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Types Of Wood Deck In Houston TX


The common choices for wood decks in Houston are pressure-treated wood, western red cedar, and hardwoods like Ipe. Hardwood decks are usually more robust, scratch-resistant, and can take a beating. The least expensive wood deck Houston can build is pressure-treated.

Pressure Treated Wood Decks- Houston’s Most Economical

Since this wood is widely available, this keeps the prices fair. In addition, deck builders in Houston can use this lumber for the support system or decking floor. Pressure-treated lumber is less prone to wood rot and is insect resistant and will hold up well when cared for properly.

The problem with these wood decks is that they can warp, slip, shrink, or twist. Ask your deck builder in Houston to tell you what grade of lumber they are using to ensure you’re getting the best grade possible. The higher the quality, the fewer issues you will have; however, you will pay a premium price.

Western Red Cedar Wood Decks – Houston Preferred Choice

Western Red Cedar is a highly sought-after deck building in Houston because of its natural beauty and benefits. Red cedar is durable, long-lasting, and requires very little maintenance. In addition, its weather-resistant properties and naturally occurring preservatives that stand up to insects and decay.

The leader in product testing compared western red cedar to composite decking to see which material was best for decks. This test was conducted for three years in hot, humid climates like Houston. They tested each material for scratches, dents, stains, resistance, and flexibility. In addition, they tested slip resistance for homeowners seeking a pool deck and tested composite and red cedar over three years. The clear winner was western red cedar. Unfortunately, the wood deck sample they tested contained no sealant, which can add years to the life of your wood deck.

Ipe Wood Decks- Houston’s Most Luxurious

This hardwood comes from managed forests and is one of the strongest, most affordable hardwoods on the market. Ipe is mildew and termite resistant and will not splinter, warp, or crack. However, you will see very few deck builders in Houston using this type of lumber because it’s challenging to work with, and when cut, the dust from the wood is toxic. Therefore, we do not recommend using this for DIY projects but hiring a contract if you select this type of wood deck.

Mahogany Wood Decks- Houston #1 Hardwood

Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that resists pests and rots, making it low maintenance and able to stand up well to weather thanks to the properties of the wood. When treated with marine oil, it mimics the beauty of teak wood. Or, if you let it age, it will turn into a silvery patina color or weathered look.

Teak Wood Decks – Houston Perfect Choice

Suppose you are looking for a durable wood deck option for your home or if you are upgrading your current deck, which is a great way to add value to your home and increase its curb appeal. Teak wood is a beautiful luxury hardwood that works well in our subtropical climate. Teak is heat, water, and insect-repellant wood. It’s also one of the strongest woods, as it will not splinter over time.

Alternatives Options For A Wood Deck

Trex Decking: Designed with lasting beauty, incredible durability, and easy maintenance, there’s no compromising with high-performance Trex decking engineered to resist fading, scratches, and stains and eliminate time-consuming maintenance. No staining or sealing is required; wash and carry on with your outdoor fun.

Vinyl Decking: durability, low maintenance, and various colors available to coordinate with the exterior of your home. The UV reflectance in vinyl decking provides a cool but stable surface without the worries of splinters. The best part about vinyl decking is that it is engineered, so there are no exposed fasteners. With its raised texture to aid in slip resistance and natural wood grain look, you can have a deck that lasts for years without all the work of maintaining it with stains and harsh chemicals.

Looking For A Wood Deck Builder In Houston?


At Emerson Home Exterior Enhancements, we offer deck repairs and wood deck building in Houston. Our family-owned and operated company has been in the industry since 1999 and is five-star rated. Call us today for a free design or estimate at

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