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Cypress Fence Repairs  

Affordable Fence Repairs in Cypress TX

Damaged or worn-down fence? No fence repair is too large or small, call us for a free quote--- 281-545-7740

Harris County has some of the most severe weather that can cause a fence to become damaged or fall down. If you’re having issues with your fence, before having it replaced, were happy to see if it can be restored.

Emerson Home Enhancements has provided dependable fence repairs, replacement, maintenance, and installation services in Harris and Fort Bend County. We value our Cypress customers and have always aimed to deliver personalized services at competitive rates. From fence installation to wood cleaning or sealing, and everything in between, you can count on us.

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Cypress New Customers 

Don't know if your fence needs to be repaired r replaced? The best rule of thumb is if 25% of your fence is damaged it's more cost effective to start from scratch, either way, we can help and will never recommend something for our customers they don't truly need! 

Wooden Fence Repairs in Cypress 


Wooden Fences are the most popular fence option in Cypress and if they are maintained can last 20 or even 30 years. However for your wood fence to have the longest life cycle it needs to stay in tip-top shape and this requires maintenance such as wood staining and annual cleaning. If your wood fence is aging and missing a few boards or suffering from wood rot or termite damages, we still may be able to repair it at a fraction of what you would have to invest in a new fence. Call us today and send photos for an estimate over the phone or to schedule your free fence in-person consultation 

Cypress Chain Link Fence Repair

Chain Link fences are suspectable to rust if they were not powder coated, while all of our fences are rust-resistant if you had another Cypress fence builder install your chain link and it needs repairs, we can help to replace fence sections so your fence looks new again without replacing the entire fence. We can also repair chai link rails that have bent or broken and if you need a chain link fence installed, we can offer you a competitive and upfront price.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair


We are only of the few companies who can take on wrought iron fence repairs, this is because iron is a challenge to repair. Before replacing your existing fence call us to see if your damaged iron fence can be brought back to life. Common repairs we deal with include removing and replacing rusty sections of your iron or aluminum fence as well as iron that has been damaged by a vehicle collision or fallen tree branch. 


Vinyl Fence Repair

Vinyl fences are extremely resilient, so they don’t often break but when they do you need a company who can identify where to get the part and take it apart so it can be properly fixed, this is where we can help so give us a call.

Why Chose Us for Wooden Fence Repairs? 


The foundation of our fence company is to provide our Cypress customers with honest and dependable service. We value the relationship we have with our customers and are thrilled when they refer us to their friends, family, and neighbors. We believe our integrity ad attention to detail is why our customers continue to return. We have a proven 20-year track record of completing fence projects on time and on budget. We take pride in our knowledgeable and skilled team. Our goal is to provide a superior fence at a price that is competitive.  We serve clients in Cypress, Southwest Houston, and the Fort bend County area. Call today for your free fence evaluation.





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