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Your Guide To Fence Maintenance From Katy # 1 fence company

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


Whether you are hoping to prolong the lifespan of your fence or you’re trying to discover the best type of materials to install, our Katy fence company wants to ensure that you have all the information you need to maintain your fence and preserve your budget. Our guide will educate you on the care and instruction for each of the following fence types:

· Cedar

· Western split rail

· Vinyl

· Trex

This guide will also provide Katy homeowners with an instructive starting point to determine the best fence for your family and home needs if you are in the market to have a new fence installed.

Before we dive into our book first let me tell you why you should listen to us and who we are

Emerson Home Enhancements & Fence Company In Katy

Our Katy fence company was started over 20 years ago by Lon and Melissa Emerson. Lon started installed installing fences in MO when he was just fourteen years old. In MO Lon was required to pass rigorous training and test in order to obtain his licensed. These requirements aren’t required to own a Katy fence company. With the right training Lon builds his fences far different than most others starting with putting 50 pounds of mixed concrete in each hole, using pressure treated post, screws do not nail and a top, middle, and bottom brace for extra strength and security. This coupled with all his years of experience is what allows our Katy fence company to provide an unheard of 5-year labor warranty. If during these 5 years due to a defect of labor your fence needs repairs we will fix it free of charge, this warranty also covers gates. Another difference about our Katy fence company is when it comes to repairing fences, we do not follow the standards 25% rule of thumb. Most people are under the faulty assumption that if your fence requires more than 25% it should be removed, and you should start over though 75% of the fence is still good. Why? We have no idea. We simply check each post, replace only what is needed and this saves you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. In addition, our Katy fence company is not detoured by small repairs, we only have a $250 minimum. Rather or not, you decide you choose our company we are happy to provide this valuable resource and hope you find it very useful.

Cedar Fence Care

Hands down the best wood fence for your investment with its strikingly beautiful warm red tones and durability, you can’t go wrong. It’s the #1 Fence installed by Fort Bend and Harris county homeowners. Some of the benefits of a cedar fence includes:

· Detours termites and other insects

· Less susceptible to warping, cracking, and spitting

· Extremely resistant to temperature and weather

· Requires less upkeep, no sealing or painting is necessary.

· Cedar fences installed correctly last 20 to 30 years

Over the years the beautiful red tines will fade and loose their luster for this reason many people do opt to use a semi-transparent stain every 3 to 5 years. When it comes to staining or sealing a fence our Katy fence company believes its best to be hand painted rather than sprayed for the benefit of your landscaping.

Katy Fence Company Offers Ranch Style Wood Fence

While split rail fences come in other matorrals the most requested is ranch style wood fences Ranch style fences or split rail fences are great for homeowners with larger properties as they are more cost effective. If you want to protect your property or pets you can also opt for wire or mesh to be added in between the rail system. If you do add this, you will need to pressure wash it regularly and replace sections where wear and tear has occurred.

Vinyl Fence Care

If you are looking for a virtually maintenance free fence, then you may want to choose a vinyl fence. However, this fence will be more costly than cedar. Some of the benefits of a vinyl fence include:

· Ease of maintenance: No wood rot, splitting or cracking, easy to wash with a water hose and soap.

· Strength: They are 5 X stronger than cedar.

· Longer Lifespan- our Katy fence company offers a limited lifetime warranty

· Pest Resistance: There is very little preservation needed they are fire and pest resistant.

Some vinyl fences may get punctured but most local hardware stores offer simple and affordable kits to repair your fence. If you need to clean your fence, use bleachy water and a microfiber cloth or brush.

Composite Fences (TREX)

The best composite fence in the industry is Trex they offer a 25-year warranty from fading and damages because they are almost indestructible. The downside to Trex Is they come with a hefty price tag for benefits that you can achieve with vinyl for half the price, the biggest difference is they’re absolutely stunning. Some of the other benefits of a composite fence include:

· Durability

· Insect resistant

· Maintenance Free

· Long term warranty

This is one fence that can be set and simply enjoyed though once a year you may want to give it a good hand washing, do not use a pressure washer.

Next week we will release an entire post about aluminum, ornamental and wrought iron. In the meantime if you need to speak with a Katy Fence company regarding repairs, installation, or maintenance please contact us at 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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