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Wrought Iron Vs Wooden Fences- Which Is The Best Choice For Your Katy Home?

If you reside in an HOA community within Katy or the Houston area, then you may have no option but to choose the fence that the association prefers however for those homeowners who are on the fence as to weather they should choose a wrought iron or wooden fence for their property let us provide you a few pointers, so you make the best educated choice. If you do live in an area where you have to have a wooden fence, no worries we will also provide a few helpful tips that can dress up the look of your fence while making sure that it lasts its entire lifespan.

First let us give you a warning both wrought iron and wooden fences have their pros and cons- there is no perfect material in our industry however the Katy fence company you choose to install your fence has a lot to do with how long the fence last. Not all wooden fences or wrought iron fences are not built the same, you don’t have to take my word for it just drive the streets of Katy after a severe storm and look around. You will notice some fences though they look worse for the wear are still standing while other that appear to look far newer are leaned over. This is because of the quality of the lumber that was used, what material the post is sunk into the ground with (sand, gravel, or concrete) and the skillset of the person who built it. Think of choosing a fence like buying a new car, there is a reason for those crash studies. A Chevy Trex is a quite a bit larger than a Ford Focus, yet the Trex has a worse crash rating because the manufactures are different. Always do your homeowner when hiring a Katy fence company – for more tips on that read this blog.

<img src="wooden fence.png" alt="wooden fence installed by Katy fence company">
Wooden Fence Installed In Katy

Wooden VS Iron- How Long Each Fence Will Last

Wrought Iron Fences: These fences last a lifetime, if you go east of Houston to New Orleans you can see wrought iron fences that are over a century old still standing tall. The biggest issue with a wrought iron fence is rust but today with powder coating technology this issue can be eliminated so that it looks good over the years.

Wooden Fences: his all depends on the type of wood you use, the quality of the wood and the Katy fence company you hire to install your fence. To earn how we build our fences see our video on our home page. On average a cedar fence would last 25 to 30 years if its properly maintained. If you are having a new pressure treated fence installed, then 15-20 years and a normal pine fence which we strongly discourage due to our weather you’re only going to have 8 to 10 years. Generally, if you have a quality fence and you maintain it your fence will not have many issues at all until around the fifteen-year mark.

Wrought iron is far superior to wood when it comes to a fence that can stand the test of time.

Price of A Wooden Fence vs A Wrought Iron Fence

Wooden fences Cost: If budgeting is a concern, then wood is going to be your best choice – while the prices are still coming down weekly after the COVID shutdowns you can expect to pay between $24.00 and $40.00 a linear foot depending on if you choose southern yellow pine or western red cedar, and if you have accessories added such as rot boards, caps and trim, or lattice and if you want your fence to be a board on board privacy fence or a traditional picket fence.

Wrought Iron Cost: If your are wanting a wrought iron fence around a garden or pool you can expect to spend between $800 and $1000 if you are wanting a wrought iron fence that is 6 feet tall around the perimeter of your backyard this can be $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the liner footage of your property. On average wrought iron is between #30.00 and $50 depending on the design, style, coating, and warranty you choose. The east expensive is aluminum and the costliest is steel.

When it comes to trying to compare the two wrought iron is more of an initial investment than a wooden fence however over the long run you may find iron and wood prices balance out evenly.

<img src="wrought iron fence.png" alt="installing wrought iron fence in Katy">
Wrought Iron Fence Installation

Installation DIY vs Hiring A Katy Fence Company?

Wooden fence: If you are a skilled do it yourself that finds yourself with time on your hands then you can install a wooden fence. Its not easy but its defiantly doable if you can follow directions and have the right tools handy. For the best place to purchase lumber and supplies visit your local Home Depot.

Wrought Iron: This fence requires more skills and is not as easy to install as a wooden fence. I wouldn’t even attempt this if you took welding in high school as one wrong move and you have to start over. If you mess up on a wooden fence replacing a few pickets and post aren’t going to kill the project but the same isn’t true with wrought iron, always hire a quality Katy fence company.

5 Tips To Make A Wooden Fence Last Longer & Look Better

<img src="power washing fence.png" alt="Katy power washing a fence">
Power wash your fence once a year

When we started this blog, I assured you that if you chose a wooden fence, we would provide a few tips to ensure your fence last longer, because no one wants to have to replace a fence short of 15 years.

1. Keep Vines Off The Fence: As a woman I love vines especially Ivy and hydrangeas but as the only woman to own a fence company in Katy, I must tell you ladies- DON’T DO IT! This can destroy your fence. Let me provide you with a safer alternative use an arbor or trellis that will keep your climbing vines under control while also enhancing your privacy. You can also place a few post a few inches inside your fence line, attach a story line ( this is how to measure if the fence is straight) but in this case we will use it to guide the fence along the line so that you can have climbing Ivy without damaging your fence.

2. Wood Sealer: We say this often because it’s imperative in our climate that you protect the wood with a wood sealer every 3 years, this will make your fence virtually waterproof and prevent it from turning a dull gray.

3. Rot Boards: The fence should not touch the bottom of the soil so to keep it off the ground add a wrought board along the bottom that the fence can rest on.

4. Galvanized Screws: Do not use nails when you’re installing your fence as nails are prone to pop out or become loose over time. Screws also do not case corrosion or stain the wood. Why don’t more Katy fence company use screws? Because they cut corners! Nails are quicker- but if they cut corners here where else may they try to save time at your expense?

5. Power Washing: When you power wash your fence stand at least 3 feet away and put it on the lowest stetting so that it does not harm the wood. Then go side to side and make sure that you get it clean. Power wash your fence once a year to remove all the mold and mildew so not only the fence looks better but certain fungi that we have in the Houston area can damage the wood and weaken its structural integrity. Its also a good idea to spray round up around the bottom to prevent weeds.

Need An Estimate? Contact Katy Best Fence Company

Whether you are considering a wrought iron or a wooden fence for your home, pool, or garden Emerson Exterior Home Enhancements has you covered. We have been installing wrought iron and wooden fences and gates for over 20 years and we also offer fence repairs, sealing and power washing to customers in Katy, Missouri City, Rosenberg, am d across Houston. Our estimates are free, and we offer the longest fence warranty in Fort Bend or Harris County. Give us a call at 281-545-7740 and let us help you choose the right fence for your property.

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