you the various projects we have worked on, and hopefully, you will find a design perfect for your backyard oasis. If you are looking for a deck builder in Houston, Katy, or the surrounding area, we encourage you to call us at (281) 545-7740.

Ground Level Decks

This design is called a ground-level deck because it sits at most 30 inches off the ground and takes up less room than 200 square feet, which is plenty enough room for a grill, outdoor dining, or a lounge chair for sunbathing.

If you want a deck built in Houston for a smaller backyard or as a do-it-yourself project, this design is ideal as it does not attach to the house; instead of connecting to the house through a ledger board, it uses at least one back beam for support. This means that these decks can be built anywhere on your property, though most homeowners prefer them to be located near their above-ground pool or next to the house, and they do not require the added expense of stairs and railing. The downside is that they can eventually drift away from the house over time if it is poorly built, or it may sag or become unlevel. With a detached deck, you can have a more solid foundation without the risk of rot and water damage.

Walkout or Attached Decks

Deck builders in Houston refer to this design as an attached deck because they are built directly from the home. Some of the most popular shapes are square, rectangular, or shaped like a horseshoe. Just imagine opening your back door and stepping directly onto your deck for fresh air or to enjoy a cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

The advantage of this deck design is that it borrows stability from the house and requires less labor, materials, and cost. However, if the attachment is incorrectly done, this can lead to expensive deck repairs.

Countless homeowner stories tell of water damage to the house because of collapsing decks. If the ledger board is not sealed correctly and doesn’t allow for drainage, the wood will eventually rot and cause the structure to fall away from the house.

Now if you are a Houston homeowner planning to entertain often, you will either need to dedicate more space for the project or, if your property allows, you can consider a multi-tier design with multiple zones.

Multi-Tier Deck Builder- Houston

Multi-level decks come in almost every shape and size, so homeowners who choose this design are only limited by their imagination and budget.

Some of our most popular multi-tier decks in Houston include small multilevel decks, double-deckers, and three-level decks. One drawback is unlike floating decks; you’ll need a permit from the city. However, the deck builder in Houston that you hire should take care of all of this for you.

Double Decker

Make your deck multifunctional with this great design. Consider an upper area to extend your bedroom and a lower level for dining and entertaining, an upper deck for an additional living or game room for the kids, and a lower level for your personal retreat with a private spa. A third option is to make the upper deck fit all your needs and use the lower level for storage or dry space.

Wrap-Around Decks Design

Many people in our area refer to these as porches, but the difference between a wrap-around deck and a porch is that a deck can have different levels and shapes, but a porch does not. If you are looking for ample outdoor space that’s easily accessible from the front, side, or back of your home, then a wrap-around deck is the design for you. Some have a full wrap around the perimeter of your home, other styles are half, and you can also choose to add a wrap around a third of your home.

Rooftop Deck Design

If you have enjoyed an evening in downtown Houston, chances are you have seen the ultimate in rooftop decks. From sky-high cocktail bars to elevated open-air dining, Houston has it all, and now you can bring it to your backyard with this design; whether you want to relax with a glass of wine or host your family’s next get-together, you can do it all without ever having to leave home which is what makes this one of my personal favorites. The only reason we don’t have this deck is that this style is not meant for neighborhoods. However, this deck may suit some of our neighbors outside the city limits.

Pool Decks

If you are looking for a deck built around your Houston swimming pool where you can keep a watchful eye on your little swimmers while staying dry, then an elevated deck design could be the perfect complement to your summertime fun. If you are looking for more of an elegant style for your pool, consider combining your pool and deck with a sliding glass door to tie the interior and exterior of your home together. And let’s not forget hot tub owners. These decks can be simple or add a dining, cooking, and entertainment zone.

Before Decking Building In Houston, Consider…

  1. If you are trying to narrow down your choices, let us give you a few things you will want to consider,

  2. Are you looking to do this project yourself? If so, how much time will your project take?

  3. Do you want an open or covered deck?

  4. Do you want this to be a place for entertainment or more of a private family retreat?

  5. Do you have other outdoor features such as a pool, kitchen, fire pit, or playground? Or do you plan to add them?

Deck Builder Houston Transition

If you look on the internet, there are some complex designs that, while interesting to look at, might not be practical for daily use. The simpler you can transition from one tier to the next, the better your family and guest of all ages and breeds (woof) will enjoy it. Imagine having seating too close to the second chair and, when going to scoot back, the chair falls off the ledge or having to maneuver up and down stairs. If you want to incorporate multiple levels, make sure they are noticeable. These changes may seem apparent, but that’s not always true for new guests or small children. Each level needs to be easy to navigate, and one of the best ways to help your guest know there are multiple levels or navigate from one level to the next is with stairs and rails. Steps are an inexpensive way to create a visual level. We recommend adding steps immediately outside the door where people will access the deck or at the end of the deck rather than putting stairs in the middle.

Looking For A Deck Builder In Houston, Call (281) 545-7740

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