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Benefits of a Wooden Fence

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Today our Katy fence company will share the benefits you can expect from a quality fence and the various material options we have to offer. Choosing a fence may seem overwhelming for some homeowners, but the best way to narrow your options is to speak with your Homeowners Association (HOA) regarding applicable rules and regulations or check your community-provides website.

Perimeter Lot Fencing: Fencing standards must be followed as recorded in …


Design Guidelines.

a. Materials: shall be constructed of wood, aluminum, or masonry based on the original construction.

b. Wood Fences: Should be constructed with #1 cedar 1x6 pickets and #2 treated (southern yellow pine or cedar) posts and three rails. Pickets must be attached with a screw or ring-shanked nails on a straight-line guide. Used material is not allowed. Pine or Right wood Pickets are not allowed. Wood fences on lot lines familiar with neighboring lot lines shall be installed with alternating eight-foot panels of solid pickets and exposed rails. They must be visible to public view and shall be installed with the finished side out. All visible fencing shall have a continuous 2x6 cedar cap with a 1x2 cedar trim.

c. Aluminum Fences: aluminum fences must be maintained based on the original construction. All aluminum fences shall be five (5') in height adjacent to amenity areas and be set three inches (3') from natural ground. The rear yard may transition to a side and front yard wood fence that encloses the remainder of the backyard. Gates in the back must be adjacent to greenbelts or lakes with walking trails, which will require DRC approval. Aluminum fences require continuously welded connections. posts require concrete footings and shall be painted black.

One reason homeowner associations are so actively involved in the process of what happens to the house in their communities is for resale purposes. When comps are low, this depreciates the value of all the surrounding homes. Our Katy fence company has worked with dozens of realtors who say cedar is the best return on investment. Another high resale can be found by adding an aluminum fence, bringing you a 50% return on your investment.



The most significant benefit of having a solid wood fence is the element of privacy. You may have a solid relationship with your neighbors and enjoy the friendly “ hello “ wave if you want to define clear boundary lines. A private wooden fence isn’t to shut neighbors but to keep trespassers out and Fido, the family dog, inside the yard. This will also help your account for the square footage of your property, which is a wise idea, especially when it comes time to sell. The more land you own, the higher the resale value. If your property lines are unclean, you may need to contact a land surveyor before hiring a fence company in Katy so that you can make sure that it does not cross over your property line, avoiding the cost of having to tear it down and redo the entire project from start to finish. If you plan on selling your home, you want to make sure to do any repairs before putting your home on the market. We had an elderly couple contact our Katy fence company because their home had been on the market for several months. Their realtor had explained that the lack of repairs was a downfall, but they didn’t want to invest. A week after we did the repairs, their home sold for above their asking price.

Reduces Noise

Another reason for having a solid wooden fence is to reduce the noise, especially if your house is near a busy street or highway. Nothing can kill a great afternoon swaying in the hammock reading a book as the sound of incoming or outgoing traffic zooming by. A quality fence will dramatically absorb and reduce the noise by 6 to 10 decibels so you can enjoy your oasis. Remember that you have a 6 to 8-foot fence with no gaps between planks. Peace is a step towards being a happy homeowner. A good rule of thumb is to block the line of sight blocks out the noise.


Your fence provides protection, your home is your refuge from the craziness of life, and we all must be a little crazy to drive 45 during rush hour or deal with the heat, but home is where memories are made, so it’s important you feel as safe outdoors as you do indoors.

When you hire a Katy fence company, you want a fence where you can see who’s on the other side; one way to do this is to top off your wooden fence with a trellis. A trellis will add privacy and make it more difficult should someone try to get into your yard. Many HOA only allows a certain height; the average fence is six feet high. However, if you want more privacy and the rules allow , perhaps you should consider erecting an eight-foot fence. Regardless of the height you choose, always ensure that you pour sufficient concrete into each post hole to provide you with a durable, long-lasting fence. The fence is only as strong as its post.

You also want to consider those four-legged critters you want in your yard and those you do not. Where we live, Katy has a plethora of bunnies. In other areas, there are raccoons, deer, and coyotes. Fencing is the only sure way to keep wild animals out of your yard and save from costly damage, not to mention the fear of finding a yard invader while walking outside on a Sunday morning. Like your prized garden, a fence will provide a visual block, so the animals do not know what they’re missing. Electric fences are an even more significant deterrent. If you have an electric fence, the clever idea is to use peanut butter as bait; it only takes once, and wildlife will leave your yard alone.

Should you have deer in your Katy or Fulshear yard you want to keep out but are restricted by height requirements, build your fence at a 45-degree angle to stop them from jumping over and snug to the ground so they cannot wiggle under as far as Katy, rabbits use a 2-foot-tall chicken wire fence with a 1-inch diameter hole to prevent them from digging under. You want to curve the bottom of the wall at 90 degrees to create an apron a foot or so wide, then bury it several inches deep. Raccoons and Opossums also are diggers, so you want a 4-foot fence with a top 18-inch hole unattached, so these crawling creatures fall backward. To prevent them from going under, curve the bottom just as you do for rabbits, and placing electric at the top also works wonders. The more affordable solution is netting on the ground outside the wall and keeping the grass mowed. They do not like material that clings to their feet. Coyotes can jump, so you want to start with a perimeter electric fence; add a sheep fence with another electric fence wire strung 8” off the ground and a few inches in front of the wall.


Besides chain link, a wooden fence is your most economical choice compared to vinyl and composition fences. However, it depends on the material and design you choose. Lumber prices fluctuate; as I am writing this, we have seen a massive shortage of wood from our manufacturers. In part, since COVID. Remember that wooden fences due require maintenance; by hiring the right Katy fence company and doing routine care, you can expect a wooden fence to last 15 years or more.

Contact Our Katy Fence Company

If you are looking for a wood or aluminum fence or need repairs, our crew is a call away. We offer affordable service with generous warranties. Call Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements today at (281)545-7749 to schedule a free estimate.

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