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Choosing The best Gate For Your Katy- Fulshear Home

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Choosing the Right Gate

After choosing the right material to build your fence, selecting the gate and location is the next step in finalizing plans for your fence project. A gate not only enhances your property security but provides access points in and out of your yard. Always speak with your Homeowners Association regarding any restrictions.

So, what should you look for in a gate?

The first thing is security. You want your children and pets to stay safely on your property, at our home my three-year-old son is just curiosity to see what is outside our fence that is keeping him contained. Keeping the latches out of reach is a must. Your gate will also prevent intruders, if your gate is easily operated from the outside then anyone can gain entry to your backyard You want your gate to lock from the inside to guard against any potential threat.

Some ways to narrow down your gate selection besides just the material you have selected are:

· Decide how you want your gate to function?

· What size of gate do you want based on what is coming in and out of your yard?

· Maintenance

· Budget

· Consider your neighbors

Gates are not all the same, deciding the right type of gate is essential, while much of this will depend on materials gates come in different styles. Choose a gate that matches your home and adds to your curb appeal especially if your choosing a front gate an onlooker can see. Consider the color of your gate, you can add a pop of color to show off your personality. Have wrought iron? Add an additional layer of protection using powder coating, making your gate more resistant to chipping, scratching, wear and tear adding powder coating also provides superior color retention.

Other gate styles include:

· Standard Gates – It will be an exact match to your fence, it will blend into your fence using the same height and material as your fence.

· Security Gate- This can be any gate that needs extra security, often they come with keypad access and some are equipped with video monitoring.

· Double Gates- Need a gate across your driveway or a larger gate for lawn equipment to get in the backyard? These gates can work in sync or independently.

· Ornamental Gate- A fancier option, designs may include a family crest or initial

· Specialty Gate- Serving a distinct purpose these gates save space

· Hidden Gates- Idea for downtown Houston condos or high foot or car traffic areas. Your gate will be hidden with the fence providing your home the appearance of an impenetrable fortress.

Once you choose a style consider how you want your gate to function?

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