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Affordable Tree Service Spring TX

We offer convenient tree trimming, stump removal, and tree removal in Spring TX.

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At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we are pleased to offer complete and affordable tree services in Spring TX from tree trimming that can save your home from damages to removing diseased and deceased trees off your Harris County property. We recommend due to the severity of our weather and the damages a tree can cause to never delay tree removal in Spring TX and here is why:

     Crown Twist

     Stem Failure

     Wind Thrown

     Root Failure

When do you need tree removal in Spring TX?

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Unfortunately, death is a part of every tree's life so at some point it will expire, and when this happens your beloved tree can become your biggest nightmare. When a tree becomes a safety hazard to you and your home it must be removed because if your tree has a compromised skeletal structure it can prove to be unsteady. When a tree is weak it can topple over unexpectedly.

Another reason it may be time to remove your tree is when the crown of the tree is extremely close to power lines. According to CenterPoint Energy trees cause about 20% of unplanned power outages in our area alone. If you are in the planning phase of planting a new tree you want to consider the proper location and if your tree is within 10-foot proximity of a power line you need to enlist a tree removal service in Spring TX because if your tree downs the powerline, you are held liable for any necessary repairs the tree causes. This is why before the crown of your tree reaches its fulness you need to have your trees trimmed.

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Storm Damage Tree Removal in Spring

Maintaining trees during summer months when storms are at their worst is part of a safe and secure home. When storms are extreme, we want nothing more than to make sure your family, home, and trees are safe. High winds can push over a tree if the aerial tree portion is too strong for the root system. The trees that are most susceptible to damages are most often caused by a lack of maintenance and attack from insects and pest that makes the health of a tree deteriorate. This is one reason before summer arrives, we offer free tree inspections to determine the condition of your tree, its crown, and root system to check for exposed roots, lifting, and other injuries to your trees. When trees are older and more mature if they have been uprooted by a severe storm, they are more than likely not able to be rescued.


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What  to do after removing a tree

If you had recently had a tree removed in Spring you may wonder " what's next?" if you did have the stump removed you may want to reconsider as not only do they decrease the aesthetic look of your Harris County property but a stump that is to remove is an insect magent that may spread to your healthy trees, shrubs, and plants. These insects can damage your crape myrtles or magnolias, and demolish the vegetation growing on nearby plants. If you did to have a stump removed because your tree service company didn't provide it or you want a fair and honest price give your tree service professional in Spring a call. 

Crow Trimming & Tree Shaping Services in Spring

While tree trimming may not be something you consider until problems occur, we advise our customers to have their trees trimmed every couple of years to ensure you have a clear view and a thriving tree. However, any tree service in Spring that does not offer to the crown is liable to wound or damage the tree to where it’s never again the same and in worse conditions, the tree will need to be removed completely. One of the most common trees in our area is oak trees that require trimming every 2 to 3 years once they mature. If you have a younger tree, you can stretch it a few more years but one thing about having an oak tree on your property is it can become insect-infested or suffer from a fatal disease called oak wilt. Oak wilt occurs when pests prey on a newly trimmed tree.  This is why unless of a tree emergency we only trim the oak trees in Spring TX between early February and late June. If a wounded tree does leave you with an emergency on your hand, we do our best to avoid causing a larger wound by using pruning shears.  


When was the last time you had your tree assessed?

More often than not, homeowners don't have their trees checked out by a professional tree service in Spring TX like EHE until it's too late. As such, minor tree problems can go undetected until the tree is severely wounded or diseased, and that can lead to a tree being unable to survive. As tree lovers we strongly suggest every year to have your trees assessed, to make sure your tree is healthy, and to prune any unnecessary foliage or limbs that could be problematic. We know how important your home is for you and this is why we do not charge for our evaluations. If your trees are healthy, and we hope they are then chances are you will be able to rest a little easier knowing they can wither the storms and if there are problems, we will tell you the best solution to remedy it quickly and offer you a competitive price for your tree services in Spring TX. Give us a call and let’s save our trees and save some money with our afforable tree services in Spring TX. Contact us at 281-545-7740 or fill out our contact form on the home page.

If you need tree trimming or tree removal in Spring or anywhere in Harris or Fort Bend County we are just a phone call away- 281-545-7740   

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You will always know what the cost of your tree service in Katy is. We guarantee everything  upfront and in writing so you wot be shocked with we hidden fees or extra charges. 

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Our team strives to  ensures your  trees and landscaping continue to look great, and remain disease free to  improves the overall look of your yard, 

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 We treat your yard as if it were our own, whether your having us trim or removal we leave your yard better than it was before we arrived- Guaranteed! 

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