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Rosenberg Fence Repairs 

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Rosenberg Fence Repair Services

Does your fence need to be repaired or replaced due to wear and tear, a recent battle with the wind, or due to improper installation? We are here to help get your fence fixed fast!

We are Rosenberg’s full-service fence company offer fence repairs, replacement, and installation throughout Rosenberg in zip codes 77417, 77469, and 77471. We offer a variety of fence materials and designs. Here is just a small sampling of the fence we can repair:




Our Rosenberg fence repair services are fast, efficient, and affordable and we stand behind our work with a long-term warranty. Contact us today to schedule a free assessment of your fence. During the estimate we will check the post, take measurements, answer your questions, and offer you are expert opinion to restore your fence to like new conditions, so your family, pets, and home is safe and secured for years to come.

Let Our Rosenberg Fence Company Save You Money


 If you have recently been told by another fence company that your fence needs to be replaced because 20% of it has been damaged- stop and call us! Our Rosenberg fence company has a different measuring stick to determine rather or need your fence needs to be replaced or can in fact be repaired. Here are some of the most frequent fence repairs we perform in your area.


Wood Rot: The chief enemy of a wooden fence is moisture and humidity; our weather climate just doesn’t mix well with wood so if your fence has rotted post or pickets, we can repair them and then we suggest using a fence sealer that will preserve the life cycle of your fence.


Replacing Missing Board or Pickets: From vinyl fences to chain link and wooden fences we offer a variety of replacement parts, slats, and panels to get your fence back to preforming the way it ought to.


Repairing Holes: While vinyl fences are almost indestructible, they can be punctured and when this happens if its not attached correctly it can either continue to worsen over time or become unsightly. On chain link fences we can also fix holes in the link.

Missing or Damaged Links: If your chain link fence has been damaged near the pole or at the top of your fence because of a broken link we have the right material for the job.


Replacing Post: Every fence would be nothing without the post so rather you have a metal or iron fence post that is damaged or rather you have a rotted wood post that needs to be replaced our Rosenberg fence company can help to atop the sagging, sinking, or leaning fence issues quickly.


Gate Issues: From sagging gates to gates that won’t shut and have to be picked up just to open, or hardware that has seen better days we have you covered.


Fence Stain & Seal: After you have to replace large sections of your fence if you don’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb you may want to consider having your fence stained. We offer 8 different choices for you to select from so that you not only have a functional and safe wooden fence but also one that boost your curb appeal.  


One of the differences between us and many other Rosenberg fence companies is we take on any size of job, while other companies have a minimum this just isn’t the way we have built our business. We started our fence company offering fence repairs and even those little nuisances that seem small can lead to bigger issues.

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I was very pleased with my gate they installed. I also appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done. They did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the gate was being installed to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accommodating

Bre G. Katy

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Why Choose Us For Your Rosenberg Fence Repairs?



Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements has over two decades of experience, but we started out in 1999 as handyman doing minor fence repairs no other fence company would touch from there, we have grown to become the leading fence repair, replacement, and installation company near you. We believe what has allowed us to thrive is the way we treat our customers, call it the golden rule if you will. We will not leave your family with a fence that is any less safe than we would our own family. Our fence company Is fully insured, never uses sub-contractors, and even offers same day and next day appointments so give us a call at 281-545-7740

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Fence Repair Q & A



How long should it take to repair my fence?


It all depends on the type of material you have and the damages to your fence, some fence repairs can be done the same day if we don’t have to call 811 to mark for safe digging if they do need to come out then we will return the following day and should have you cared for within a day or 2 at the latest unless you are having several sections repaired.


Can iron or aluminum that has been bent be straightened out?


In most cases yes, we can repair bent, twisted, or damaged iron but if the fence is aluminum most likely you will need replacement parts.

Are there any permits required to replace or repair my fence?


Not in most areas of Houston but if your home is located in a flood zone you do need a permit and our fence company in Rosenberg can assist with helping you to obtain one. Here is the flood zone for Fort Bend County


Can a fence section that has been blown over be put back In its original place?

The short answer is no. If the fence has blown over due to a severe storm its most likely because the fence repairs were put off and when the wind blows and the fence falls down it causes the wood to warp, split or twist.