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When you need a fence to protect your property, look no further than your fence contractors in Rosenberg TX. Call us to schedule repairs, replacement, or installation.

No fence company in Rosenberg installs more fences then Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements because our fence contractors are trained, experienced, insured and offer the longest fence warranty anywhere in Fort Bend County. When you hire us, you can rest easy knowing your property, family, and pets, are safe so if you are considering investing in a new fence look at the options we have to offer and then let our Rosenberg fence company help you make the right choice for your budget and household.

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Rosenberg Fence Materials and Styles

​We believe that homeowners should have a fence that compliments the aesthetics of their property and matches the owner personal preferences, this is why we offer an extensive list of high-quality fencing materials for our customers to choose from. Here is just a small sampling of some of the most requested fences for Fort Bend County homeowners.


Picket Fences: Nothing is more traditional than a picket fence but not all Rosenberg fence contractors build them the Sam or use the same quality of lumber. Each of the pickets and boards we hand select each picket prior to delivery to ensure they are straight, consistent in color, shape, and character. We also precut the lumber on site and then screw it all together using rink shank galvanized decking screws that ahold everything securely in place. In addition, we use pressure treated post that are less prone to wood rot and anchor the post into 50 pounds of concrete. We offer southern yellow pressure treated pine fences and # 2 graded western red cedar fences. All of our wooden fences are installed to stand up to the heat, humidity, and rain our area experiences.


Vinyl Fences: If privacy Is what your after we offer a variety of vinyl (pvc) fences to transform your yard or pool into a backyard oasis. We use only industry leading materials from ActiveYards that comes with a thirty (30) year warranty and a three (3) year labor warranty to safeguard your investment. While vinyl fences are more expensive than some of the other materials such as wood fences because vinyl fences will not rot, warp, split or rust.


Composite Fences: If you love the look of wood but not the frequent repairs and upkeep that can come with it then we are pleased to be the leading Rosenberg fence company for composite or Trex Fences.

Ranch Style Fences: From 2-3- and four split rail fences, to round rail fences, wire fences, and T-post fences If you have wide open spaces that you want to secure you can entrust us to provide you a quality ranch and farm style fence for an affordable price.

Chain Link Fences: The most affordable fence of all the material we offer is chain link or cyclone fencing but not let their cheap price fool you these fences are extremely durable making them a sound choice for both business and homeowners.

Ornamental Fences: We offer aluminum, iron, and metal fences with plenty of diverse styles, colors, and heights for you to choose from.

Swimming Pool Fences: Whether you have a residential or commercial pool fence if you do not have a gate and fence then learn more about the pool fence materials we can provide to our customers. All of our pool fences comply with the new Texas pool regulations.  


Fence installed significantly  better than the original fence. Fixed a gate latch issue too. Found out they do a lot more than fences. Excellent job. Will definitely  keep these guys in mind for future jobs

William J 

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More Than Just A Great Rosenberg Fence Company

If you choose to work with our experience wood workers, you will quickly learn that we can design and build almost anything including decks, custom handrails, porches, trellises, and pergolas. In addition to woodworking, we also offer fence stain and sealing that will preserve the structural integrity and cosmetic appearance of your fence, deck, or wood structure.  

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Fence Repair Services

Want to make your fence last longer but have ben told by other Rosenberg fence companies you need to have it replaced; we may be able to help. Many fence companies in Rosenberg follow a 20% rule, if the fence needs more than 20% repaired even if the other 80% is in good condition, they suggest a new fence…doesn’t make much sense? Our rule of thumb is if the post is stable then we can repair your fence to avoid you having to replace it any sooner than is absolutely necessary. Some of the fence repairs we offer include:

  • Leaning or Sagging panels

  • Damaged fence sections

  • Sagging or narrow gates

  • Worn out hinges and latches

  • Replacing missing nails with screws

  • Rotted or termite infested wood post


Give us a call before having your fence replaced to see if our Rosenberg fence company can spare you some money with our fence repair services.


Why Choose Our Rosenberg Fence Contractors?


If you’re on the fence about and tired of dealing with your fair share of Rosenberg fence companies to obtain a quote, we have good news-you can stop your search and give us a call for a free fence assistant. During your hour long quote we will inspect your entire fence, take measurements, and discuss the various materials listed here to help you find a fence that is right for your home, needs, and budget. Call us today and lets us create you a beautiful, secure, and functional chain link, picket, vinyl, or composite fence. To get started complete our online form or call 281-545-7740