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Richmond TX Fence Repairs

Need fence repairs of maintenance contact us before replacing your fence, we maybe able to save you a small fortune.  

Are you looking to restore or repair your existing fence due to a recent storm, wear, and tear or because of improper installation then look no further we are a full-service Richmond TX fence company that offers affordable fence repairs with no minimum requirement so rathe you need to repair a few broken or warped pickets or replace an entire eight feet section of fence we have you covered and for a price you can agree too! While our most common fence repair is picket fence, we also offer fence repairs for the following materials

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Should You Replace or Repair Your Richmond TX Fence?

One of the biggest questions we hear after a major storm has come through leading to unexpected fence damages such as leaning, sagging or the entire fence has fallen is “Can my fence be repairs?” This is never a cookie cutter answer, it depends on the extent of the damages, the age of the fence and the material the fence is built from. In the instance of a wooden fence if the fence is leaning this is because the post is broken or has been pushed over due to shifting soil. Leaning or sagging fences in some instances can be straightened out so that you get a few more years out of your fence but this is never guaranteed. If the fence section has fallen over the entire section must be replaced. Many homeowners assume that it can just be put back into the same place as where it came from, but this is a faulty assumption. When a fence falls over the wood twist and warps along with the pulling and moving the nails which weakens the structural integrity of the fence. In most instances where the fence section fell down the wood splits, crack, or breaks not allowing the section of the fence to be put back into the exact same location but will need to be moved over. The reason the fence blows down in the first place is the post were already weak and when the wind gust picks up and either blow through or across the fence it comes tumbling down but in most instances the fence post already needed to be replaced either because the post is old, rotted, or due to improper installation. The fence post is always the most important part of any fence regardless of the material.

Unfortunately, not all fences are installed correctly, some Richmond fence companies do not use concrete and instead secure the post in soil or sand, or they do not use an adequate amount of concrete. When this happens the fence post break and the fence falls over. In almost every case the fence sections to the left and right of the damaged section also needs fence repairs for the fence to be restored properly.

Most Richmond fence companies have a general rule of thumb that if more than 20% of the fence needs to be repaired you should replace the entire fence, this is because the remained of your fence will shortly need to be replaced. However, we understand that everyone is on a budget so if the fence is good, we leave that entirely up to the discretion of the homeowner. Our policy is to check each fence post to ensure its not rotted and then provide you a fair and upfront price to repair or replace the fence so you can make the right choice for your property and budget constraints.


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Looking For Fence Companies In Richmond TX?


We understand there are many fence companies in Richmond TX for you to choose from for your fence repairs, replacement, or fence installation but not all Richmond fence companies are the same and the scariest thing is that Texas does not regulate or licenses fence contractors this is why we recommend before hiring anyone to read their reviews, check out their work, and compare their prices so that you get precisely what you need. It s always a good idea to have your neighbor involved in the decision and to be able to provide both f you an estimate at the same time if possible because the lowest price isn’t always the best. If you are looking for the best, we are simply a phone call away but you don’t have to take our word for it read our reviews and see our work, then give us a call to schedule your free fence evaluation and estimate.

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Need Fast, Friendly Service for an affordable price call our Richmond TX fence company at 281- 545- 7740 and we will get your fence to look new again!