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Residential Tree Removal, Trimming, and Stump Grinding across the Houston area including Katy and Spring TX- Call For A Free Quote Today! 

Looking for a quality tree trimming, stump grinding or tree removal service in Katy, Spring, or the greater Houston area? Look no further than Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements. We consider our team the leading tree service provider for Fort Bend, Harris, and Waller County and we don’t take that lightly this is why we offer a wide range of tree services and consider no task to larger or small.

Before committing to any project, we assess the project and property to ensure everything is done in the best interest of our clients, the trees, and the safety and security of your property and our employees. Here is a list of tree services our team has to offer:

  • Emergency Tree Services Katy, TX

  • Brush & Tree Removal Katy, TX

  • Stump Grinding & Removal Katy TX

  • Preventive Services

  • Land & Lot Cleaning

  • Tree Planting & Fertilization

  • Tree Bracing & Cabling


Preserving trees is at the core of every service we provide because we sincerely care about trees, and it shows in the quality of work we provide. Unlike many of the other tree service providers in and around the Houston area we cover the full life cycle of the tree from fertilization and planting to falling and wood chipping and we stand behind the quality of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality of the tree services, our Katy company provides we will make it right at our expense and because of this we do not take on any project that we can not handle with confidence and quality.

The Katy Tree Service Company You Can Trust

We are Katy true tree service professionals with over two decades of experience and we are dedicated to providing customer focused tree service simply put we follow the golden rule of treating our customers the way we want to be treated when we hire a service provider. We listen to our customers, take time to answer their questions and address their concerns, offer competitive pricing with the other tree service providers in Houston and leave your property better off then we found it. Our ultimate goal is not only to provide Katy residents the best tree service but the best customer service because we don’t just value trees, we value your business that has kept us working for over 20 years.

When Should You Remove A Tree? 


At Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, we understand the beauty a tree adds to your property therefore we only recommend removing a tree when it’s a necessity such as a decayed or diseased tree or if it will impact your household. In all cases where less than 50% of the tree is deadwood, we provide tree trimming services to ensure the tree does not damage your homes structure, roofing shingles, or nearby powerlines. If you need to clear land to build a new structure or if the tree roots have grown and are interfering with underground plumbing, cable, or wires, we can help.

We offer free quotes in addition to emergency tree service to safely restore your property after a tropical storm or hurricane. Our Katy tree service has specialized training including aerial certifications to scale any size of tree as well as the necessary skillset and equipment to prevent damages when lowering a tree. Our goal is to always make sure your property is left better off than the condition we found it in. We do this by protecting the area where we are working and safely lowering the tree. We never rush through a job or cut corners just to get to the next jobsite this is because when it comes to tree removal lowering a tree must be done with correctly or it can cause impact damages to your home from roofs to fences. When trimming or pruning a tree it doesn’t take much for a beautiful tree to become a real eye sore if pruning is done poorly so when you are ready to work with a true tree service professional in Katy contact us. Our team will keep your trees healthy and looking great and your property safe for the next storm that rolls through.

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Proper Tree Trimming


Tree trimming (and pruning on a more routine basis) is one of the most requested tree services we provide in Katy, Spring and Houston because almost every mature tree native to our area from Oak and Elm trees to beloved Palm trees require it in order to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape.  

As Katy leading tree service, we have the experience to skillfully trim your trees through a technique known as crown reduction. Trimming a tree is both an art and science and we follow all ISA standards to preserve the beauty and health of your trees.   



Affordable Tree Removal


With our tree removal service, you can rest assured knowing our trained and insured professionals follow all ISA safety standards and procedure and offer the best local tree service so that your tree is removed quickly, successfully and for a fair and upfront price. We love trees and believe trees are an asset to your home and an important landscaping feature so if less than 50% of the tree is deadwood or they are compromising your family safety or the safety of your home we will try preserving your trees When you schedule our team to come out for a free estimate, we will recommend the most effective method for removing your tree and to dispose of the wood and stump. Our prices are rock solid so what we quote is all you ever pay.


Storm & Emergency Tree Services


From tropical storm winds with high winds and heavy rains you need a team that works around the clock to provide emergency tree services Some of our storm related request in Katy include removing trees that have caused a barricade to become blocked or is impending onto a neighbors property as well as visible damages to tree roots that require immediate attention due to the tree loosing its skeletal support making the tree a danger to your property. If a tree on your property that is leaning it should be inspected quickly to avoid emergency tree service as this can cause more property damages. You may also need same day tree service for

  • Emerging sprouts

  • Large dead branches


  • Trees near power lines

  • Tree Trunk damages


​​Stump Grinding


In addition to remove trees most homeowners in Houston also opt for stump grinding once the tree has been cut down to avoid ugly stumps that are a trip hazard.  If the tree company, you hired does not do stump grinding we are happy to help even if we did not remove the tree so that your stump won’t attract pest and insects causing damages to your lawn and landscaping. We offer stump grinding for soft and hardwood ranging from stumps that are 0.1 to 2.9 feet tall and we make sure the stumps and their root collar are flush and to ground level to safety hazards and insect infestation.   Instead of having to deal with deceased or diseased trees stumps call our Katy tree service who can offer a same day or next day quote and generally have your stump removed within the same week you contact us.


Brush Removal Services


We offer brush removal services are Fort Bend and Harris County which very few Houston tree service providers do because they believe there isn’t enough profit to spend their time on a standalone service however at Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we focus on offering customers what they need when they need it and use this time to cultivate relationships. We hope these lower end tree services will help you become familiar with the level of service we provide and that you will trust us when you have other projects that you can use us for such as tree trimming, removal, and stump grinding. We look forward to working with you so if you need brush removal services at your property give us a call.

Katy 5 Star Tree Service

Let your tree thrive to produce flowers or fruit with our tree trimming services in Katy. Properly trimming your trees will allow them to remain strong and boost the value of your property while enhancing your curb appeal and landscaping.


Don’t wait until a severe storm breaks off branches or brings down a decayed tree to contact us. We can remove your diseased tree before they pose a safety risk We offer same day and next day emergency tree service in Spring, Katy, and across the Houston area


Our stump removal process is the most efficient way to make sure no tree roots are left behind that require additional upkeep to the landscape of your home. Our equipment chews the stump to ground level to prevent re-sprouting.    


Why We Are Harris County & Katy Choice For Tree Service ?


We are the premier tree service in Katy, TX but you don’t have to take our word for it read what our customers say about our services and why they refer us to their family, friends, and neighbors. Our team services the entire Houston area from Spring to Katy as well as Fort Bend and Harris County. We offer both residential and commercial services and are legitimately trained and fully insured for your peace of mind and protection. We abide by all ISA and the guidelines of the Tree Care Industry Association. Our team has over two decades of knowledge and hands on experience so give us a call for a free estimate at 281-545-7740. During our free consultation we will get to the root of the problem and provide a treatment plan or identify any trees on your property that  could cause damages and how best to remedy the situation.

Enjoy the canopy of your trees longer with our expert tree trimming service in Spring TX, Katy TX and across Fort Bend County! Contact your local Residential Tree Care Specialists at 281-545-7740