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As most residents in the Houston area know pruning and trimming is an essential form of taking care of your tree by removing branches every few years, so your trees maintain their shape and remain an asset to your property. Why is crown reduction, pruning and trimming vital to your trees?



Health: If you want your trees to remain healthy then all damages, diseased and deadwood need to be routinely removed so that branches can not becoming a magnet for insects and allow more air and light to reach the canopy, so your trees remain healthy. When the canopy of the tree becomes too heavy it places an unnecessary strain on the trunk and root of mature tree.


Safety: Trimming or pruning a diseased or dying tree will help protect your property during severe storms as tropical winds coming from the coast can cause unsound branches to fall and impact your roof, home or business and surrounding power lines.


Beauty: Its very common for residents to have their trees trimmed in Spring TX to keep up the trees natural beauty. As you may have already discovered trees can grow in unusual ways but by keeping your trees pruned and removing dead branches it will improve the shape and consequently the look of your trees in addition to promoting new growth and flower quantity.

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Tree Trimming Service That Gets It Right!

​While there are many tree services in Spring TX, unfortunately not all companies in our area know how to properly trim or prune a tree.  Anyone who offers tree topping you want to steer clear of. Tree topping can cause the tree to be wounded or suffer from shock. When a tree has too much of its crown removed it starves the tree of essential nutrients which leads to branch failure. However just leaving the crown to grow can pose a threat especially during storm season when high winds pick up. Limbs that are too large can damage your home or buildings siding, windows, and roof as when trees with too heavy of a crown are susceptible to breaking and if the branches break due to powerful storms it can prevent the tree from ever growing back the way It was originally intended to.


Our tree service company in Spring TX instead offers a method that is known in our industry as crown reduction. Crown reduction requires the proper tool and techniques of evenly spacing the lateral branches especially in newly planted trees and trimming away any intersecting branches. This method of tree trimming will reduce and or raise the crown of the tree so that it is not a safety concern while also allowing the tree to thrive by having more access to the sunlight. In order for a tree to remain healthy and avoid branch failure it must have nutrients which is precisely why our tree trimming team in Katy removes deadwood through properly thinning the tips of the tree to avoid its limbs from causing damages such as scraping your siding or roof and to balance out the trees canopy. We also remove any diseased or dead limbs. We avoid removing too many of the bottom branches so that the stem remains sturdy. Our goal is to make your trees as healthy as possible because a healthy tree makes a happy homeowner.

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Should Your Attempt To Trim Your Own Trees?


This depends on your skillset, the proper way to trim or prune is a tree is through a method known as crown reduction which can occurs from the top down. On larger, more mature trees this can be a safety issue for most homeowners and most novices do not know which branches should be removed. If you cut off too much from the crown this can shock the tree thus decreasing its lifespan. The best solution for tree trimming services in Spring TX is to call a local expert who has the knowledge, skillset, and equipment to safely prune your tree and preserve its vitality and beauty. Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements follows industry guidelines including:


  • Trimming ¼ or less of the crown of the tree every 12 to 18 months’

  • Trim side branches in a clock pattern where the two and ten hand are

  • Maintaining the branches to 1/3 the circumference of the trees trunk

  • Pruning no more than one-third the height of the tree but not the foliage itself as this will detour growth and cause the tree to look unnatural

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Our team believes in professionally training each service member we employ this is why you will not catch our team using tree spikes that can wound a tree or using tree topping techniques that is strictly prohibited in our industry and through Harris County. As with all of our tree services in Spring TX including tree cutting and stump grinding, we stand behind the quality of our work with a 100% guarantee. This simply means we won’t leave you hanging but will do what we say we will do and provide excellent service from the first phone call until your tree trimming is complete. Our goal is to provide the level of customer care you would happily refer us to your friends and neighbors.

Here is what you can count on when you work with our experienced team:


  • We will preserve your tree natural shape and make sure the crown is balanced to enhance its natural beauty.

  • We will remove large limbs that are unnecessary to eliminate your tree being stressed and to detour rodents and insects

  • We will safely trim the tree to prevent damages to your home or property

  • We will prune the tree away from your gutters to prevent clogs that water damages.  


Give your tree the best chance for healthy regrowth and keep your curb appeal in pristine condition with our tree trimming service in Spring TX and the greater Houston area.

When you see beautiful and immaculately groomed trees, they didn’t naturally develop this way, but you can experience these same results.


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