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What Landlords In Katy Should Know About Fences

Updated: Jan 28, 2023


Over the last few months many landlords have called to ask our Katy fence company about their fencing options so today we wanted to share a few q & A to get you headed in the right direction with your installation and repairs as well as provide you with tips that will help you maintain your home even if you currently have tenants occupying it.

Question: Should I fence in my property if I am leasing it out?

Answer: In some parts of Fort Bend there are no HOA rules to adhere too, but having a fence installed is a great way to make your property more desirable. People often rent a house for privacy and security which are benefits of having a fence. However, it is an expense so make sure to collect three bids from a reliable Katy fence company before making any purchasing decisions.

Question: What type of fence is best to install on a rental property?

Answer: The least expensive route to go would be chain link or wood as opposed to other types of fencing materials.

Question: Who is responsible if your fence is damaged while you have tenants?

Answer: Who pays for fence repairs depends on the condition and damages to the fence. If the fence was damaged due to inappropriate use, then in most cases the tenant is liable for the damages. However, if the age is damaged due to age, wear and tear, wasps, cracks, and insect damages then it would be the landlords responsibility. For this reason, we advise against using the cheapest material to build your fence. While we know this is an investment for you having a quality fence that will last 20 years or longer is better then putting up a pine fence or hiring the cheapest guy in town who can slap two boards together. In those cases, you’re going to have more repairs and possibly even have to replace your fence sooner rather then working with a reputable Katy fence company who offer superior craftmanship and stands behind their work like Emerson Home Enhancements.

Question: How do you handle installing a fence when your home is occupied?

Answer: Simply let your tenants know in advance that a Katy fence company will be stopping by to measure the fence and provide you a quote to rear, replace, or install a new fence. After you select the right option then keep the tenant informed that 811 will need to come mark the yard and therefore the gate needs to remain unlocked so the yard can be marked and then let them know when the Katy fence company will be out to do the job. Most tenants are happy that they have a landlord who maintains their property.

Question: How to choose a Katy fence company?

Answer: Some of the things you want to look for when hiring a fence company is insurance, experience, and a team that will stand behind the quality of their work. When you work with the Emerson family this is what you can expect. We have been in the industry for over 20 years, we offer a 5-year warranty of our cedar lumber and 3 years on our pressure treated fences. This means if there are repairs needed due to the quality of our work you won’t pay a dime. Our quotes are free and we even offer same day and next day appointment, to contact us call 281-545-7740 or visit us online by clicking here to learn more.

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