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Quality Tree Service

Residential Tree Removal, Trimming, and Stump Grinding in Harris and Fort Bend County- Call For A Free Quote Today!

At Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, we understand the beauty a tree adds to your property therefore we only recommend removing a tree when it’s a necessity such as a decayed or diseased tree or if it will endanger your household. In all cases where less than 50% of the tree is deadwood, we trim trees to ensure they do not cause any damage to your roof, powerlines, or home structure in the event there is a storm. At the property owner's request, we will also remove trees to clear the properties if a new structure is being added or if the roots are interfering with underground cables or wire.


Our crew has specialized training including aerial certification to scale any size of the tree as well as the necessary skillset and equipment to prevent damages when lowering a tree. Our goal is to always make sure your property is left better off than the condition we found it in. We do this by taking the time needed to listen and do the job right, we will never rush through any job just to get to the next or offer services such as tree cutting that are unnecessary. Our team offers tree service in Katy as well as tree removal and tree trimming in Spring TX, Richmond, Sugar Land, and across Fort Bend County including Cypress and Southwest Houston.    

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We Sincerely Care About Your Beloved Tree

We believe trees are as important as other exterior features for boosting your curb appeal and increasing your property value this is why Emerson Exterior Home Enhancement provides quality tree services and the first step is scheduling your complementary consultation to provide you the appropriate service for your trees unique needs including:

       Tree Trimming

       Tree Removal

      Stump Grinding


During our consultation, we will get to the root of your tree problems and provide create a tailored and fruitful treatment plan in addition to identifying any trees on your Fort Bend or Harris County property that could create damages to your property, especially during storm season. When the crown of the tree is not trimmed back or has weak limbs if a severe storm such as wind from a hurricane or tropical wind storm, the tree could cause impact damages to your roof from broken shingles to damaged gutters, siding, and windows. For this reason, if you suspect the crown of your tree is too large ( a warning sign would be scrapping against your home) or if you have a diseased or dead tree do not prolong your tree service in Spring TX give us a call today, we offer same day and next day tree services in Katy, Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City and the greater Houston area.


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Proper Tree Trimming

The most requested service is tree trimming in Spring TX and across Fort Bend County and our team takes great pride in pruning trees to improve our customer's property and the tree's overall health and value. If you need tree trimming in Spring TX, Katy TX, or anywhere in Fort Bend you want to make sure you hire the right team as a novice who has little knowledge can cause damages to your roof, fence, or home not to mention an unpleasant looking tree on your property. Instead, seek out our qualified professionals at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements to help keep your trees healthy and looking great. We will work within your budget and understand how to prune trees without removing excessive foliage.

Affordable Tree Removal


Are you seeking affordable tree removal service in Spring or Katy TX? We can help, rather this is removing a dead or diseased tree or clearing trees on your Fort Bend property to make room for building a new structure. We love trees and believe trees are an asset to your home and an important landscaping feature so if less than 50% of the tree is deadwood or they are compromising your family safety or the safety of your home we will try preserving your trees with our tree trimming services. Our team also offers severe weather emergency services including hurricane tree services around the clock.  Some of the reasons customers request emergency tree service in Katy TX is because:


      A tree is barricading an entrance/ exit, driveway, walkway, or impending n a neighbor’s property


       Visible damages to trees roots require immediate attention as the tree has lost its skeletal support and could fall over without a moment notice


       If you have a yard on your property that is leaning it should be inspected and if the tree has a sudden severe lean before it causes any damages, you need emergency tree services in Katy TX.

Other emergency service cases include hollow and damaged trees, while a hollow trunk can survive if the overall strength of a tree is impacted especially during a hurricane or strong wind storm its susceptible to collapse without warning. Other instances that require emergency tree services including: 

         Emerging sprouts

        Large dead branches


        Trees near power lines

       Truck damages

​ Stump Grinding


In addition to removing trees, we also offer tree stump removal in Houston TX, and the surrounding area.  We offer stump grinding for soft and hardwood ranging from stumps that are 0.1 to 2.9 feet tall and we make sure the stumps and their root collar are flush and to ground level to safety hazards and insect infestation.  When you hire us for tree stump grinding in Houston TX you can count on us to deliver you fast, affordable services.   


Why Hire Our Tree Care Specialist?


At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we strive to deliver our customers the absolute best in service, pricing, and quality tree services in Katy TX, and the surrounding area. We realize the value of trees and will never recommend tree removal unless we believe it’s absolutely necessary because, at the end of the day, we care more about trees than we do our wallets. While Texas offers no applicable licenses for tree service specialists we are fully insured, offer a 200% money back tree trimming guarantee, and have become certified as aerial climbers and certified tree line clearance specialists. This means we have the knowledge, experience of over a decade, and equipment to handle any tree service needs you have. Give us a call for your free tree inspection at 281-545-7740  

Our 5 Star Tree Services In Katy TX

Let your tree thrive to produce flowers or fruit with our tree trimming services in Katy Texas. Properly trimming your trees will allow them to remain strong and boost the value of your home while enhancing the appeal of your tree, landscaping, and Fort Bend County property  


Don’t wait until the wind or a severe storm breaks off branches or brings down a decayed tree to give us a call. We can remove your diseased tree before it causes damages to your home or poses a safety risk to your family. We offer same day and next day emergency tree service in Spring Texa, Katy Texas, and across Fort bend County


Our stump removal process is the most efficient way to make sure no tree roots are left behind that require additional upkeep to the landscape of your home. Our equipment chews the stump to ground level to prevent resprouting.    


Enjoy the canopy of your trees longer with our expert tree trimming services in Spring TX, Katy TX and across Fort Bend County! Contact your local Residential Tree Care Specialists at 281-545-7740

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