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Quality Tree Trimming in Spring TX

Superior Residential Tree Crowning and pruning in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Fulshear, or anywhere in Fort Bend County with a 200% Guarantee. Call for a free quote- 281-545-7740

As a full tree service company our most requested service is tree trimming, our team focus on crown reduction as opposed to tree topping because we love trees and want to enable them to live and thrive as long as safely possible to do so. We believe trees are an asset to your Fort Bend County property and as long as they are trimmed every 3 to 5 years your tree will most likely not become a safety hazard to your home and family. Some of the benefits a mature tree provides its owners include:


       Reduces Utility Cost: Did you know that large trees properly placed around your home have the ability to lower your energy bill? Trees providing your home shade during our hot summer months and reduce your air conditioning cost by 30% saving you upwards to $200 a year.  


       Flood Protection: In the greater Houston area we understand how prone our homes are to flooding due to torrential downpours and this water runoff can lead to flooding but your trees slows down the flow of rainwater which reduces erosion.


       Increases Property Value: Homeowners love trees because of the boost they add to your curb appeal especially mature trees which adds character to a home in fact looking at a tree is proven to reduce stress and anxiety. This is why it’s worth the investment to protect them and the best way to do so is with professional tree trimming in Spring TX.  

We recommend having an annual tree inspection in Fort Bend or Harris County for newly developed deadwood and to promote new growth. Call us for a free inspection 281-545-7740  

Tree Trimming Service That Gets It Right!

While there are many tree trimming services in Katy Texas, unfortunately not all tree services in our area know how to properly prune a tree.  I order for a tree to remain healthy ad alive certain requirements must be met or your trees suffers from wounds or shock which can kill the tree as it starves it from nutrients and branch failure. When a trees crown becomes too large safety issues start to occur especially with our strong hurricane winds so the trees crown must be reduced in size and its always easier to prune sooner rather than later.  However, any tree service company in Katy TX that offers tree topping you want to steer clear of. The only acceptable method of tree trimming in Spring is tree crowning to remove unnecessary live foliage. Trees are prone to failure and can cause damages to your siding, windows, and roof when they become too heavy at the end of the limbs. When a tree has heavy foliage at the tips, they can break especially during severe weather causing irreversible damages to your tree and preventing it from ever growing back the way it was originally intended too. This is precisely why our tree trimming team in Katy removes deadwood through properly thinning the tips of the tree to remove rubbing limbs that scrape your roof, balancing out the trees canopy and removing diseased or deceased limbs that during a storm can fall onto your home or vehicle and attract rodents and become a habitat for rats.


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Tree Crowning – Your Trees Viable Solution

Our tree service in Katy Texas reduces the size of a tree crown using the proper tools and pruning techniques. We keep the lateral branches evenly space apart especially when pruning younger trees and trim away any intersecting branches. To ensure the tree remains alive we never remove more than a fourth of a living crown at one given time this is one reason if you need tree trimming in Katy you want to ensure you never wait too long. When trees have uncontrolled growth trimming must be spread out over years in order for the tree to remain healthy and not wither due to shock. We can also raise the crown of the tree through careful tree trimming your spring TX trees live branches, we can prune at least two thirds of the tree height. We avoid removing too many bottom branches as doing so the tree may not develop a sturdy stem.  Bottom line when our tree trimming team in Katy, Spring, Sugar Land and across greater Houston is finished pruning your mature trees, they will be healthier and happier. When you work with Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements you can expect these benefots from our tree crowning services:  


     We will preserve your tree natural shape and make sure the crown is balanced to enhance its natural beauty.


     We will remove large limbs that are unnecessary to eliminate your tree being stressed to detoru rodents and insects and prevent slowly declining


     We will trim the tree, so they do not scrape against your roof during severe weather such as broken shingles


     We will prune the tree away from your gutters preventing clogged gutters that can lead to water damages.  


Give your tree the best chance for healthy regrowth and keep your curb appeal in pristine condition with our tree trimming services in and around Katy TX. We will make sure your trees look their best and that your other landscaping can thrive by having access to more sunlight as we reduce your tree height and spread.

Why Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements?

Our team believes in professionally training each service member we employ this is why you will not catch our team using tree spikes that can wound a tree or using tree topping techniques that is strictly prohibited in our industry and outlawed through Harris County and Katy local tree trimming regulations. Our goal is to provide your tree enough energy that it will remain healthy and alive for decades to come. When you see beautiful and immaculately groomed trees, they didn’t naturally develop this way, but you can experience these same results with our tree services in Katy Texas so give us a call today for a free tree inspection and upfront and fair price at 281-545-7740

For Reliable and Quality tree trimming service in Katy Texas there is only one team you should trust, in fact we are so certain of our tree trimming that if your tree dies within 12 months, we will give you a 200% refund- no questions asked!     

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Full Transparency


You will always know what the job entails from pricing to the work involved before we start any tree service in Spring TX. No surprises

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Honest Advice 


We know how many homeowners are attached to their trees; in many cases we can save trees other tree services in Katy TX say are hopeless. When you work with us you will receive the service that best matches your need, not what fills our pocket.

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No Mess Left Behind


 We treat customers property the way we do our own this means we leave no branches, debris, or trash behind and make sure your property is better than the way we found it.

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