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Fence Repair – Richmond 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the comprehensive and affordable fence repair they need!

Your Dependable Fence Repairs Crew in Richmond

As Great As The Day It Was New, Maybe Better!


Whether you are a home or business owner, security is a main concern. A fence is an ideal security component for all residential or commercial structures, but only if it is fully functioning. As time goes by, you may notice a need for fence repairs due to old age, wear and tear, or storm damage. When these problems occur, Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements can help. The last thing you want to do is leave your home or business exposed due to these issues.

Here is just a small sampling of the fence repairs we offer for Rosenberg residential and commercial properties.

  • Wood Fence

  • Iron Fence

  • Metal or Aluminum

  • Chain Link

  • Composite

  • Vinyl 

  • Split Rail or Ranch Style

  • Gates and Decking

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We Get to the Root of Your Fence Repairs Quickly

fence repairs Rosenberg
fence repairs Rosenberg

The first thing we do when you hire us for a fence repair job in Richmond is to determine the source of the issues. Our team of well-trained technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to diagnose whether the damage has been due to dry rot, termites, or another wounding element. Once we have figured out what is causing the damage, our technicians will provide you with an honest solutions. 

Our goal is to provide our customers with the comprehensive and affordable fence repair they need.

Wood Rot

The chief enemy of a wooden fence is moisture and humidity; our weather climate just doesn’t mix well with wood so if your fence has rotted post or pickets, we can repair them and then we suggest using a fence sealer that will preserve the life cycle of your fence.

Holes & Links 

While vinyl and chain link material that doesn’t call for many fence repairs this material can have puncture holes, missing or damaged links, or rotted post. when this happens if it’s not attended to it can worsen over time or become unsightly.

Gate Repairs

From sagging gates to gates that won’t shut properly or are not large enough for your lawn equipment we can help.

Replacing Missing Board or Pickets

From vinyl to chain link and wooden we offer a variety of replacement parts, slats, and panels to get your fence repaired and back to preforming the way it ought to.

Replacing Post


​A fence is only as secure as the post it is attached too. If the installer used pea gravel or sand instead of concrete, it’s a matter of when not if you’ll need fence repairs. Call Emerson's, we secure each post in 50 bags of mixed concrete to prevent fence repairs such as sagging, sinking, or leaning.


Deck Repairs

A deck is only as good as its structure. And when the structure falls into disrepair, you need to call in the pros. Regular deck inspections can help you catch small issues before they turn into larger and more costly repairs.

Fence Maintenance 

Get Your Free Quote For Fence Repair in Rosenberg Today!  


Hiring us to handle your fence repair problems will allow you to restore any appeal that has been lost. If a fence board or railing is broken or bent, it can become a major eyesore. Our team will come to your home or business and fix fence repair issues with ease.


If you are looking for professionals for any fence repair in Richmond, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and to receive a fair and upfront price.

I was very pleased with my fence repairs. I appreciated how fast they were able to get the job done and they did an excellent job of keeping me updated as the repairs were being done to make sure I was happy with it. Very friendly and accommodating


Bree G. Katy

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