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Besides being an eye sore that will detract from the beautification of your yard a tree stump left can pose a safety hazard. Its all too easy to trip or mow over a forgotten stump that has not been disposed of. Tree stumps left behind after the removal of a tree will also continue to decay which attracts insects that feast on wood and can spread diseases through your lawn damaging your landscaping and the overall visual appeal of your property. If you need tree stump removal in Houston, contact your exterior home team at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements for a free quote at a fair and upfront price.

Benefits of Stump Grinding For Houston Homeowners

While most people remove stumps because they are an eyesore there are other benefits to having an old stump removed including:


Avoiding accidents: While a stump may seem a minor inconvenience it can be a trip and fall accident lawsuit waiting to happen especially if the stump is on a commercial property. For homeowners it’s a burden when it comes to mowing a yard.


Protects your property: Stumps can be a real feast for wood boring insects that can cause diseases to spread from the stump to your lawn and landscaping and best of luck trying to plant anything around them.


Prevents Regrowth: If you intentionally had a tree removed there is a good probability you don’t want any chance of regrowth but this is precisely what can occur when you don’t have the stump disposed of. Eliminating the stump eliminates any potential for re-sprouting.


The Right Choice: There is never a time we have seen where leaving a stump is a good choice. Generally, it is left on the premises because of the added time and expense required to properly dispose of the stump fortunately we are here to provide fast, cost effective, and eco-friendly stump removal for Houston homeowners and businesses.


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What Is The Cost For Stump Removal In Houston?

If you have ever tried to remove an old tree stump you know this is no easy task to take on. There is expensive equipment that needs to be rented and can be challenging for a do it yourself to operate. When a stump is removed by a do it yourselfer there are wood pieces that must be cleaned up or else your yard is left a mess. For this reason, when you need tree stump removal in Houston you should turn to an experienced tree specialist who has the knowledge, skillset, and equipment to handle any size of stump. When you work with Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, you can trust our tree service in Katy to leave your yard flush as we grind the stump below ground level which is about 10 to 12 inches below the soil and instead of leaving a mess at your request we can turn the wood chips into aerated mulch to fill the hole left behind or we will simply remove the debris from the stump leaving your yard in better shape from removing the tree and its stump so any disease left from the dead tree or stump does not spread across your yard to infest your healthy trees.

Why Stump Removal Should Be Left To A Pro?


Are you stumped as to whether you should hire a professional or do it yourself? If you have ever tried to remove an old tree stump you know this is no easy task to take on. There is expensive equipment that needs to be rented and can be challenging for a do it yourself to operate not only this but removing a tree stump from your Houston property is more dangerous than most homeowners are aware of this is why you want to hire a professional tree service who has the training, skillset, knowledge, and experience to grind the stump safely and effectively without risking your life, limbs, or property.


When our tree service team in Houston comes out, we will assess the stump to determine the safety way to dispose of it then we will make precise cuts to get the job dine right which is something no service manual can teach you only time and experience. When we complete the task, your yard is flush as we grind the stump to a foot below the soil then afterwards, we clean up the yard leaving it debris free and better off then we found it. At the owners request we can also take the wood chops and turn them aerated mulch to fill in the hole. When you need professional stump grinding in Houston why spend your time, energy or risk your safety when you can call us for around the same prices as renting the proper equipment.

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Permanent and Professional Tree Stump Removal 

Our dedicated and professional tree service team in Spring, Katy, and the Houston area. We offer softwood stump removal for heights up to 1.5 feet tall and hardwood stump removal ranging from 0.1 to 2.9 feet tall. In another word, no stump removal job in Houston is too big or small for our team to safely manage. We stand behind the quality of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee so if you are unhappy with our work for any reason, we will correct the issue at our expense. In addition to stump grinding, we also offer tree removal, cutting, and trimming. Request an instant quote by calling our local and family-owned tree service in Katy TX at 281-545-7740 or completing the contact form on our home page so a friendly staff member can contact you at their earliest convince.