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Why Fall Is The Best Time of Year For A Pool Fence In Houston?

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

<img src="vinyl pool fence.png" alt="installing a white vinyl pool fence in Houston">
Vinyl Pool Fence In Houston

Now that fall is in full swing shortening the lazy days of summer it’s time to consider having a pool fence for your Houston property. Did you know that if you own a residential or commercial pool such as a homeowners association who provides a pool as part of their amenities package that according to Chapter 757 of the Texas Health and Safety Code you then by state law, you are required to have a pool fence in Houston? We are by no means legal expects nor do we intend to offer customers any type of legal advice, but we also know that pool laws can be rather confusing, so we wanted to share a few things you want to consider and why having a pool fence for your Houston backyard is a good idea.

Pool Fence Requirements For Houston Homeowners

Generally, if you are having a pool fence installed in Houston you want to follow the most restrictive law. Thankfully Harris County laws are the same as Texas which means that your fence needs to be at least four feet tall (48 inches) and completely encircles the permitted of your pool. The fence can be constructed of any material that makes climbing over the fence a challenge this is why our Houston fence company recommends using either a vinyl, aluminum, or wrought iron fence. Chain link fences are out of the question as they have gaps larger than 4 inches wide. In addition to the pool fence you also need a self-closing self-latching gate that will prevent the child from gaining access to the pool without parental supervision, this means you need to have the gate locked either with a keypad or key card if you have a commercial or HOA pool. Aside from being a law-abiding citizen a pool fence for any Hooton pool owner is a great idea as it protects your precious loved one, fur babies included. The leading cause of deaths in children under four is drowning so you don’t want children to entre the waters unsupervised. Another reason a pool fence is a good idea is that mot homeowners polies will not cover any liability issues from residential pools unless you have a fence. Above all having a pool fence is there to provide you with peace of mind. So, what type of fence should you have? That all depends on your personal preference but here are our three recommendations and some benefits you want to consider.

Wrought Iron Fence

Most homeowners who have a pool fence not only enjoy using it but the visual appeal it creates for your property. A traditional wrought iron fence does not disappoint when it comes to being visual appealing, even the simplest design will enhance your backyard oasis and wrought iron fences also provide durability, strength and are low maintenance due to the iron is welded and while decorative offers the highest degree of safety. The downside to a wrought iron fence in Houston is that over time it will rust if you do not paint it every three to five years. Most iron feces are also ornamental fences or aluminum which keeps down the cost while still providing plenty of protection for your little ones.

<img src="wrought iron pool fence.png" alt="installing a 4 foot iron pool fence in Houston">
Iron or Aluminum Pool Fence Installation

Vinyl Pool Fence

One of the benefits of having a vinyl fence for your Houston pool is you have options. With an iron fence you do not have a variety of colors or an abundance of styles to choose from the way you do when you choose a vinyl pool fence. Most of the homeowners who have a pool fence in Houston prefer either a picketed or privacy fence, and there is not much privacy with a wrought iron fence due to the design of their rails. With vinyl you do not need to have your fence repainted or stained the way you do other fencing materials, all that is required Is an occasional washing. Lastly if you want to not only safeguard your backyard oasis but also our wallet, vinyl pool fences come with a generous lifetime warranty.

Looking For A Fence Company In Houston?

Whether you are looking to safeguard your pool, your backyard, r even your driveway looks no farther than Emerson Fences, we are a leading fence company in Houston with over 20 years of experience and offer the longest fence warranty you will find in Harris or Fort Bend County. Why? Because we believe the quality of you fence installation is a key factor in getting the most out of your pool fence in Houston. When you work with our fence company in Houston you can expect elite workmanship and a high-quality product whether you choose wrought iron, aluminum, or a vinyl fence. Our estimates are free of charge, so don’t wait until the weather is warm to have your pool fence installed – do it in the fall so when the dog days if summer return you don’t miss a day of fun! To get started call 281-545-7740 or visit us online.

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