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As any Harris County homeowner knows, trees are a vital part of our community and helps make a house into a home from providing shade and decoration to your lawn and landscaping to the backdrop for all those wonderful outdoor memories. However, without care trees can have the exact opposite affect and be an eye sore or worse cause structural and property damages that are costly, this is why our tree service in Spring TX wants to help homeowners and property owners in our area keep their trees standing tall and aesthetically pleasing for years to come. At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we are all about making the outside of your home look as great as the inside does by offering:

  • Tree Trimming and Pruning

  • Tree Removal & Cutting

  • Stump Grinding & Removal

  • Cabling & Bracing

  • Emergency & Storm Damage Service

  • Fertilization & Planting

Beautify Your Lawn With Healthy Vibrant Trees

As a leading tree service for the Spring TX area, we understand the sentimental attachment many homeowners have with their trees. As the Chinese proverb goes “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is today.” This is why proper care must be taken to preserve them. When you hire our team to properly trim or prune your trees, we will make sure there is no deadwood to allow them to thrive year around and remain disease free. If a tree does have disease, decay, or fungi we will make sure that we stop the spread from impacting healthier branches. If you have fruit trees on your property, then carefully pruning your trees can encourage fruit production. Its hard for sweet, delicious fruits to be produced when the limbs of the fruit trees hare dead or rotted. Furthermore, with careful cuts trees can be shaped as you desire so that you can see clearly now that the foliage is gone.

Tree Service 100% Guarantee

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Tree Services We Offer In Spring TX

Tree Trimming: Before you trim your own trees or hire a Mom-and-pop tree service in Spring TX that may not be here in a year consult our family and locally owned experts. Tree trimming can be dangerous and time consuming, forget the hassle, sit back, and relax while our team gets to work making your trees look great without injuring or lifting a finger.

Pruning: For the future health of your tree, we offer pruning to enhance the shape of the tree and its quality of life as we protect it from pest and diseases. Our team removes loose, diseased or dead branches that allows the tree to thrive

Tree Trimming: Much like pruning however tree trimming is more like a trim you would have done to your hair as opposed to a haircut/ We thin out the overgrown branches to help with shapely growth and even out the foliage. This is recommending at least once every year.

Tree Removal: We try to preserve the tree if possible and can secure it with cables and braces but sometimes there is no way to prevent a tree from being saved because its falling or diseased in which case our team will remove it safely and efficiently.


Stump Removal & Grinding: Our professional team ensures that after a tree is removed the stump is also removed through grinding to prevent your yard becoming unsafe or the stump from attracting insects and diseases that can impact your landscaping.

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I was a first time customer but I will definitely call again for more work. I am already waiting for my next estimate. I appreciated the upfront breakdown of costs and the quality of work. Honesty, quality work, and a fair price - I feel blessed to have found Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements.

Storm Damage Tree Removal in Spring

Maintaining the trees on your Harris County property is crucial during the summertime when storms around our area are more severe. The biggest threat to your trees is high winds, these gust can push over a tree if the aerial tree portion is too strong for the root system. While we can’t control the wind the biggest culprit is a lack of maintenance and insects and pest that makes the trees health decline. The solution is to have our tree service team in Spring TX provide you with a free inspection to determine the condition of your trees from its roots to the crown. We will inspect to see if there are any exposed roots, lifting, or wounds to the tree that need to be dealt with, so you and your family stay safer during severe weather. Our team wants nothing more than to make sure your family, home and trees are safe and secure so call us today for a free tree inspection. If you do find that you’re in need of storm damage services, we are available between 7 am and 10 pm at 281-545-7740 or 816-381-0648 (cell)

How Can Our Tree Service In Spring TX Help You?

Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements offers a comprehensive list of tree services to Spring TX homeowners and commercial property owners to resolve any tree issue you have. Our team is fully insured, trained, and follows all ISA guidelines to serve our customers in Spring, Katy, and the greater Houston area so if you are ready to boost your tree health call us today at 281-545-7740 for same day or next day service or complete our online form and one of our friendly team member will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

Common Questions & Answers About Tree’s

When do you need to have a tree removed?


Unfortunately, death is a part of every trees life so at some point your tree will reach the end of its life. If you are not working with a tree service pro in Spring TX, this can quickly escalate into a nightmare. Some trees lose their skeletal structure and can be unsteady or weak which can lead to it falling over unexpectedly. Other trees need to be removed because they are too close or interfering with utility lines such as live electricity. According to CenterPoint Energy trees cause about 20% of all unplanned power outages. The third common reason for trees to be removed is if the tree has more than 50% deadwood.


What to do after having a tree removed?


After you remove the tree, you want to have the stump removed as its will decrease the visual appeal of your property and is an insect magnet that can expose diseases to the rest of your lawn, healthy trees, shrubs, and plants. If you did to have a stump removed because the tree service company in Spring TX who removed your tree did not offer it and you are looking for a quote give us a call for a fair and honest price.


How often should you have your trees trimmed or pruned?


It’s a personal choice when you trim your trees, but we recommend at least once if not twice a year or when your trees become too large up top and look awkward. Tree pruning which is often confused as being the same is based more on the type of tree and its blooming cycle. Spring and winter are great pruning seasons in our area.


What equipment does your team use?


We understand that homeowners love their lawns and rightfully so, our team does the best we can to not drag equipment over your lawn that would impact your landscaping, we will also collaborate with you so we know the ones for your sprinkler system, so they are nit damaged in the process. If there is any property damages due to a member of our staff we will correct the issue at our expense rather that’s through insurance or paying out of pocket. After the work is complete, we clean up the rea so it looks better then before we arrived.


How often should I have my trees inspected?


We recommend having a tree assessment once a year or if you suspect your tree was damaged after a storm. At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we believe this is so crucial that we offer the estimate free of charge unlike other tree service companies in Spring TX. Our belief is that minor tree problems go undetected until it’s too late and this causes wounded and diseased trees to end their life prematurely. As tree huggers we stress the importance of having your trees pruned when necessary, so that foliage and limbs don’t become problematic

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