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Wrought Iron Vs Wooden Fences- Which Is The Best Choice For Your Katy Home?

Updated: Jun 8, 2023


In today's article, we will be taking a closer look at iron and wood fences for Houston and Katy homeowners that are trying to decide between these two materials.

For starters, wood and iron fences provide Houston homeowners with a straightforward way to define their property boundary, but the similarities end here. If you are looking to tackle a do-it-yourself project, then the best option will be either a cedar or pressure-treated wood fence. Houston has no permit requirements; any local hardware store will carry the necessary supplies. Still, if you would instead not put in the time and elbow grease, there are several quality fence companies to choose from, such as Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements. Now if you prefer an elegant, timeless look that will maximize your curb appeal and is lower maintenance, then we suggest an iron fence. Houston weather is harsher on lumber. Therefore, those who select wood will need to do routine keeping, whereas, with an iron fence, they are less problematic. Before we go much further, let me explain that there are very few true “wrought iron fences,” Most of what we see throughout Houston is aluminum. This is because they cost substantially less and will not rust.

Wood VS Iron Fence - Longevity

Iron Fences: Houston homeowners can’t go wrong with this material as they are built to last. In fact, if you travel east of us to the city of New Orleans, you can see iron fences over a century old still standing tall and secure. The biggest issue with iron fences is rust. One way the industry has elevated this issue is by using powder coating technology. This adds a protected layer to the iron fence that acts as a shield from Houston’s rainy season. It also prevents scratches, corrosion, fading, chipping, and general wear and tear. Iron fences in Houston that have been powder coated every five to ten years will be significantly more durable and longer lasting.

Wood Fences: Houston’s rainy season also wreaks havoc on left untreated wood; for this reason, we do not install traditional pine fences but recommend pressure-treated or cedar. When wood is unsealed, it allows the boards will begin to crack, warp, or decay. Over time moisture seeps into the fibers, and over time, the boards will start to crack, warp, or rot. Wood fences in Houston will last 15 years or longer so long as they are maintained on a routine basis and installed correctly. This means using pressure-treated posts, concrete inside the post holes rather than sand or soil, having a top, middle, and bottom support brace, and repairing any issues as soon as you notice them rather than procrastinating, and using a quality sealer every three to five years.

Iron v.s Wood Fence- Comparing Cos.t

Wood Fences: Houston homeowners can expect to spend between $24.00 to $40,00 a linear foot depending on the lumber and style you select. This price does not include the cost of adding a rot or kicker board, cap, and trim or having your old wood fence removed and taken to the dump for recycling. The city will not pick it up.

Iron Fence: Houston, holds your breath. If you are looking for an authentic iron fence (not alumni) that has been powder coated to prevent rust, you can expect to spend upwards of $40-$60 a linear foot, depending on your chosen features. This is why most residents decided to go with aluminum.

When it comes to choosing between an iron and wood fence, Houston homeowners should also consider the cost of repairs. While iron may be costlier upfront, with the longevity and lack of maintenance, in the end, they balance out. However, many homeowners associations prefer wood over wrought iron fences, so let us close by giving you a few pointers to keeping your wood fence last longer.

5 Tips For A Wood Fence To Last Longer

When we started this blog, I assured you that if you chose a wood fence, our Houston fence company would provide a few tips to ensure you get the best bang for your buck because no one wants to have to replace their wood fence more than once in a lifetime.

1. Keep Vines Off The Fence: As a woman, I love vines, especially Ivy and hydrangeas, but as a woman-owned fence company, I am obligated to tell you ladies - BUILD A TRELLIS! If you want to protect your investment, then remove vines from your fence and use a safer alternative, like an arbor or trellis, that will keep your climbing vines under control while also enhancing your privacy. You can also place a few posts a few inches inside your fence line and attach a string line to guide the vines along the post to prevent damaging your wood fence.

2. Stain & Sealer: As mentioned in our climate, it is imperative to add a quality stain and sealer like Ready Made to your wood fence in Houston every 3 to 5 years; this will prevent wood rot, keep away termites, and make it waterproof your fence while also allowing it to remain its natural color rather than weathering and turning grey.

3. Rot Boards: The bottom of your wood fence should not come into direct contact with the bottom of your soil. Debris, dirt, grass, rodents, and other outside elements could cause damage to the fence – especially at the bottom of the fence where it is exposed so in order to keep it off the ground, a rot or kicker board should be added. This is a 2X4 that will be screwed to the edge.

4. Galvanized Screws: Speaking of screws, if you want a quality, well-built wood fence, then use screws rather than nails that will rust and pop out.

5. Choose a quality fence company: One of the advantages to wood over iron fences for Houston homeowners that are skilled do-it-yourself carpenters and enjoy taking on projects is wood fences are easier to install than wrought iron. However, if you lack the time, tools, and skills, look for a fence company offering a long-time labor and material warranty.

For A Wood or Iron Fence In Houston Contact Us!

If you are a Houston or Katy resident considering an iron or a wood fence for your home, pool, or commercial property, Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements has you covered? We have been installing wood and iron fences for over 20 years, provide free on-site estimates, same-day, and next-day fence repair services, and all our work comes with a five-year warranty. Call us today to learn more at (281) 545-7740.

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