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Fence Repair – Rosenberg

Our goal is to provide our customers with the comprehensive and affordable fence repair they need!

Your Reliable Fence Repairs Crew in Rosenberg

Restore the Appeal That Has Been Lost


Do you need fence repairs in Rosenberg due to wear and tear, a recent battle with the wind, or because of improper installation? Emerson’s is here to help you get your fence repaired quickly and for an affordable rate anywhere in Rosenberg or the surrounding area.

 One of the differences between us and many other fence repair crews in Rosenberg is we take on any size of job, while other companies have a minimum this just isn’t the way we have built our business. We started our fence company offering fence repairs and even those little nuisances that seem small can lead to bigger issues. This is why we handle it all and it starts by calling us to receive a free quotes.

Here is just a small sampling of the fence repairs we offer for Rosenberg residential and commercial properties.

  • Wood Fence

  • Iron Fence

  • Metal or Aluminum

  • Chain Link

  • Composite

  • Vinyl (PVC)

  • Split Rail or Ranch Style

  • Pedestrian and Driveway Gates

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   Fence Repairs in Rosenberg

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How Can Our Fence Repair Crew In Rosenberg Serve You?

fence repairs Rosenberg
fence repairs Rosenberg

 If you have recently been told by another fence repair guy that your fence needs to be replaced because 20% of it has been damaged- stop and call us! At Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements, we use a different measuring stick to determine rather or need your fence can be repaired.

Here are some of the most frequent fence repairs we perform in Rosenberg

Wood Rot

The chief enemy of a wooden fence is moisture and humidity; our weather climate just doesn’t mix well with wood so if your fence has rotted post or pickets, we can repair them and then we suggest using a fence sealer that will preserve the life cycle of your fence.

Holes & Links 

While vinyl and chain link material that doesn’t call for many fence repairs this material can have puncture holes, missing or damaged links, or rotted post. when this happens if it’s not attended to it can worsen over time or become unsightly.

Gate Repairs

From sagging gates to gates that won’t shut properly or are not large enough for your lawn equipment we can help.

Replacing Missing Board or Pickets

From vinyl to chain link and wooden we offer a variety of replacement parts, slats, and panels to get your fence repaired and back to preforming the way it ought to.

Replacing Post


​A fence is only as secure as the post it is attached too. If the installer used pea gravel or sand instead of concrete, it’s a matter of when not if you’ll need fence repairs. Call Emerson's, we secure each post in 50 bags of mixed concrete to prevent fence repairs such as sagging, sinking, or leaning.


Deck Repairs

A deck is only as good as its structure. And when the structure falls into disrepair, you need to call in the pros. Regular deck inspections can help you catch small issues before they turn into larger and more costly repairs.

Fence Maintenance 

Get Your Free Quote For Fence Repair in Rosenberg Today!  


  • Quick Turnaround


  • Quality Materials


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Upfront Pricing


  • Trustworthy Fencing Professionals

 Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements has over two decades of experience, but we started out in 1999 as handyman doing minor fence repairs. In the past 20 + years we have become a full-service fence company. We believe what has allowed us to thrive is the way we treat our customers, call it the golden rule if you will. We will not leave your family with a fence that is any less safe than we would our own family. We are fully insured, never uses sub-contractors, and even offers emergency fence repairs in Rosenberg and across Fort Bend County. Give us a call today at 281-545-7740 and have your fence repaired tomorrow.

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I was very pleased with my fence repairs. I appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done and they did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the repairs were being done to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accommodating


Bree G. Katy

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